Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks for the memories ?…….

A little strange to be thankful for memories that were a little…I should say bitter sweet.

So I am done, done with the 28 radiation treatments.  Along the way I met new friends.  linda feb 25 004 Some I might see in the grocery store, or while I am having lunch somewhere.  Some who have traveled here to do treatments and I may never come across again.

Each one of them had a story.  I didn’t know everyone’s story.  Somehow I felt it was theirs to share if they choose to.  Some had come before me and many will come after I have left.  Richard has 4 more to go and his wife Joy was there with him every day always smiling, the two them always laughing.  Thank  you for the yummy treat for my graduation Richard and Joy!  I felt very blessed.  I was one of the fortunate patients that was not battling cancer.  I didn’t feel like my story was much in comparison to others.  But none the less…..I was still there fighting my own little battle.

So here is the meme part.  Fatigue, sore throat, hard time swallowing, sensitive taste buds, no taste buds, sores in my mouth, dry mouth, VERY dry mouth, ear ache, sensitive ear, burning skin, some hair loss, but not enough to really complain about…and of course feeling sorry for myself.

linda feb 24 001 linda feb 24 006

I have had great support throughout this whole ordeal.

#1 supporter………HUHONEY, thanks for taking such good care of me, even though I was….well, not always in the best of moods or very helpful around the house.  This was probably harder on you than it was me.

linda feb 24 010

linda feb 25 012



This is on the door….



linda feb 25 011



this is the door…. pretty amazing huh.  Walls are concrete and led lined.


linda feb 25 013

linda feb 25 014





This is control central, behind this wall is where all the action happens.  From here is where they monitored me, watch me and program RADA, tell her how much radiation and where to point it.

linda feb 25 007



this is RADA…



Good bye RADA…

linda feb 25 008


I almost look like I am ready to do a little “fencing” LOL  This is me holding “the mask”



linda feb 25 010

The sweet  “Radiologist’s” who took very good care of me.  Thanks Jenn…for putting up with  my mood swings every day.  We will have lunch…I promise.


Special thanks to all the hospital staff who were always there with smiles to cheer me on….

and of course thanks to all of you who are reading this, for your special prayers in my behalf.

My Certificate of Recognition of Completion of

Radiation Treatment

linda feb 25 015


Friday, February 19, 2010

Red Rose (and other stuff)



A single red rose was left at my door

I don’t know where it came from…or who it was for!

It was wrapped in pink tissue

With a red ribbon gently tied

I saw no note or tag about it

So within myself I sighed

I’ve heard that a red rose will always bring joy

especially if that rose did come from a boy!

That day and night I wondered who had left the rose that way

Only to wake and find another at my door, the very next day.

It’s strange you see, but it’s happened again;

for ten days have passed, now 12 I’ve gathered in.

Yes it’s mysterious, this I know

But actually it’s mystery doesn’t bother me so

For each rose has brought me such joy

Could it be true, that they have actually come from a boy?

(I wrote this little poem when I was in the 8th grade, and no, I didn’t get any roses. LOL  I think I have always been in love with love and the thought of it and every little thing that goes along with it….roses have always been my favorite flower.  I think it may just have been puppy love and wishful thinking on my part when I wrote this silly poem.  OH pitter patter of the heart!) (SIGH)

Since I last posted, I was visited by the “little rascals”, Huhoney and I took them into the desert to see the dinosaur tracks, 

feb 2010 misc 018

visit the wild west fort,  had a picnic in the desert  (the rascals loved that in the back of Papa’s pick-up)  …



feb 2010 misc 008


Tried desperately to catch a lizard…




feb 2010 misc 014


Posed for a couple of pics because Oma said say cheese!


feb 2010 misc 016





feb 2010 misc 021


Little miss smarty pants drove Papa’s truck and boy did she think she was Princess for the day….and she was….Papa said she drives like all women…..never watches the road!  Good thing there was a LOT of desert road!

feb 2010 misc 024


Dug for dinosaur teeth and bones….



feb 2010 misc 022



looked for gold (didn’t find any)


feb 2010 misc 034 feb 2010 misc 033

gave double bubble baths,

feb 2010 misc 052


Played at the playground





kinlee 10 days



Kissed an adorable chunky monkey’s neck…..




feb 2010 misc 072 feb 2010 misc 071

Papa wound up big brother and then on cue……we left! LOL

It is so awesome being a grandparent and getting away with, well just about everything!

