Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Who doesn't LOVE the WIZARD OF OZ? You have to be insane not to love that classic. Can you tell???? I am way excited to get into this book!
I honestly have to admitt and REALLY I HATE to admitt this but....I didn't even know there was a musical called "WICKED" then all of a sudden everyone was talking about it because they were standing in line in SLC for 9 hours to get tickets! Well because I probably won't EVER see it unless it comes to VEGAS even then....I decided to get the book. BECAUSE I LOVE to read and let my mind TAKE ME AWAY! into fantasy land of "OZ" NO I am NOT really reading it at work....but would LOVE TO! OH and the book is so PRETTY. I love pretty books, I buy hard copies whenever I can just to display them in my bookcase lol. It looks like I will be staying up late every night again....darn...and doing the HEADBOB thing at work...