Thursday, January 31, 2013

Already end of January?

Where has the time gone?  I know why I don’t blog.  I did a whole new post and added 5 new pictures and BAM! it never downloaded!  Probably because I didn’t use windows live writer.  Hopefully this will download this time!  NOT USING blogger post load!  Do you love my header picture?  I took this photo this week with my nifty new lens.  It zooms in on stuff far away.  Cool huh!  Oh the sky was just beautiful.  The air was crisp it was 44 degrees and where else can you see such amazing colors all at one time?  The Southern Utah RED CLIFFS and Pine Valley mountains in the backgroundjan misc 084 ahhhhh so pretty.  See the little word DIXIE on the








hillside on the left.  (the header picture) This southern town is referred to as DIXIE.  We also have a college that just earned university status, Dixie State College, soon to be Dixie State University.  Saint George Utah is  coming up in the world!

December misc 390









jan misc 080

It looks like I cut this photo in half but I actually did this on purpose because I loved the color contrast of the sky and this bush in my back yard.


jan misc 050

There is nothing like a beautiful rainbow!  This was a double but the double was not so bright for the camera to pick it up.






jan misc 060 Last but not least, the sunset just a few minutes after I shot the rainbow.  Going from my back yard to the front yard.  Straight out of the lens folks.  I don’t know how to edit or change my pictures so this is exactly what I saw too! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hope to be back soon!


Barb said...

I'm not going to say "finally," because your photos are so darn good, Linda! That new lens is awesome - keep posting. Glad you're back! Hope you and Huhoney are well.

Jackie said...

Your photos are spectacular, Linda Lu!!! Just spectacular. Look at those colors!! Oh my goodness.
You live in a beautiful part of our country. I'm so happy to see you...and thank you for sharing these great photos with me.
Love you and miss you,

shabby girl said...

Awesome new lens! Yes, you do live in an extraordinary place!
So glad all is well in your world.

Joolz said...

Lovely pics, Linda! I don't edit my photos either - what is the point of playing around with the colour of a rainbow or a sunset when it is so just pretty straight out of the camera? Good to see ya back blogging!

Cheers - Joolz

Librarian said...

Stunning pictures, thank you for sharing them!

imac said...

Wonderful photos my friend, great when zoomed in too.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Linda! What a treat to discover yours.:) It's lovely! I do believe I'm going to be your newest follower, dear friend, as I plan on coming back again soon! Lori

Jerelene said...

I guess I'm following Lori! I love your pictures Linda! That last one looks like the sky was on fire! Breathtaking! I wish I had a really good camera like you do. I love taking pictures :) I hope you are doing well. I miss visiting with you..but I will be back. I'm going to try to blog again! I've been wanting to for a while now..I miss everybody!! It sure is beautiful there where you are. Jerelene

stardust said...

Wow, Linda, you filled this post with the shots of magical and wondrous nature. The rainbow look like a pastel-colored dragon soaring into the sky from the tree. The sunset sky is so dramatic, and yes, I love the header photo, the red of the red cliffs is awesome!

It was so nice hearing from you. Time flies! Since my daughter-in-law was hospitalized last December for the threatened premature delivery, I feel the speed all the more while I am with my 2-year-old granddaughter. We are awaiting for spring when my daughter-in-law and my daughter will give birth to a baby in March and May respectively. Have happy days ahead.


Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures. They are so breathtaking. The sunset is my absolute favorite. It is so wonderful with all the colors and the quality of the picture is superb.

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