Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello my awesome friends! I am having a time figuring out how to put something on here that I also put on FB. It is so easy for me to video a short clip then post it there but how it that done on here without a HTTP/ thingy? How do I link my FB stuff to blog? Anyway I had a funny experience yesterday at Arby's. I wanted to get a GYRO sandwich because of the commercial on tv (I love the voice of the announcer he makes me smile) and I was short .05 cents. Yep I had it in my car, but do you think anyone behind me would give me a nickle? NOPE so I left my money on the counter, and ran to my car park outside the door, grabed a quarter and went back inside had to wait in line again behind 3 people then got up to the register and handed the same young man my quarter. He look at me and said "what you you like today?" I said "I would like my GYRO and here it the nickel I owe you." HE said "Well it comes to $4.28." I said I know I already gave you $4.23 here is a quarter so you owe me money." He looked at me and said "where is the rest of the money?" SERIOUSLY???????? then I started to laugh and told him I already gave him my money please give me my GYRO and my change....if was must have registered.....because he had put MY MONEY in his I got my GYRO an it was yummy. STILL laughing about it. I just might go back and get another one today LOL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to cut an Onion Life Hacks

How to cut an Onion Life Hacks, this is the place to go to you can catch it on YOU TUBE it is amazing and you will run right out and buy a HAIR PICK and lable it just for your kitchen. It is going to be my newest favorite kitchen tool! check it out! I cannot get it to link in to my blog!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


My husbands ancestors came to America many many many years ago and through those years the "O" was dropped from the name Higgins. So in long-time reality I should be married to a O'Higgins. Why they did that, I have no idea. I think that it is a beautiful name, just like my husbands name Robert Oscar, just think to be given that name and not have the "O" in Higgins!!!!!! It is a shame and so for today I am going by O'Higgins. Linda O"Higgins. That sounds pretty Irish don't you think? Be proud of your name...carry it and think of all the trials that came with your name, the hardships, happiness, wouldn't it be fun to go back in time even for a day and see your ancestors who carried YOUR name! I think it would and I will be so happy to see my ancestors who are Schippers and now my inherited ancestors who are Higgins and O'Higgins! My father-in-law was really an Irish looking man, tall, blonde curly hair (like my husband) defined features in his face and he was a proud man, a very proud man. Quiet but Stubborn too. Hmmm just like my husband. Being born in Holland, I am sure that I have some direct descendants that could have come from Ireland at some point in my history. I feel very justified wearing green today and saying I have a little Irish in me....even if it is just a little. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Linda O'Higgins :)
A short sweet story, many years ago my oldest granddaughter Madison was about 5 and in school they were learning about St. Patricks Day, the teacher told the children that Leprechauns were a myth, they didn't exist, it was just something that was made up, well Madi told her teacher that her Papa was a Leprechaun and that once a year at midnight he turned into his real self as a Leprechaun to find his pot of gold and keep it hidden in a safe place. He has from midnight until the sunrise to do so, if he isn't successful he looses his magic of becoming a Leprechaun every year. Well the teacher said "your Papa is not telling you the truth", which upset my granddaughter. She went home from school crying, my daughter called and told us how upset she was and that Papa needed to finally put a stop to the nonsense and tell her the truth about his midnight escapades, so Papa got on the phone with our granddaughter and with a big sigh, said to her "Madi girl, no matter what your mother tells you or what your teacher tells you there is one person that you can always believe in and that is your Papa, and I am here to tell you Madi, that I AM A LEPRECHAUN, and I do have magic that I can use once a year. Unfortunately that is all I can tell you. It is a family secret that you must keep as a secret and not tell anyone. But always believe in me and in magic and you will always be alright in the world." So with that said, my daughter was not happy but could do nothing. I laughed and laughed at her frustration, (we get to do that as parents) so with that said....our grandchildren will always believe that their Papa has magic and even though we can't see it we can believe in it. I love that man!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Have you ever just had a day, or should say a couple of days in a row where nothing goes as planned? From the time you get up out of bed and set your foot in the office, everything just goes different. Not wrong, but different? Well I am having those days, from feeling like dumber than a door nail to just wanting to walk out on everything and call it quits. Which would be entirely wrong to do because there are bills to pay. I use to think that life was so sweet and looking forward to the weekend was just...umm I can't explain it, I just looked forward to the weekends! Today I don't look forward to anything! YIKES! I am in a puddle getting splashed on feeling just dripping with muck and I just need a hand. Yeah one of those hands that are held out to you and pull you back up and a pat on the back saying, "every little things gonna be alright". It is a moment in time, I know, it too shall pass and I will have forgotten all the slop and muck I am feeling right now. I am wearing an adorable little shirt dress today with leggings and I felt so....pretty this morning. I have had nothing but stares all day long. Not one word of "wow cute dress Linda," so I am wondering if I really pulled it off! I am thinking I look silly and ridiculous in my new little outfit! Never felt this uncomfortable before. I am just going to hide away in my office today, run home tonight and put my pj's on and just chalk it up. Ya know, some days it rains and you just can't stop it.....tomorrow the sun will shine and I will be ok again.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today is crazy hair day at school for my sweet pea Lauren Higgins! She is naturally a blonde but seeing her with dark hair makes my heart go pitter patter because no matter what anyone says, she looks more and more like her OMA (me) than ever! I love my sweet pea Lauren. Hope she is having a fun day at school!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

