Monday, June 29, 2009


I have a sister. I can't say that I really had one until we were both older, were married and started having children. I was 8 years old when she was born and with 6 other siblings in the house I think I didn't want to be bothered with her. (I was a spoiled brat) I was married and started my family before she old enough to babysit for me! Well anyway, I LOVE MY BABY SISTER. She is the most talented and remarkable sister ever! Although we live on opposite poles of the state we do talk often and share lot's of fun sister things.....I just have to boast about her. She works 8 hours a day from her home office and besides that she has so many projects going on it amazes me. I love to crochet, but next to my sister.....LOL....I am totally an amateur! Pleeze check out her web site. She just got it up and running and is so excited about it! Honestly her little granddaughter is the luckiest little girl. I hope she understands and appreciates her when she is old enough to understand the love and time my sister has put into making such beautiful treasures of rememberance. I am sure she will. ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS please check her web page out and if you know of anyone that could benefit from her talent, and appreciate the love and work that goes into her world....I would be grateful! Pass the word along will you! ENTER HER CONTEST! and when you are done there check out the other project that she has started, remember the little dollies called Kelly dolls(?)well I remember the Kiddles....

This is not a paid advertisment, nor did my sister promise me that I would win her contest or even take me to lunch next time I am in town. LOL, It is because I LOVE YOU TERRIE!