Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Madi loves to dance, tumble, and basically have fun! We all went to the park and she is doing some crazy flips and tumbles here.
Ok bare with me...I want to introduce you to the "Crew" members, starting with the first and please forgive me...I am just a grandma smitten with my "Crew" can't get enough of them and you will be getting a gut full because....well....right now they are what makes me "me"!
Madison Lytle, very active in school...has been a cheerleader since she was 5 or 6 and is now on her middle school cheerleading squad. Is on the track team, loves baseball, and loves to pose for pictures......hmm can't imagine why? She loves to pester her little sister and adores her "grammy"

Summer Fun!

Oh I don't believe it! My first post! I just said to myself, "self" just do it, get er done, you will be a better person for ACTUALLY pulling it off! So to begin, (and that is a good place to start.....) I am beginning at the end! This summer because it is easier. This is my CREW! yes and I call them MY CREW because two people fell in love and created 3 people that fell in love that created "the crew"! Owen loves his chocolate thumb (will be 3 Oct. 3rd) brother Ryan (5 March 17th St. Patricks baby) Lauren (in Madi's lap, a 2 fisted binkie girl) will be 2 Sept. 19th, Madison (oldest) will be 13 Sept. 21st, Brooklyn (my little stink) turned 4 April 7th, Kyler (Brad's boy) same BD as Ryan! and Koltyn born March this year. It was crazy trying to get the kids to stand still for this. Now I have to try and figure out how to do the little slide show you all do........PHEW What an introduction! There ya go ya all! The CREW IN A NUT SHELL!