Thursday, July 7, 2011


uhh not the kind of grease that you can’t get out of the laundry but the fun and exciting “GREASE” version of the movie…you know the exciting John Travolta kind of stuff…whoa baby!

My kids watched this show over and over and over a hundred times, it will be fun to go with the girls tonight….

I don’t want anyone to kick me out of the performance tonight if I try and take a picture…but hey I am going to try anyway….hehehe

yeah, I am a little bit of a trouble maker….

maybe I can download the 4th pics tomorrow, Mikes slip~n~slide was awesome! although I didn’t participate….I just took pictures..I think I would have been one huge bruise from head to toe if I had!

oh this is cool…my son Brad took Bob and I on a little canyon drive with his 3 children a couple of weeks ago, this is what we hiked to see, it was very interesting…

june2011a 015

can you guess what it is?

june2011a 019

standing inside…





june2011a 053







june2011a 050



we didn’t stay long…too many bugs buzzing around our head…





june2011a 027  This pic makes the kiln look small…but in fact it was very large….








june2011a 017

This is Bob and Kinlee inside where they melted stuff, like silver. The kiln produced can read below if you want…or not, guys find this stuff interesting lol.


june2011a 021

This is Kyler outside the kiln, it gives you a better idea of the size…




History 101

june2011a 026

june2011a 056

there were dozens of these dead beetles all over the ground, it was yucky…I am not a bug fan at all…



june2011a 054  Thanks Brad…for the history lesson…we will have to go back when the bugs are not so……active……..


Barb said...

The kids are still there? This has been a long three weeks! We saw a charcoal kiln riding our bikes cross-country between Nephi and Delta, UT - not as big as the one you photographed though. Looks like you're busy and having fun!

shabby girl said...

Dead beetles would have grossed me out, for sure, but the kiln is cool! We're so spoiled today, imagine what it took to build that back then!
Great post.

Librarian said...

Because there is a very similar kiln close to the house where my late husband was born in Yorkhsire, England, I knew instantly what this was when I saw your pictures here :-)

As for "Grease" - I love the movie!! Now you mentioning it made me want to watch it again...

imac said...

See you got all fired up then my friend with your wonderful shots.

Diana said...

Well I found that bit of history very interesting! I had no idea.
Now be very careful when you go to see the show. If you get arrested we will have no way of knowing!! Have fun and don't get caught!!
Love Di ♥

Jientje said...

Had to do some catching up here, it's been a while but now I think I have found a way to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I get up two hours earlier than I used to!
I enjoyed your posts and your photos again Linda, I think you and the girls are having SO MUCH FUN!!!