Monday, October 31, 2011


I couldn’t resist……..halloween 2011 002

I wasn’t going to do it…but decided to at the last minute… the girls at the office also had fun…what am I

halloween 2011a 010


Well a Zombie Cowgirl of course!







halloween 2011 009

You can never be too old to have a little fun.  Princess Linda, ROZ from Monsters Inc., Dr. Feel Good from, and me….

ROZ was the best!!!!!  Good Job Angie!  She made her costume and it was awesome…

halloween 2011a 012



right down to the mole





Copy of halloween 2011a 005

halloween 2011a 004








Copy of halloween 2011a 001

Girls just wanna have fun…ohhh girls just wanna have fun…




My sweet Kinlee didn’t want to have a thing to do with me when she came to visit at work…I will post pics of what the kids send me tomorrow….hApPY hAlLOwEEn!


Teacher's Pet said...

Much fun, Linda!!
Great....and a bit scary, too, my friend!!

Barb said...

Yikes - you gave me a fright, Linda! No wonder Kinlee shied away - she didn't recognize you! (Hope you can get that Zombie makeup off...) Nobody comes to our house at Halloween - I have to enjoy everyone else's celebrations.

Librarian said...

Hahaha I laughed so loud when I saw the pictures that my cat left my lap, she hates the noise people make when they laugh :-D
Your post almost makes me wish I worked in an office and we'd come to work all in fancy costumes (people generally don't do that here in Germany, unless they live in the area of Cologne and it is Carnival time).

Wanda..... said...

SCARY... you and Roz deserve Bravery Awards, Linda! Nice makeup job, would never recognize you in a dark alley!

imac said...

Well done you, fantastic work of Art.
Love it.....

Diana said...

It amazes me how much we look alike!! I'd swear that was me in the mornings LOL!!! Looked like a fun day!
Love Di ♥

joolzmac said...

I just love Roz! She was a crack up in Monsters Inc (mainly because she reminded us of our crappy receptioninst at our office!). Ha ha!