Thursday, February 23, 2012


It just happens.  It sometimes brings you up and sometimes brings you down.  I think I have let it bring me down a lot lately.  Great way to start off the new year right?

Then I kick myself, scold myself, tell myself to get up off my be-hind and stop feeling sorry for myself.  Lot’s of memes in here huh?….yeah, too many memes.

I have to much to be thankful for….

Warm house, loving hubby, beautiful grandies

I need to do something for someone else.  Service work.  It would help a lot.

In reality, I am a pretty funny gal.  I can make other people laugh, and I mean belly laugh.  But when I need it the most, it just isn’t there for meme.

We have had beautiful weather here.  I have not taken advantage of it.  But I will. Soon.

Wow talk about DEBBIE DOWNER!  now that makes me laugh because SNL has some seriously funny Debbie Downer clips.  That make me laugh.

Hmm I think once I get this post done..because I have procrastinated it for so long, I will feel much better.  I have an obligation to do these posts to myself for myself and my posterity.  Wow another bunch of memes.

January BLAHBLAHBLAH really??? I don’t even remember what happened in January… my DIL had a birthday.

February, Kinlee (youngest grandie) had a BD on the 8th, this girl can eat cake just like her Oma…we love cake!

I had one on the 9th, I have eaten lots of cake.  Now that’s funny because I can feel the cake in every single pair of pants I have in my closet.  Nope that’s NOT FUNNY LOL. and while I am complaining about this very thing I am eating a mounds candy bar! YUM

Madison, my oldest grandie got her braces off!  She is so beautiful….

There is a lot of construction going on here in town and making it very miserable to commute my normal 12 minutes to work, turning it into more like 20 minutes.  When will it ever get done already!????

Plus a bazillion people are in town for the very well known “Parade of Homes”.  I will go and see a few this weekend when it will finally be over! people this is insane and crazy!  Especially the last few years with economy and all people are still building BIG HUGE and expensive houses.  Right in this town!  5, 10, 15 minutes away.  You would not believe the new communities that are being built and still houses that belong to the bank, unoccupied!  It kind of makes me sick…is this happening in your town as well?

The world famous “Iron Man” Advertisementis also going to come back to St. George!  And we moved here 9 years ago, trying to get away from all the hoop-la….yeah right. St. George is the perfect location in May for this sort of competition I guess.  I could never do it.  Maybe the world famous Huntsman Senior Games.  I could do that I suppose….that is in Oct.  I would really have to start getting in shape and not have the memes hanging over me lol. I mean honestly this is a really big deal.  It brings people from all over the world to this desert town.

OH YEAH and BTW, for not having much to say….I am going a little overboard AGAIN.  Feel free to stop reading at any time.  This has been actually very therapeutic for me!  And if you decide to be in the Ironman competition or the Huntsman Senior games and can’t find a hotel room, I have 2 guests rooms!  It would be my service project to make me feel really good….just another meme.  (I have heard that people actually rent their homes out during these occasions and they themselves leave town!)

oh yeah… out of thisoldfence my adorable hubby made this bench.







It weighs about 5000 pounds.  It isn’t a bench I would cozy up on to read a book, it was made as a filler for my front patio.  Little does he know…I have plans for him to make maybe a table to go with it.  He loves doing projects like this.  Remember the bird houses?  They are made from the same cedar fencing.birdhouse1

He is so creative, not one bird house is the same.  He has made 15 or so.  Given many away as gifts, and maybe if we have a spring garage sale we can sell a few.




Remember the cement wall project last summer.  Well this planter box was absolutely beautiful last year filled with lots of flowers and greenery.  We just were not sure how we wanted to finish the wall.  Then as luck would have it….we we able to acquire some stone.  FOR FREE! we are saving about $1500 as it sells for about $10 a square foot!


feb2012 004

He is laying it all out to see how it will fit on the wall.  I think it will be very nice when it is done.

It is time to pick up some flowers…I missed the bulbs AGAIN, so I will have to just end up spending lots for perennials again.  Bulbs are only around for a couple of weeks here then snatched up quickly in gardening centers.  DARN!

Thanks for stopping by.  I feel so much better I got this over with.  I hope I don’t wait another MONTH to post.  I guess I do have a lot more to say than I thought.  I snapped this a couple of weeks ago when I was on my way home from work…sunsets in the desert can be beautiful at times.  They change so quickly, so you have to be FAST.

jan2012 013 below is minutes before just opposite direction overlooking the city of St. George.

jan2012 016

oh yeah….forgot one little teeny tiny thing…feb2012 057 it was Valentines Day this month and this is the very first box of chocolates Huh-Honey has ever given me….we laughed about it because we both don’t ever remember ever giving each other chocolates before…and guess what?  I think I ate almost every single one in this box.  They were yummy.  The sweet note said I was his everything.

Wow and I was having memes at the beginning of this post….I am feeling much better now. :)


This is my 60 year old meme pic.


come to think of it…it feels good to be me.



Diana said...

