Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was also tagged, I think by Marcy probably a couple of other people too! hehe so I better get it done since I never do these tags.  So what do you all really know about me???? good ???

I am so “NOT” a very good person when it comes to talking about meme, and feel guilty for not answering when several have given me the opportunity so here goes:


Six names you go by:

1. Mom/Mother

2. Lindalu

3. Little lulu (as a child and now by Huhoney)

4. Mema (by Brooklyn) Grammy (by Madi)

5. Oma (by all the other grandchildren)

6. “Princess” LOL when I am good….

Three things you are wearing right now:

1. Dark brown dress slacks

2. Copper colored dress jacket (I am at work folks)

3. lipstick! (always)

Three thing you want very badly at the moment:

1. To be completely out of debt (hey just being honest here)

2. For all my children to be out of debt (just being honest once again)

3. For all my blogger friends and village people to be healthy and happy!  (oh and world peace for sure along with a million dollars…you see I have all the other stuff….happiness and love…so …..just being honest once again LOL)

Three things I did last night/yesterday:

1. went to work

2. went out to lunch with Huhoney

3. fell asleep on the sofa when I got home ARGH! then stayed awake half the night because I fell asleep on the sofa when I got home from work!

Two things you did today:

1. Went to work….(boring but thankful for it)

2. Anticipating the arrival of the “little rascals” tonight!

3. Going bowling with the league (snuck that one in)

Two people you talked to on the phone:

1. Well I talk to a lot of people on the phone all day long so…..

2. My sweet beautiful daughter Natalie

Three favorite beverages:

1. A warm cup of tea on a cold winter night

2. A cold glass of anything cold on a  hot summer day

3. I would like to say water….but I don’t like water…so…

I will do the I am the cutest one prize later.  I think this is information overload today for me! LOL  I have a much more interesting post to post about the beautiful weather we have been having!