Well tomorrow (Saturday) I am going with one of my BFF’s to Vegas to do a little shopping…..Spring is around the corner and I don’t have a thing to wear………hahahahahaha

Next week….4 more days with RADA then I am DONE! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hmm I am having a hard time describing my morning, so I will begin with last night……

bd 001 bd 002

We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant Samurai 21

Normally I can’t get enough of this delicious food, but since the radiation treatments my taste buds are……on the fritz……it sure was beautiful to look at though and Huhoney finished it off.

We called ahead and buzzed over to see the baby, home from the hospital….to get MORE pictures….and I did…..LOL

Kinlee 2

You really want to just nuzzle you nose into her neck!




Kinlee 8

It is going to be very hard not to want to just gobble her up!




Koltyn 009

This is her big brother Koltyn….at 3 weeks!







OH MY GOSH, this is Kolytn last night….21 months….they really have their hands full…. I love it! LOL


So….anyway…My mother always told me…that a good visit is always a SHORT visit and so it pained me to leave but….after getting Koltyn all wound up…….we left LOL!

This morning I pulled out of the garage and ventured out into the misty world…this rarely happens in our city. I even saw a photographer with his tri-pod over his shoulders walking along by the Virgin River, I would love to see his photos….I captured a few of my own.

Kinlee 017


On my way to the hospital….




Kinlee 019

After treatment I stopped at the top of a hill and looked down on the city….I couldn’t see very far….a blanket of fog enveloped it…..

Kinlee 039



Before going to work I just had to stop at the little park just blocks from my office, I KNEW I was going to be surprised….and I was…. PLEASANTLY…………… The vines are begging for life………..



Kinlee 022

Needles on the pine tree were clinging to the morning misty fog droplets…



Kinlee 027



My new camera was really doing a great job….I was so excited!





Kinlee 024

As I walked the path through the garden, I heard voices…of children running through the fog….



Kinlee 028





Workers were already pruning and shaping the garden, I suppose they brought their children with them….Kinlee 033

Cactus are still sleeping, waiting for the sun to wake them up…




Kinlee 036

Buds on the branches of the trees are anxiously waiting to explode with color….I will be there when the do….



Kinlee 031

A lot of the grasses have survived the cold weather and the palm trees have faired very well…

Kinlee 030

There are a few trees branches that have a hard time letting go…….

Or maybe not……

Kinlee 026

The sun was trying very hard to break through the mist……






Kinlee 040


I thought I had better get to work, although I didn’t want to…..



Kinlee 041

I love the fog……………it makes me feel………peaceful

All work and no play….makes for a grumpy day!

So I played . . . even if was for only a few minutes….

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am sooooo blessed!

As a mother I am so blessed because I have 3 great kids, and they have blessed me with not 7 but YESTERDAY came our 8th sweet adorable grandbaby!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!


I am honored and totally thrilled for you all to meet

Kinlee 009


Born at 2:33 (I think)

weighing in at

7 lbs. 14 oz and 19 inches!

Our newest little CHUNKY MONKEY (which makes 4 and 4 now!)

Kinlee 012


Just enough hair to tease you with!  A button nose and double double chin!



Kinlee 027


Proud daddy! AHHH




Kinlee 021


Tired mommy…..



More pics to come probably tomorrow, when we get to see her at home and not in that stupid ugly coarse  dumb hospital blanket.  They SO DO NOT USE ANY SOFTNER IN THE LAUNDRY!

Thank you Tera, you did a wonderful job in bringing this healthy little munchkin into our lives, and thank you son for your contribution! LOL love you both!

I love my BD present!