Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I am back....

Well the year 2015 started out very quietly. We didn't even watch the Taylor Swift hoop-la in NY or anything! Bob bought a bottle of fizzy to toast in the new year and we didn't even crack it open! WE ARE SO boring! My house was decorated beautifully again. I just love Christmas and all the sparkly stuff! I took a few pictures of it on my i-pad but I will be darned that I know how to get it from one device to my computer! lol I have been gone way to long and out of the loop (so to say) as it comes to this stuff. WE also got new computers at the office (where I do all of my blogging when I am not busy doing work stuff lol) and I am not sure I know how to add my pics and writing like I did before when I used a program called windows writer. So I will give it a shot...if it turns out dumb..forgive me haha I will get it right. Kids are great...grand kids all 9 of them are great, beautiful and healthy (thank the Lord)I will have to give a break-down of all of them and post pics of them all ages and stuff. Owen who is our grandchild # 5 I think...:) is into that karate stuff and for a kid he is like a little brown belt of something, pretty awesome. I have only seen video of him. But he has a 6 pack! YES this little guy who is 8 has a 6 pack lol. According to my son he is awesome. of course! We had a summer of flowers in the yard (sun flowers my favorite, roses, Blue Angels flying over head which we could view from our back yard, Bob redid the back yard and added a wonderful new patio...not sure how to download those pics, but I think this is a pretty good beginning lol. My son Brad...has had some medical problems, was hospitalized in December with pulmonary embolisms on both his lungs. They counted over 50. Not good. He is only 35 and on oxygen. Send up some prayers for him and his family please. He is more annoyed with having to wheel around an oxygen tank more than anything, but without it...he cannot breath. Our youngest little one is such a dollie...she is going to be 2 in April and she keeps us on our toes. Keeps her daddy on his too even with his oxygen tank! I just know 2015 is going to be a good year for us all. I am working on a short story, and hope that I can find someone to publish it. I love writing. It is a passion that I have always had, just never really uncovered it. My children are encouraging me to get this story published because it is a true story of the love of my life and our journey. That's kind of a little clue here :) Well here are a few pics, I hope...and I will be back! Love Lindalu


Barb said...

Hi Llinda! Hapoy 4th! I'm commenting on this post late - I must have missed it. Your Grandies are growing and are all so cute. Your littliest Granddaughter and our youngest Grandson, Sam, are about the same age. He'll turn 3 in Sept. We're having him with us in Breck next week while his family flies to CA to the beach. I'm sure he'll keep us busy. Bob and I are sitting on our back deck enjoying the sound of the stream and watching the aspens and flowers flutter in the breeze. We decided to have a quiet 4th rather than brave the thousands of tourists who will be in town for the festivities. Our parade used to be a small-town affair, but now it's mobbed! I sure hope your son is better - lung embolisms are serious. I hope both you and Bob are feeling healthy and enjoying your summer. I know it's neen hot there! I'm sitting on the deck with a sweatshirt - we are still getting temps into the 40’s at night. The sun is warm at altitude, but I'm in the shade so the sweatshirt feels good. Take care, Linda. I think of you often.

Jackie said...

Miss you....
Miss you! Miss you!!
Can you tell that I miss you.
I hope that all is well with you, my friend.
Sending you a hug....and letting you know that I miss you!!!
(September 19, 2015)