Thursday, October 13, 2011

A touch of home

Everyone and every creature deserves a place to call home don’t you think?

So I had Huh-honey think out of the box….literally…. and this is what he came up with.


He gave these beauties away for prizes to 3 lucky Realtors when he was a sponsor at a meeting here at my the office.  I think they were happy, but sadly not one of them thanked him for their bird house after the meeting.  There were about 80 agents there and he made it fun when he drew their names.   He and 2 other sponsors provided a continental breakfast as well, hoping to promote business for themselves.  BuilderBob is a handyman, that’s what he does now and then,  now that he is retired.

It made me sad….because I work here….and he put so much effort into these because I asked him to.  I will never ask him to be a sponsor for a meeting again.


They started like this….

birdhouse 020

and have turned into beautiful creations that any bird of a feather would be happy to call home…

birdhouse 012

birdhouse 021








birdhouse 006


I plan on keeping a couple myself and then hopefully selling some for Christmas presents to make a little extra cash.  His ideas are endless…  I prefer a chimney on my house don’t you?  I am hoping to get some orders for him to start making more….



on a lighter note:  Does anyone recall the episode of Seinfeld where George makes himself a little sleeping place under his desk?

well…………………….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell the boss but apparently I have way too much time on my hands…well today I did hehehehe (the boss was gone today)…good thing he doesn’t know I have a blog!

castanza 003

castanza 011

castanza 001








A little ambiance goes a long way don’t you think?  yes..that is a lamp, my kindle, 2 pillows, a blanket, (there is NOT someone under that blanket (!) a picture of me and my honey, and a tiny T.V.  that only gets one channel.    Clearly I am missing a bag of popcorn and a large coke. 

And yes…work as usual…

If anyone is wondering…next time I tell the office gals I am taking a Costanza break…they will know where to find me!

PS it is not dark enough in my office with 10,oo0,000 watts of light to even take a nap, unless I actually turn off the lights and close the door, but then, I wouldn’t be here, thank goodness!

just sayin’


Teacher's Pet said...

Linda.....tell your huhoney that there is NO excuse for the poor manners of the lucky birdhouse winners. No excuse for them 'cept they probably didn't listen when their Mama taught them better.....and I betcha they did teach them, too. People take too much for granted ......the birdhouses are lovely and a lot of great work went into them.
Ahhhhh....a Kindle, some time to kick back and ambiance. Sigh.....
Go Linda!!!!

Wanda..... said...

I guess those men weren't into birds, but I bet their wives were glad to get the nice bird houses, Linda. I wonder what the office cleaner/maintenance people think of your comfy setup! You need a big bowl of fruit under there! :)

Librarian said...

Sadly, a lot of people do not say "thank you" when they get a prize - they think they "deserve" it, and things they did not need to pay for are taken for granted.

Anyway, it is good to hear from you!

My desk is way too small to have a sleeping place underneath, and since I work from home, by bed is just one door away anyway :-)

Barb said...

Linda!!! You've posted! (And I've been MIA...) Those bird houses are spectacular - bird mansions! It's amazing to me that no thank you's were offered. Huhoney has such talent. I see YOU have way too much time on your hands lately - I'll really start to worry if I see your fuzzy slippers under there! Hope you're feeling well, Linda. Is the shot still working?

imac said...

Rooms with a view.

shabby girl said...

OHMYGOSH! I absolutely love your nest at work! What a great idea. Boss is being a pain...back up & take a look at what is really important...under your desk. Ha!
I cannot imagine nobody saying thank you for those sweet bird houses! Please tell him for me that there are GOBS of us that would so appreciate one of those. Hope you sell them on your blog!

Pat said...

Good manners are just not as common as they should be. Shame on those people. The best people, like huhoney, are the ones who are often taken for granted.
Love your little nest! You are one creative couple!!!