Tuesday, June 28, 2011

there hhhhheeeerrrrrrr…

well…the girls arrived last week Tuesday.  I can’t believe it has been a whole week already.  So far….they have been in the pool….been in the pool…and been in the pool.

Well not really, I am boring but not that boring.  I took 3 days off of work and because my son is moving into another home that needed some much need work…Bob the builder has been helping to get it ready.  That meant that we had his 3 children for a couple of those days.  We did hit the “Outlets” 2 times…, of course Wal-Mart a couple of times..DSCN7926

There were 3 escalators I impatiently waited at for them to come down on…and they ended up coming down on a 4th one on the entire other side of the luggage pick-up.

Madison is way too grown up….Brooklyn is 7 now and has shot up about 4 inches since last year.




she is a miniature of her mother it is really scary…but her personality is TOTALLY different.

(my daughter was not as spoiled..)




june2011a 071


Like I said, the kids have been swimming a lot.  This is Kyler and Brooklyn.  When Kyler is not around she plays with a little girl in our neighborhood same age.  It has been a blessing………hehehe

june2011a 067



the pool has been a blessing on hot days of 107!


june2011a 063


I would like to get comfy like Kinlee….but…

It’s not happening… thank goodness…


We took a picnic to the mountains, just 30 minutes away.  The run-off was so loud and thunderous and FREEZing cold!

june2011a 108


I would love to have this girls legs….holy cow they are long and gorgeous!..





june2011a 103

I have no idea why blogger is cutting my pictures in half…but it is pretty awesome don’t you think?




We went to the famous Tuacahn Theater  last night to see the performance of the Disney “Little Mermaid”.  The special effects were incredible.  I snuck in a couple of pics before I would get in trouble….

You can go here to read all about this fabulous place here  http://www.tuacahn.org/ in the desert where I live.  I won’t miss the performances all year long!  We will be seeing “Grease” in a couple weeks.  This performing art center is only 1 of about 3 that were given the “Disney” rights to perform this play.  sooooooooooooamazing!


the stage was flooded with water….and it actually looked like you were under the sea because when it got dark…the stage rained and the lighting was so awesome…



yeah these are my awesome girls…we have to do this..with each performance we go to..






this was so amazing





this was all I could get without getting in trouble….Madi…got in asked to put her phone away…





and the lady was not nice about it..I even called to file a complaint.  She was a little over the top…





june2011a 152



I love this picture I took of Madi girl….this is just one of my favorites.  She wears too much eye make-up.  I keep telling her she doesn’t need to, she is beautiful without it, but you know teenagers…she will grow out of it like her mom did, someday..


well time to go make some more memories…I will be going up North with the crew for a few days…see you next week with lots more pics.



shabby girl said...

Linda! Beautiful grandkids! They are so lucky to have you for a Grammie!
I have two coming in November!!! Can't wait!
Have a wonderful time, while you can!

Librarian said...

I love the picture with the two kids ready to jump into the pool - I want to be right there, jumping in with them, SPLASH!!!! and then lots of giggling :-)
Madi is indeed beautiful, and you are right about the make-up :-D

imac said...

Fun filled post and as for growing up, certainly notice this when not seen for a while, just goes to show how fast time goes.

Diana said...

Well Linda you have some beautiful grandchildren there! I'm so glad that you have the time to enjoy them. It's just amazing how they change so quickly. Love Di ♥

Barb said...

Hi Linda! I was actually thinking of you a couple days ago and wondering if the Grands had gone back home. Gosh - you are only half through the visit. I kinda got tired just reading about all you've done! You sure hit the jackpot for cute (and in Madi's case) gorgeous grands. It's way too hot in St George though...good you have that pool. Happy 4th to you and family. Have fun with all.

Eileen said...

So glad to see you are able to enjoy some time with your family! Such a happy-busy time! And the show sounds wonderful! We've seen some Disney shows in Disney World, and I think they are great, I thought it would be fun for the kids but I was surprised how much even us adults enjoyed them!

Your pool looks fabulous and I can't get over how hot it is by you! Whew! We've had some hot and humid days, but nothing to really complain about.

Your family is beautiful and your granddaughter's eyes are amazing (as I'm sure they would be even without the liner, but I have to say, I actually like the make-up, I think she does a nice job!).

Take care, Linda. It was nice visiting with you and your family.
Love to you, Eileen