Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The "Harvest"

Lauren always looks up to her big brother.....they are 11 months apart you know....Owen is a cowboy, and Lauren is a princess. This little mischevious look from Lauren is actually only looking to him for confirmation that it is "OK" to eat the corn Oma picked from the garden!

I never did find out, if anything, if corn, fresh off the cob, uncooked, does anything....to little ones....well you know....tummies. Camille didn't mention to me that it did or didn't! But yummmm they loved every single little morsel of sweet corn, from the giant stalks in their own garden. Lauren and Owen didn't have any problem eating almost ALL of the cob! (bad Oma, bad Oma!)

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Terrie said...

How cute is that? Aren't we so lucky to have such cute grandkids?