Tuesday, June 21, 2011

thought i would splurge with a couple photos since my latest post didn’t have any….

Miss Lauren is such a doll….lauren staticI forgot to post her dance recital pictures…and this one my son took of her on the trampoline….


Owen also graduated from Pre-school so he is so excited about going into kindergarten next Fall.


owen graduation


Owen is such a little man, notice he is wearing his dress cowboy boots.  This kid is TOTAL cowboy and you don’t find a “real” cowboy around much these days.  He actually helps out on his grandpa “B’s” ranch with the cattle.  He can put in as many hours as his daddy and never complain.  It is in his blood…

june2011 194

june2011 234








She was born to dance….just like her Oma.  Maybe it is in her blood….she has done this since she was the ripe ole age of 2.  I was bursting during her performance, my mouth hurt from smiling so much…..Lauren MELTS me.june2011 203   Of course that is Lauren on the very far right side. 






so enough bragging…….for a day or so anyway….


aka Penelope said...

Adorable pictures of the children. All the milestones in a child’s life are dazzling to the people who know and love them. Traits and passions develop with a little help from genetics and by observing the adults around them. Dancing and helping at the ranch express talents that very well could grow over time. :)

Librarian said...

Actually, you did not forget to post the picture of Lauren on the trampolene and Owen in his dress cowboy boots - they are both there in the post that said "Where have I been" :-)
When I saw the pictures now in your newest post, I thought, hey, I've seen these before... how can that be? And then I clicked back to your pre-previous post and found them :-)

snowwhite said...

I read your former blog. They are so cute, so lovely!! Beautiful grandchildren. You are very lucky!! My son is single even though he is enough old to be a father. I wonder when I'll be able to have such a happiness・・・(sigh)
Have a great day!

Diana said...

Looking at Owen reminds me so much of Jack who is 3 today. All of your photos are so cute Linda, you have every right to be proud!!
Love Di ♥

kel said...

Cute shots!!!

stardust said...

Angles in disguise! Lauren must be a little lady already and Owen a gentleman cowboy (?). Brag about to your heart's content, Linda, it's a privilege of grandma, parents couldn't do openly to that extent. How happy it is to watch over such angels grow and develop their personality! I'm going to my 6-month-old granddaughter the day after tomorrow. I can't wait! Happy weekend!

imac said...

Oh wonderful post and lovely pics.

Arti said...

Hi Linda,
My first visit to your blog and what a beautiful post I am served! Such cute kids, just so much fun having them around... They make the life cheerful and make forget worries...
Have a fabulous Sunday:)