Friday, December 18, 2009

Hats, hats, and more hats….

I haven’t felt very productive this Christmas.  I don’t know why because after laying these cutie pie hats out on a table, I have been productive, just not in the traditional sort of way and making all the candy I usually do.  Maybe this weekend.  My sisters daughter about a month or so ago mentioned she was going to crochet hats…well that gave me an idea and pretty soon one hat became A LOT OF HATS, three of which not shown already sold. ($7) YES I am crazy……after checking Target and Wal-Mart I am crazy, and these are sooo much more adorable!hats 002 now I can’t stop!  When I am sitting at night on the couch watching a little tv and relaxing, I have to be crocheting or I feel like I am wasting precious time doing nothing!  So this is what has been happening…I can usually do a hat a night.  Each one is a little different and although most of them are already spoken for, I am going to have to start making duplicates because I LOVE THEM ALL and don’t want to give them up! LOL CRAZY HUH!  so…if ever you are in need of a hat, just ask the HAT CRAZY LADY!  I think I will continue making them until I am completely SICK of doing so and maybe by next year…I will have like a HUNDRED of them.  Maybe I will make a little extra Christmas stash cash!

I love this white one, because the yarn is so soft and sparkly!

then there is the brown and peach another favorite and the white and purple and black and red and brown and pink!

The black and red is also a favorite but the last one I make for my teenage granddaughter the 2nd on of the last bunch is so cute! It looks red but it is a dark cranberry color. ummm so cute!

YES I have been busy I guess, now for the CANDY! another favorite thing to do!  I will have to blast the house with Christmas music on Saturday and get BUSY!


Eileen said...

Oh, these are adorable!
I will have to commission you to make one for my granddaughter Mia! I love the brown and peachy/pink one!
And the pink (with yellow or white?), and the gray, well, they are all wonderful, no wonder you don't want to give any of them up!
EXTREMELY reasonably priced too!
I always admire anyone who can do work like this, it's such an art.

And I'm like you with being productive this year, but not with things I'm usually doing!
I have got to get busy this weekend after a big (food) shopping spree tomorrow morning.
I've really had lots of fun this Season though, and have felt so much more spiritual too, and I've done more visiting and have had friends/family over more, so I'm not putting pressure on myself about anything else, whatever gets done, gets done, and what doesn't will have to wait until next year or the year after!
I really only have tomorrow, because on Sunday the kids will be here again after Mass, and after dinner Mia and Jayden will be building their Gingerbread House with Grandpa in the kitchen. Jayden has a half-day on Monday so maybe I can get something done quick in the morning, but then Tuesday is his Christmas play and Christmas party at school, Wedenesday we're going into the city again, and then it's Christmas Eve already!
But you know, Linda, since I've cut back and took the pressure off myself, I feel so much better and I'm really enjoying this special time of year.
So crochet away! And create a new Christmas tradition for yourself!
Love to you!,

Wanda said...

Linda, your hats are as pretty as any I have seen. I love them and each one is so different, if very many people see these, you may have to quit your day job!

Making candy is exactly what I will be doing tomorrow. Usually I make rocky road clusters(plain and with almonds), pecan turtles, and buckeyes. Christmas shopping is all finished, except for some food items; guess I will do that Monday.
Enjoy the weekend,

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda Lu...How clever are you!
These are precious.
I, too, will want to purchase some from you when my new grandbaby is born. They are soooo pretty.
I send you hugs...warm ones, Linda.
Love to you from Jackie

Barb said...

Linda - I had no idea you had this special talent! I enlarged as much as I could to get a better look. All are so cute! I love the flowers. Take these to a craft shop, and they'll sell like hotcakes! I am eating a lot of candy but not making any - however, with Lucinda's guidance I did manage some cookie baking today. My youngest Grands (3 & 2) come for a weekend visit tomorrow. Happy Holidays to you!

joolzmac said...

Hi Linda

Love the hats (although I am not a hat person), they are cute. In Australia, some would say they are "bonza beaut"!

If you love crocheting, head on over to Lucy at Attic24 in the UK - she is the rainbow queen - her blog is so full of colourful crocheting and crafts. I go there just to get happy somedays!

Visit - be prepared because you might need sunglasses. Lol!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,


shabby girl said...

Wow! I'm impressed! They're all soo cute too! I wish I knew how to crochet. I can do a little but it takes all of my attention and I really don't know what I'm doing. LOL! You need an Etsy shop!

Cynthia L. H. said...

ALL fantastic!!!! I'm like you...they're all my favorite!!! ...and YES, you DO need an etsy daughter has started one and is doing very well with it (the link is on the side-bar to my blog page) but it is so easy! I think something like 20 cents per item to list it for a month or two!!! And it's not an set the prices...and they have it all set up to easily upload your pics, etc...VERY up-to-date! Go for it!!!!
;^) ;^) ;^)

Cynthia L. H. said...

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Mrs. Claus Header!!!!!

Pat said...

Girlfriend, you are toooo talented! I love everyone of them! I don't know how to crochet, but lately have really wanted to learn. I drove past our community center and saw they are having a crochet class...right when I have my foot surgery, phooey! I hope they have it again.
Well, if your candy is anything like your talent to crochet, it's going to be in big demand!

Jientje said...

Oh my, you ARE a busy bee, aren't you?
Enjoy the holidays, have fun!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

They are simply gorgeous!!!! I'm in awe!!! You are extraordinarily talented!!! Merry Christmas to you!! ~Janine XO

Millennium Housewife said...

Dear Crazy Hat Lady, you are crazy. But very good a crocheting so that must help a bit.

allison said...

i haven't written forever! i don't have the internet. :( am at the library right now. but just HAD to write to say merry christmas. i know yours will be merry because YOU are merry!
keep up the blogging. one day i'll spend a couple hours catching up! (the library is not the place though!)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Linda,

You must be the kindest friend in the whole world!!! Thank you for taking the time to read/look at two of my posts!!! You can't imagine what that means to me...The holidays are a hard time for me as I've lost both my mother just a little over one year ago...but when a beautiful, talented and lovely lady like yourself takes the time to visit with me, it just brightens my Christmas...and brings happy tears to my eyes. Thank you for your friendship! You'll never know how much your kindness meant to me today!! May God bless you and yours especially this Christmas! With love, Janine XO

need_a_latte_mom said...

OK...I want some.
2 for boys 1 newborn size 1 for about a 6 month old.
2 for girls 1 newborn size 1 for about a 6 month old

Send me an email if you think you can do them...would like them for my baby photo sessions.

Mar said...

Hey Linda, we should 'hook' up! I love to make scarves. I have a hard time giving them up. Other people must like them, though, as my #2 daughter took a box of them to her office and gave me $150.00 from the sales! Wooo hoo, more $$$ to spend on my family.

Rebecca said...

Those hats are adorable!