Friday, January 20, 2012

I am still around

I have been doing a lot of thinking and pondering lately

visiting all my blogger friends each day and reading all their wonderful posts, leaving little snippets of messages to let them know I am stopping by, but the fact is…I haven’t taken any pictures in over a  month!

Yep I am a totally a blank canvass even though it looks like I am thinking of meadows and butterfly’s,

Cartoon of a Woman Daydreaming About Spring clipart

I really am thinking of how tired I am and how good it would feel to just go to that meadow and take a nap!

I was alone for a week because Huh-honey had a job to do up North.  I had plenty of time to clean-rearrange, you know the usual stuff, and I can’t tell you what I did!  Oh…I filled 3 garbage bags of clothes from my closet and bought some nice non-slip hangers for all my clothes, (well almost all my clothes) 35 hangers were in a box and I use 2 1/2 boxes! yikes….I guess felt pretty organized and good about that accomplishment.  I watch some TV…not much, but when I did start watching it was much later in the evening, then I would go to bed very late and read.  I guess, bottom line is, I am not a very good “ALONE” person.  I just went through the motions each day.

I keep telling myself that the famous blue sky's of the town will eventually come out…and the dark clouds will eventually go away so that I can feel that warm sunshine on my back and take so much needed walks.

Can you believe it…I had to take a prescription of vitamin D!  YEAH I live in a part of the country where the sun always (99%) of the time shines and I was low on vitamin D! UNBELIEVABLE!

I think I need a vacation.  A real vacation, not just travel 5 hours to see my sweet grandies for a day, but a real, get on a plane, train, or boat and go someplace I have never been to before!

Could someone please let my boss know that I need a paid vacation, and not have to use my vacation time to do it!  You see…I get 2 weeks a year.  It isn’t a whole lot of time to really do anything especially when there are 52 of those babies and if I use 2 of them right off….I will still have 50 that I have to be here for…has anyone seen Debbie Downer on SNL? LOL my goodness listen to me!  I am so glad it is Friday!  I have invited 2 of my grandies to have a sleep over tonight.  Maybe popcorn and a movie and giggles and snuggles will help my slump….402216_2670174268468_1079454412_32772843_889549609_n I don’t think that I will have the littlest one sleep over, I am afraid that we would end up calling her parents when she actually would have to go to bed.  I think the idea of sleeping in a different bed and watching a movie on a very old TV and VHS is something fun for these children of this generation.  YEP I still have the ole VHS hooked up in the guest bedroom and lots of OLD VHS movies…

Kinlee will be 2 on Feb 8thkinlee jan 2012

Now there is a face of sunshine!  Brown eyes and snow white hair, not much of it either LOL wispy and very fine with a receding hairline like her daddy LOL.  She sure loves her Papa though, probably because he looks like her daddy!

Well for not having anything to say…………..I think I have said enough!

Hope your all well and that you are all having tons of SUNSHINE in your life!  love and hugs……meme

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Penny said...

So good to see on blogger again. I really need to update mine. I just have more stress than time in my life lately and my job is the huge source. I have little time or energy to quilt. I need a vacation too, somewhere tropical with wonderful fruit smoothies and cool breezes, not snow or rain wind storms! Love you Lu!

Librarian said...

Liiiiiinda! You really need a holiday. Give me your boss' number and I'll ring him to arrange something for you :-) (honestly, I am good at such things!)

Barb said...

See - I told you - just start writing. You and Huh Honey need a weekend getaway. Someplace warm. Also, many people (dare I say older than 50...) are deficient in Vit D - good you were tested. Low D can cause many problems including with balance, pain management, and general immune resistance. I'm on a fairly high dose, was retested in a year, and it only came up 1 point! (And CO has MANY sunny days.) Will E-mail you later. Glad you posted.

Eileen said...

Oh, I hope you do get your vacation! But I think what you need most is your husband home beside you, I'm sure things will feel more 'right' then.

I'm the same as you, whenever Ray is away life just does not feel normal, and the house seems empty no matter how many people are around. And I stay up late too, and then fall asleep with the TV on, and wake up so many times during the night and just watch programs on and off all night long. It's a bummer when he's away, that's for sure.

Nice you got your closet all organized though!

Enjoy your grands!
And Happy Birthday to Kinlee! 'Can't believe she's going to be two! I feel like I just read about her being born!

Take care.
Love, Eileen

Jientje said...

So good to see you again! I hope you get your much needed vacation and a huge dose of sunshine!

imac said...

Hellooooo, my friend.
Great pics and post.

Take you and D/H away, and enjoy.

Jackie said...

You always seem so happy, Linda. I would put a word in for you with your boss if I thought it would do any good....but coming from this little old lady school teacher (retired, at that!) I don't imagine your boss would even give my words regarding your needing a vacation a second thought. But if you think he/she would consider it, copy this and send it to him/her!!! :)))
I feel the love you have for your grandchildren. I know. Yes, I do. I love mine so much! They are the lights of my life.
Hugs and love to you,

Diana said...

It sounds like you really took advantage of that alone time Linda, good for you! Sorry about your lack of vitamin D, I can only imagine how many of us that live in the midwest and east coast are lacking! Anyway hope your sleep over was fun. I still have the VHS and tapes too!!
Love Di ♥

Jackie said...

Lindalu - It's February, and I wanted to say "Hi" to you, my friend.
I hope that you are doing well.
Hugs and love,

Pat said...

Linda, you are a ray of sunshine all by yourself! My husband and daughter are both lacking in vitamin D and taking a prescription for it. It's funny how the body works, I don't know why I still have my fair share! LOL!
I do think that all work and no play is not good for anyone. Those little road trips are nice, and hold us over, but sometimes a real get away vacation is needed. It's so hard when you work to get the time to do it though.
Sending you a vitamin D filled hug!

MartinRMeyers said...

Hello! I'm a new blogger/writer and I just added myself to your followers for support! Maybe you could come follow me too?
Thanks so much!

stardust said...

Hi, Linda! I think your brightness and cheerfulness shine through the people around you, but I know even such a person need vacation to unwind and relax yourself. In the intense cold of winter, sunshine infuses itself into our body and heart, and how lucky we are to have sunshine in our home or within reach and how lonely without them. Photos are not always necessary in blogging, which you showed nicely. Well, I'm a late comer, and so have opportunity to say "Happy Valentine's Day with your Beloved, Linda."

With best wishes for your paid holidays.


Teresa said...

Hey Linda,
I am having tons of sunshine, and I am really tired of vacations. Perhaps we could switch places for awhile. We could create some new "Reality TV Show", we could call it "Sun or None" or something silly like that. Hope you have fun with your grandkids this weekend, at least you won't be alone.
(((hugs)))) T

Eileen said...

Just stopping to thank you for your visit and hope everything is well with you.

Post once in awhile, even if it's about nothing. I ALWAYS do 'nothing' posts. I live a very boring life, but it's my life!
Post about your scenery, about a meal you cooked, about grocery shopping, anything at all. It's ALL interesting to me!

Love you,