Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hmm I am having a hard time describing my morning, so I will begin with last night……

bd 001 bd 002

We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant Samurai 21

Normally I can’t get enough of this delicious food, but since the radiation treatments my taste buds are……on the fritz……it sure was beautiful to look at though and Huhoney finished it off.

We called ahead and buzzed over to see the baby, home from the hospital….to get MORE pictures….and I did…..LOL

Kinlee 2

You really want to just nuzzle you nose into her neck!




Kinlee 8

It is going to be very hard not to want to just gobble her up!




Koltyn 009

This is her big brother Koltyn….at 3 weeks!







OH MY GOSH, this is Kolytn last night….21 months….they really have their hands full…. I love it! LOL


So….anyway…My mother always told me…that a good visit is always a SHORT visit and so it pained me to leave but….after getting Koltyn all wound up…….we left LOL!

This morning I pulled out of the garage and ventured out into the misty world…this rarely happens in our city. I even saw a photographer with his tri-pod over his shoulders walking along by the Virgin River, I would love to see his photos….I captured a few of my own.

Kinlee 017


On my way to the hospital….




Kinlee 019

After treatment I stopped at the top of a hill and looked down on the city….I couldn’t see very far….a blanket of fog enveloped it…..

Kinlee 039



Before going to work I just had to stop at the little park just blocks from my office, I KNEW I was going to be surprised….and I was…. PLEASANTLY…………… The vines are begging for life………..



Kinlee 022

Needles on the pine tree were clinging to the morning misty fog droplets…



Kinlee 027



My new camera was really doing a great job….I was so excited!





Kinlee 024

As I walked the path through the garden, I heard voices…of children running through the fog….



Kinlee 028





Workers were already pruning and shaping the garden, I suppose they brought their children with them….Kinlee 033

Cactus are still sleeping, waiting for the sun to wake them up…




Kinlee 036

Buds on the branches of the trees are anxiously waiting to explode with color….I will be there when the do….



Kinlee 031

A lot of the grasses have survived the cold weather and the palm trees have faired very well…

Kinlee 030

There are a few trees branches that have a hard time letting go…….

Or maybe not……

Kinlee 026

The sun was trying very hard to break through the mist……






Kinlee 040


I thought I had better get to work, although I didn’t want to…..



Kinlee 041

I love the fog……………it makes me feel………peaceful

All work and no play….makes for a grumpy day!

So I played . . . even if was for only a few minutes….


Judy Nebeker said...

I'll say, your new camera is doing a great job! I'm pretty sure you can take some of the credit for these awesome picures. I especially like the last one!


The Muse said...

as long as you are safe..then oh yes, loving the fog (driving-not so much)...

and oh, i just can feel those baby cheeks right this minute! :)

Bernie said...

Linda, you are the first person who has told me they love the fog.
I was fascinated by this....your photos are awesome and oh those children are so glad they are close by for you to enjoy.......:-) Hugs

Pat said...

You'd have to pull me away kicking and screaming from the precious baby. Oh what a doll!
Your pictures are awesome, and the fog just seems to relax me. Great job of photography!
Our buds won't even think of budding around here for months yet! Sigh...

Wanda said...

Signs of Spring...a budding park, a misty fog and a beautiful newborn. Your world looks perfect Linda!

Diana said...

Great pictures Linda, I loved the last one! But of coarse the best one's were of the grands. They are both beautiful! Don't tell Koltyn I called him beautiful!
Love Di

Jientje said...

That sushi looks delicious Linda!
I'm glad you're having fun with that new camera of yours, you're doing great!
Your new granddaughter is such a sweetie, it must be very hard to tear you away from that little darling!

Jientje said...

Forgot to say, I have something on my blog for you!

Blessings each day said...

I like the mysteriousness of fog as long as you can see enough to find your way.

You have such a cute and precious new grandbaby and yes I would love to nuzzle that little neck!

Great hotos, Linda and I pray that the radiation isn't make you feel too awful.

blessings and prayerful hugs,


Barb said...

Oh, Lindalu! I absolutely love your photos. What a great (misty) walk in the park. It's just the right thing for you to do after your treatment. That baby is a keeper - how adorable! I see you and Huhoney followed the #1 Grandparent Rule - excite them/spoil them/enjoy them/ LEAVE! Hope you're doing well, Linda - you "sound" great.

Eileen said...

Beautiful blog! Beautiful banner picture! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful post! Beautiful baby! Beautiful YOU!

Your photography is phenomenal, I loved all the pictures, especially the baby (of course!) and I really liked the close-up of the droplets. So pretty.
And thanks for taking us along on your drive and visit to the park and visit with the new little one! And YES she looks just like her brother did! Twins!

Feel good, Linda, you are in my prayers.
Love to you,

bradhi95 said...

Mother I love the way you capture the beauty in every little thing life has to offer. I envy that in you! Like the hymn says there is beauty all around, and there is we just need to take the time to look.
Thanks Mom for reminding us all to look at all the blessings God has given us, and continues to give us each and every day.

Cynthia L. H. said...

Good for you for playing!!!
Play LOTS!~
LOVE those baby pics!!! Wow! What a doll!
;^) Little Koltyn is a sweetie, too.
Thinking of you.

Bloodhound said...

Hi Linda, just dropped by to say hello.
Loved the way you took us for a trip in the fog. The water droplets were inspiring. Thankyou.
Take Care.