Monday, November 10, 2008


In Natalies words: Brooklyn

Yesterday afternoon when Brooklyn came home from school she was very interested in the changing leaves. It has taken a while but the leaves have finally started to change colors. She decided to go out on the deck and collect some colorful leaves. She has quite a few "collections". She can't pass a gravel parking lot without grabbing handfuls of rocks for her "rock collection", she has an extensive "leaf collection", and most recently yesterday afternoon, unbeknownst to me, she started a "stick collection." She gathered some sticks and leaves and had them on her little picnic table in the family room. After a few hours, I started to clean up the family room and picked up her sticks and threw them away, she hadn't mentioned them or touched them in a while and I wasn't aware that they were a "collection." She noticed when throwing a peice of paper away that her sticks were in the trash. She immediately ran over to me sobbing (dramatically, no real tears) and asked why I threw her "stick collection" away. I told her I was sorry but I didn't know they were a "collection" and that we could retrieve them out of the trash (it was a brand new trash bag and nothing else was in there). She then told me that "I always ruin her life" and that "her heart was breaking." When I asked why she said because I threw out her "collection." I managed to retrieve the sticks from the trash after several "you always ruin my life" stabs and that was still not good enough because one of the big sticks was broken. She did end up forgiving me later on.

In Natalies words:

Last Wednesday I was not feeling well so I went to bed early (8:30). Apparently, Madison in her haste and clumsiness missed the last three steps on the staircase and fell. Her ankle swelled up and Brad put ice on it and sent her to bed. The next morning she woke telling me that she couldn't walk. I had no idea what happened since I was in bed before she was. She told me what happened and I figured she probably just sprained or twisted her ankle. I was sick with a stomach virus so Brad took her to the doctor for x-rays...still neither of us thinking anything besides a sprain since Madi tends to exaggerate and be very dramatic. The x-rays came back showing two small fractures near her growth plate in her ankle. So, you guessed it...........A Cast! She is in a cast up to her knee for a month. She can't bare any weight on her foot and has to rely on crutches. Last March she also took a tumble down the stairs (girl needs to learn to hold the railing and S L O W down) and hurt her knee which put her in a brace for 2 weeks and then a full leg cast for 2 weeks....there was no fracture that they could see but they didn't want to take any chances because it was very painful for her and it was also near her growth plate. YES, you guessed it, SAME LEG! I swear she is going to have one leg shorter than the other if she keeps this stuff up! Today I had to take her back to the doctor because her foot was numb, turning purple and cold. They took her cast off and replaced it with a new one. The first one was a little tight and a spot had been rubbed raw where the bend in her ankle is because the padding was bunched up and her foot is swelling. Every time her foot swells it puts pressure on that area. She needs to sit her butt down and elevate her foot as much as possible. But you know MADI!!! She has a new cast on today and is feeling better. Just gotta keep her off her feet as much as possible. Easier said than done though.

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Terrie said...

Oh my, that little Brooklyn is so much her Oma! What a character. Good luck Madi with that cast. Be more like your Aunt Terrie and sit and relax for a few weeks so you can heal all the way! Love you all.