Monday, August 25, 2008

I am always a little sad when I say goodbye to the girls.
This photo was taken at 30 thousand feet.
God reminded me (as I was all choked up) that with
each sunset, he promises a sunrise. I will see my
girls again real soon. I love you Natalie, Madi and Brookie.
Mom, Grammy, & Mema


and with that said, the trip back to Greensboro with the help of sweet Maggie directing us.....

hmmmm, which detour should we take, shouldn't we go by what Maggie is telling us.....although the girls have been to the zoo on may occasions, EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME IN NORTH CAROLINA! lol, YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHERE YOU ARE GOING WITHOUT MAGGIE!

did I mention a sweet adorable husband who "knows where he is going even though everything looks the same around every corner!

the Magellen with a sweet voice telling you "where to go" and a pretty pink road
with a little yellow arrow, telling you "where to go" and a husband who
knows where he is going........

another beautiful long and winding road.......that is why man created......

AHHHH, beautiful North Carolina, every winding road, (The Long and Winding road) the Beatles song, sing it in your head now) every turn in the bend, leads to.......

Madison posed for this picture...miss glamore with her new shades, the zoo isn't new to the girls, they have a yearly pass so they go often, Natalie just didn't tell me that she usually picks ONE continent to visit....we did Africa and part of North America, then I was done!

The weather was not too humid where the moisture just drips off of you, actually it was pretty nice that day. With all the trees around there was plenty of shade to sit under.

We took the girls to the NC Zoo and what a zoo it is. It is sectioned off into several continents, the zoo is incredible....we first went to Africa, the lush greenery and hillsides were so beautiful, but to get from one animal to another you got your days exercise in! I was exhausted by the end of the didn't bother Brook, she was in a stroller, and Madison is a runner....what can I say!

as you can see she had to get the last lick out of the bowl, ya I know BTDT you have all had the never ceases to amaze me that even when the bowl is licked clean, it is never enough! . . . . yes there was a bath afterwards, hands arms and hair were covered in yummy sticky, gooey, batter. You go girl!

The fingers got into the bowl, you can see the beaters on the counter, plenty of cake batter on them, but not willing to share....

there is always something special about makeing a cake. Someone dibs the bowl, someone dibs the beaters, and someone dibs the spatchula. Guess who ended up with it all! After the spatchula got what it could.......

North Carolina Trip

Bob and I "had the pleasure" of watching the girls while Natalie and her hubby Brad went to Jamaica for a week! We adore the girls and it was fun. I know now why I gave birth at 18, 21 and 24! I had the energy then! Being a grandmother is (I am being honest here) the best joy ever and you love spoiling the grandkids and giving them everything they want....but....if they have everything they want...what is there left to give except......your kisses, hugs, and an occasional loving grandparenting discipline hahahaha. We had a great time, can't wait until next year!