Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Who doesn't LOVE the WIZARD OF OZ? You have to be insane not to love that classic. Can you tell???? I am way excited to get into this book!
I honestly have to admitt and REALLY I HATE to admitt this but....I didn't even know there was a musical called "WICKED" then all of a sudden everyone was talking about it because they were standing in line in SLC for 9 hours to get tickets! Well because I probably won't EVER see it unless it comes to VEGAS even then....I decided to get the book. BECAUSE I LOVE to read and let my mind TAKE ME AWAY! into fantasy land of "OZ" NO I am NOT really reading it at work....but would LOVE TO! OH and the book is so PRETTY. I love pretty books, I buy hard copies whenever I can just to display them in my bookcase lol. It looks like I will be staying up late every night again....darn...and doing the HEADBOB thing at work...


Wanda said...

When I'm at Barns and Noble or even Coctco...there are books that I just "have" to buy too. I love books, my daughter works at a library so that helps...I can just borrow for a while...she even delivers.

emily said...

Me love books too. Me loved this book. Me did not love the sequel, though. 'Son of a Witch'. It was...creepy to say the least.

Granny on the Web said...

Loved The Wizard of Oz, but haven't heard of 'Wicked', can't say I have seen it for sale over here... we seem to be a bit behind.
Nothing unusual there then...LOL

Love Granny

Diana said...

This movie brings back many memories with my daughters. The most recent however was about 10 years ago when it was showing at our local theater. Mostly filled with women our age,singing every song through the whole movie,what fun!!!

Blessings each day said...

Hi Linda,

I don't remember a followers button before on your blog or I would have pushed it...or have I just been spacey?

Did you know the "Wizard of Oz" was originally written to put forth a Christian theme? Pretty awesome!

blessings on you,



Terrie said...

NEVER liked the Wizard of Oz! When I was young, I watched it until the witch melted, which scared me to death then would watch the last few minutes after she woke from her "dream". And I am with you, I never new about "Wicked" either until a few months ago when someone mentioned a song from it but still, never knew what it was about. Hum. Oh well.