Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brooklyn Annice Lytle….6 yrs. and holding!



Yesterday my daughter had a hard time getting Brooklyn out of bed to go to school…

Daughter: Come on Brooklyn it is time to get up, today is your helper day at school and tomorrow is your birthday! (April 7th)

Brooklyn: You mean that today is the last day that I am 5?

Daughter: Yes Brookie today is the last day and tomorrow you will be 6!

Brooklyn: Uggghhhh (you know how 5 year olds can groan) Mommy this time has gone by way to fast! I want to be 5 for a little bit longer…….pics from home 653

This child is a very willful child. She has a very vivid imagination and loves to play by herself. Although she loves for you to play with her and play make believe she is very independent. She is much like her mother. Though her mother would never admit to it. But I know….because I am the mother of the daughter!

pics from home 404

Sunday will be her birthday party…..daughter (Natalie) said that they are having a petting animal party. Yes you heard me right…..A petting zoo on wheels is coming to the house, setting up camp in the back yard with about 30 different petting animals for all the little ones to play with, feed and pet. 

Won’t that be fun to clean up after LOL! To be honest with you, I think my daughter has lost it. You know…”IT” went up and left after giving birth to one Brookie Cookie…..what most often said child wants…..said child gets. LOLIMG_0055

How can you refuse this face?  I can’t!1 brooklyn halloween 08






Watching this one grow has been so much fun…remember the saying what goes around…..comes around…..?   well……………



princess brookie








kids Disney 140

pics from home 1559






Where did this baby go???????  Ahh she turned into a princess!


She hasn’t changed much….just as sweet and just as cute as ever!  pics from home 1351  We are so blessed to have so many princesses in our family.

Brooklyn is such a little clone of her mother …and the scowl!  Wow she got that from her mama too!

 brooklyn 2


As sweet as this face can be….there is a little stinker behind it!  But not today…I won’t show you that stinker today LOL…



Yes Brookie, the time has gone by much too fast…

Thank you Natalie for giving me such joy and such beautiful grand daughters. nat and brook april 09

I love you Brookie Cookie….hugs and kisses….Mema

Happy Birth-Day to you my sweet daughter.  My mother always called and congratulated me on my children’s birthday because she said as mothers we should be given the same celebration as the child……for giving birth to them, so again Happy Birth(ing) Day to you Natalie.

Cant wait to see you all this summer!July Annie w Nat and girls 005