Thursday, August 20, 2009


Plain and simple (August 19th sunset)

If I were a sunset where would you find me?

Over the ocean, on the beach of Hawaii?

Would you find me on the Florida coast;

Or the high prairies of Colorado?

Maybe behind a light house on the shores of Maine;

Where ever you find me, I am never the same…

The United Kingdom is always a glow;

And French Riviera, romantic you know;

You might find me in a forest peeking gently through the grove;

I know you have seen me in Belgium’s Heaven bliss;

I have shown through the Netherlands and the tulips night time mist;

But one place you will find me, majestic and proud,

Quiet and peaceful, sometime soft, sometimes screaming loud;

In the eyes of a beholder, the heart mind and soul

Saint George, Utah where her stories are told.



Barb said...

Gosh Linda - great golden sunset and a poem to go with it. Makes me want to visit St George!

Eileen said...

Beautiful poem!
Beautiful photograph (love the header picture too)!
Beautiful sentiments!
All the best,

Diana said...

What a beautiful poem Linda! You are a poet, did you know it! Really very nice, and I love that you are a day late because I don't feel so alone!
Love Di

Mary said...

Oh, how beautiful!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Here is a tutorial I wrote about making a photo mosaic:

Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Anonymous said...

Linda...Oh, I love the places you love...and your poem took me there in spirit. Your smile shines through your work...and I'm sure you are fun to be around. I'm glad to have you as a new friend.
Hugs and smiles,

Jientje said...

Oooooh, beautiful.

Such a gorgeous sunset, and great poetry to go with it! I enjoyed this Linda. I wish I could write like you do!

Anonymous said...

That photo is just gorgeous. Love the poem. Utah is a beautiful state.

Wanda said...

LindaLu...a poem too!
Now that was "really" good Linda...I visit most of those same was relating right along with you.

Pat said...

That's an amazing poem. I keept trying to guess the ending! How beautifully put that though our eyes may see many places, home is always the most I said, beautiful!

joolzmac said...

Thanks Linda, for the lovely poem and gorgeous sunset. As I get older, I find I am appreciating these simple things of beauty like sunrises, sunsets, cloudy skies with sun peeking through. I like to capture them on camera. My kids think I'm bonkers but I just really appreciate their beauty and glorious color.

Cheers - Joolz

Ann said...

Nice sunset, and absolutely lovely poem.

Jerelene said...

What a lovely poem! You outdid yourself my friend :)
I loved the sunset picture too!
I bet Utah is a beautiful place..
Keep writing...I loved it :)
Love, Jerelene

Granny on the Web said...

Your a Poet and I didn't know it.

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Linda...
I've been missing you....and wanted to check in with you and hope that you are doing well.
Many smiles to you from Jackie