Friday, January 20, 2012

I am still around

I have been doing a lot of thinking and pondering lately

visiting all my blogger friends each day and reading all their wonderful posts, leaving little snippets of messages to let them know I am stopping by, but the fact is…I haven’t taken any pictures in over a  month!

Yep I am a totally a blank canvass even though it looks like I am thinking of meadows and butterfly’s,

Cartoon of a Woman Daydreaming About Spring clipart

I really am thinking of how tired I am and how good it would feel to just go to that meadow and take a nap!

I was alone for a week because Huh-honey had a job to do up North.  I had plenty of time to clean-rearrange, you know the usual stuff, and I can’t tell you what I did!  Oh…I filled 3 garbage bags of clothes from my closet and bought some nice non-slip hangers for all my clothes, (well almost all my clothes) 35 hangers were in a box and I use 2 1/2 boxes! yikes….I guess felt pretty organized and good about that accomplishment.  I watch some TV…not much, but when I did start watching it was much later in the evening, then I would go to bed very late and read.  I guess, bottom line is, I am not a very good “ALONE” person.  I just went through the motions each day.

I keep telling myself that the famous blue sky's of the town will eventually come out…and the dark clouds will eventually go away so that I can feel that warm sunshine on my back and take so much needed walks.

Can you believe it…I had to take a prescription of vitamin D!  YEAH I live in a part of the country where the sun always (99%) of the time shines and I was low on vitamin D! UNBELIEVABLE!

I think I need a vacation.  A real vacation, not just travel 5 hours to see my sweet grandies for a day, but a real, get on a plane, train, or boat and go someplace I have never been to before!

Could someone please let my boss know that I need a paid vacation, and not have to use my vacation time to do it!  You see…I get 2 weeks a year.  It isn’t a whole lot of time to really do anything especially when there are 52 of those babies and if I use 2 of them right off….I will still have 50 that I have to be here for…has anyone seen Debbie Downer on SNL? LOL my goodness listen to me!  I am so glad it is Friday!  I have invited 2 of my grandies to have a sleep over tonight.  Maybe popcorn and a movie and giggles and snuggles will help my slump….402216_2670174268468_1079454412_32772843_889549609_n I don’t think that I will have the littlest one sleep over, I am afraid that we would end up calling her parents when she actually would have to go to bed.  I think the idea of sleeping in a different bed and watching a movie on a very old TV and VHS is something fun for these children of this generation.  YEP I still have the ole VHS hooked up in the guest bedroom and lots of OLD VHS movies…

Kinlee will be 2 on Feb 8thkinlee jan 2012

Now there is a face of sunshine!  Brown eyes and snow white hair, not much of it either LOL wispy and very fine with a receding hairline like her daddy LOL.  She sure loves her Papa though, probably because he looks like her daddy!

Well for not having anything to say…………..I think I have said enough!

Hope your all well and that you are all having tons of SUNSHINE in your life!  love and hugs……meme

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

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