Thursday, October 27, 2011


LOL ok, so for the few (and I am talking FEW) (2) to be exact that read my last post…sorry I have NO idea how computers work, remember I am an employee who plugs along….not really having a clue that if you are on a computer and try to log into your WORK blog and add a post, that realtors in the industry, (don’t even look at) but I am suppose to do it anyway…

OH never mind…it was a total goof.  I just wanted to educate anyone who thought it might me interesting…which it is NOT about what I do……LOL

This world of realtors….anyone who is one; is dying because I didn’t cap the name realtors…and put the copyright mark at the end YADA YADA YADA (you can tell I really care right?)

SO.. we did a quick trip up North to see “the little rascals”, papa and I took them to the park…of course stopped at the store to buy them late birthday presents, (it is all about the presents) then went to the park, they played for an hour or so…(we missed Lauren’s BD in Sept and Owen’s Oct. 3rd.

mikes oct 2011 013

You actually need a masters degree in order to un-box a toy now-a-days. Lauren was soooo patient but it was worth it to her..and of course I forgot to put my scissors in my purse, so nail clippers worked and so did a screw driver.

mikes oct 2011 017

mikes oct 2011 060

the smiles were so worth it!




this was the fun part…I wish I was a “great” photographer and actually knew what I was doing.  What I did know is that it was the wrong time of day to be taking pictures…the sun was just NOT in the right spot, but as you can see…it doesn’t matter…it is all about the subject and you can NEVER get the perfect family picture…even though the family is PERFECT.


mikes oct 2011 103

mikes oct 2011 113



as you can see the sun was not in the right place, too many shadows..on both sides of the yard..






mikes oct 2011 101


there is going to be a day of do-overs for sure and it will not be a rush hurry up before papa and I have to leave and go home! This is an adorable family no matter if the lighting was wrong.   Oh by the way Owen received a very nice award from his school.  He is in kindergarten now and his teacher tells his mom that he is such a big helper and so nice to others and works so hard in school.

mikes oct 2011 119 Owen is very proud of this award that gets to stay posted in his yard for the month!  Pretty cool they recognize the children this way. 

Well that’s the story…so now you know….. :) it is Thursday! hooray!

Does anyone get excited for the weekend when you don’t have to worry about the alarm going off and having to get out of bed?


Wanda..... said...

Your cute grandkids have really grown. I know about that degree one needs to open toys, Linda. One would think a $10 Barbie I helped Alivia open, was dressed in Gold!

Librarian said...

Hello Linda, I am sure more than 2 people read your previous post - have you looked at your blog stats? Not many people commenting does not necessarily mean nobody reads it :-)
Nice pictures again!

Librarian said...

PS: I wish my family would allow me to show their pictures on my blog, but they expressively forbid me even thinking about it.

Teacher's Pet said...

Congratulations to Owen!! Big hugs for him.
And....I am always happy to read your blog, my friend. I didn't know what I was supposed to do with the realtor information, but I figured that you would let us know, so I read it! :)))
The photos are great. The subject matter is beyond splendid....and I am happy that you were able to spend time with your Grands. Thank goodness for nail clippers!!! Go Linda.

Barb said...

Well, just as I was pondering that realtor video, here you are posting again and telling us "forget it." I thought there was some hidden message! Love these family pics, Linda - those children are just adorable. Don't even get me started on toy packaging! The kids AND I are sometimes close to tears. Congrats to Owen (would he be the same Good Citizen sticking his tongue out for his Grandma in a former photo)? Have a great weekend - sleep in with Huhoney!

imac said...

Congrats to Owen - he looks so proud.