Sometimes Blogging has to take a backseat to life. I know how you feel Linda. So many times I want to post but I either get busy or tired, take your pick!
Your feeling down is normal. At least I think so. Even with all of our blessings, who can be "UP" all of the time.
Your sunset picture was beautiful. We had a gorgeous sunrise last week while I was walking the dog. I ran in the house to get my camera, like two min. and it was gone! So frustrating but I'm no photographer for sure!
Happy Belated Birthday to Kinlee,she's so cute. And I imagine that Madison was very excited to get her braces off, what a relief!!
Oh and I wish my husband liked doing those handy talented things that your's does! Mine is handy, he just doesn't like to do that sort of thing. It's video games for him!
Love Di ♥

Eileen said...

Sweet post! And nice to hear from you! I JUST left you a comment on your last post saying you should blog again once in awhile!
This was very nice to catch up.
All your photos are so beautiful, love the sunset, love Kinlee, and love YOU!

Your husband really is an artisan! 'LOVE all his handiwork!

And, I understand about feeling down. I've been feeling the same way myself, and then I have those same guilty feelings too because I know I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! And I truly am thankful for all my Blessings, but then there are those things in life that just send you 'down in the dumps'.
And I really have a sort of 'cabin fever' feeling, not about being cooped up at home (I really am a homebody), it's more a cabin fever about my life. I can't explain it, it's a very weird feeling.

Well, it was very nice to read a post from you! 'Hope to hear from you soon again!
Love, Eileen

Eileen said...

Oh, I went to the Parade of Homes ~ unbelievable!

Beautiful, but I so agree with you, it seems senseless and sad, thinking of all the empty homes, and the families forced to walk away from those homes. And, yes, we have the same thing here. So many homes sit empty (the market is bad and homes just aren't selling now), or they are in foreclosure, or short sales, and then there are these mini-mansions going up right alongside them! (People in our neighborhood call them McMansions ~ it's like everyone wants to pretend they are millionaires!). Our area is changing so much, all the houses used to be different from each other, and they had so much character, now it seems every single house going up looks the same. And I wish they would stop people from buying the old homes and tearing them down to put up the McMansions. So sad.

Anyway, enjoy looking at them. I LOVE looking at houses!

Barb said...

Linda!!!! I was glad you posted. See how good you feel hearing from all of us! It sounds like you and your town are very busy. It would be a hoot to watch the Ironman. You need to go out and snap some pics of it in May. That sunset is incredible - no wonder people want to live in the desert. You look terrific Linda - Happy 60!

Librarian said...

Never heard of anything like the "Parade of Homes", will have to follow the link and check it out!

Well, nothing wrong with letting the offline parts of your life taking precedence over the online ones :-)

As for being a bit Debbie-Downerish: Well, spreading nothing but joy and happiness all day long can be pretty exhausting, and is not obligatory...! As long as you realize how good your life really is, some down-feeling every now and then won't harm you.

Teresa said...

Hi Linda, I read all of your post and enjoyed it so much. I have spent a little bit too much time here, and it seems I almost forgot I am a working girl now. Got to run, but will be back to finish my comment. So glad you are feeling better. Writing is therapy for me too. (((HUGS))) T

aka Penelope said...

I’m glad you’re you, too!!! Reading between the lines life is good in your world. It always feels refreshing to dust off thoughts that dull a day … although one need not overlook the injustices around us. Your home seems like a nice place to visit and your husband is an awesome furniture maker. Hope you get that matching table to compliment the bench one of these days. :)

Pam McLeese said...

We are all very, very glad you are you - you - you so don't feel bad about your me - mes. Love ya.Pam

Kerry said...

Most of us bloggers write about meeeee, all the time! No worries.

Hey I had no idea there was senior cowboy rifle-shooting competitions. Or badminton, bowling, etc. I'm a terrible competitor, but it sounds fun. A week ago I ran a 5K and came in last in my age class, but also first in my age class!!!Where was everybody else?

Jackie said...

What great photos, Linda! The sunset is spectacular...and I know what you mean about it changing in a matter of minutes.
I love the photo of you...and you certainly don't look 60. (Sixty is young to me!! I'll be 62 my birthday!) :))
I wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed Easter. I have been away from blogging for a while, but am back and wanted to stop by and say hello to my sweet friend!
Hugs to you from Jackie

shabby girl said...

You look gorgeous!
I don't know. I'm thinking that it's our age that's bringing so much internal thoughtfulness. Really, I feel like I can hardly write a word because of all of the self-evaluation conflict that is running around in my head.
Your posts are always wonderful, friend. Please don't stop. :))

Jackie said...

Helloooo Linda Lu!
I haven't said "Hi" to you in a long time, so I figured it was time!!
I hope that you are doing well, my friend.
Love you,

stardust said...

How are you doing now, Linda? Season has changed, nature is full of fresh green and is animated. We all have pros and cons and we just take the bad along with the good. We can’t ask for perfection in this imperfect and uncertain world. Your husband’s handicraft is excellent! I do love the chair and the bird’s houses. I like to hear your talks about your Grands. Don’t put pressures on you regarding the updating, but if you do it you’ll be pleased with a friendly ear from the world. Enjoy this spring and your springtime.


Jackie said...

Linda...It's Monday, May 14. I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day. I'm thinking of you and wanted to let you know.
Hugs and love,