WARNING! be careful, be very very careful. You don't know what kind of a day someone else is having. As I was leaving the Bloomington Wal-Mart parking lot a man pulled out of the stall as I was going up the isle, I tooted my horn to make him aware I was driving through and to STOP him from hitting my car, I swerved around him and then the verbal obscenities began, I don't think I have ever heard such horrible language my ears were ringing I just drove on and he pulled up behind me inches from my bumper...I pulled away and could still hear him screaming at me, SCREAMING, he was out of control and insane, the third try to pull away only brought him inches again from my bumper, I was shaking! he was too close for me to get a good look at his license plate or a look at his face through my rear view mirror, so I grabbed my phone and shouted through my 6 inches of opened window shaking my phone that I was calling the police and he better back off! Still SCREAMING at me he decided to race through the parking lot and down another street so that I could not get his license. I didn't want to follow, that would have been a really stupid thing to do. I think he was having a very bad day! I was still shaking when I got back to my office, but I have having a really good day knowing I was not accosted or shot in the WalMart parking lot! Today is a good day for being alive....Thank You LORD! I just hope he doesn't go home and take it out on an innocent.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Still hanging in there!

I am so embarressed! Another year and thank goodness I am still here but haven't updated or posted anything. I am still sitting at the same desk doing the same thing! Waiting for the time to pass so that I can officially retire I guess. Not sure what I will do with myself once I do, hopefully pursue my dreams of writing and publishing a book of love letters and finally doing some pencil sketching. I have it in me just waiting for me to let it blossom. Face Book has taken over my blogging world but you just can't put your hearts thoughts into FB as you can blogging. I still don't have a clue how to make different page headings at the top, only can figure out how to post. I should be smarter, after all I have been working for 45 years, and blogging for I think 7. Not sure how to look up my first blog either. LOL and you are thinking, why is she telling me this, well I am actually scolding myself for not keeping up the piece of my world. Something that someday my kids might stumble across. In the last year, I turned a year older haha and so did everyone else in my life. I am blessed with 9 healthy grand children and a saint of a husband who loves me to pieces! I don't think life could get much better except I am still sitting at this desk....(sigh) I could brag about my amazing grand kids and all that they have achieved but that would be another 10 pages, just believe me when I say they fill up my life when I am around them. Life has been "even" that is about how I can call it, nothing exciting, just even, but I will take that over uneven any day! Hope to be here more often. You can catch me on my FB to see the lastest news. Hugs...Lindalu