Friday, October 15, 2010

Did I mention?

Nope don’t think I told you all about the AWESOME garage sale we had about a month ago!  Around these parts there are a lot of garage sales each weekend when the weather is good.  I can’t believe that I didn’t take and pics, probably because people were knocking on the door at 7:30 in the morning, before I even had a chance to dry my hair or get dressed!  Bottom line…we did very well….I guess I can say….I think I counted over $700 at the end of the day!  What did we sell?….well lots of things I was no longer attached to.  NO clothes….although I should have!  But there was a “girl” section (my part) and a boy section (Huh-honey’s stuff).  He always has good “stuff”.  Man stuff….like gages, regulators, tools, and the big seller for kids….was the marshmallow shooters!  Bob should have made a hundred because we could not keep them on the table!lizard rescue 043   There were purple camo, green camo for the boys and every other color you could think of!  We plan on making more for Christmas and maybe just maybe coming up with a clever way to sell them.  Yeah that’s the only thing I have a picture of!  We literally gave things away.  At one time, the cars were blocking the street and in all honesty, I KNOW we had over 200 people show up throughout the day.  A Pastor ended up coming back in the evening, wanting to buy the last of the marshmallow guns, said he wanted to add them into his sermon!  Now that would have been an interesting sermon!  A lady, who talked me down from a $6 sale to $3 handed me a $100 bill.  Of was flabbergasted and told her I could not give her change, so…she didn’t speak very good English, or so I thought and immediately went to someone she was with and return with 3 dollar bills.  I reluctantly gave her the items.

Then….we had a guest stay with us on the following Tuesday.  After chatting until 10:30 pm  Huh-honey and I retired to our bedroom.  I walked into the closet (I have  a shamefully big closet) and my feet were damp.  Well, I said “Oh NO, I know it is late and this is NOT what you want to hear, but our carpet is wet”!  well behind our master bedroom closet is the garage, which holds the water heater, and sure enough….in plain sight, even over the weekend of busy-ness, it was unnoticed.  Water everywhere…the dang water heater was leaking all over the place.  Now mind you…our home is 5 years old this December.  If you know my husband, he would not let it go….we had a guest for crying out loud!  Here he was on his knees ripping out sheetrock at 11 pm at night.  WHAT A MESS!  kinlee and water heater 028 Decision: Turn off the water until I have to get up to shower and our guest has left, then, get started.  I was sick!  Couldn’t believe that all our hard work of preparation (2 weeks) for the garage sale and it being so successful, would ROB us of much needed extra cash for a new water heater!  AHHHH! I cried.  Even my happy pills didn’t cover my blubbering and anger for what was about to become.  V3CASB4G0SCAJ9WJDPCAXWVEAGCAIKGN1OCA7M9A7XCA6B49WNCAY6IL7QCAAF0XHKCA3EOFX5CAGN4XY1CAS3OTE1CASXY8S5CAGI1EZGCANLHRRUCAKMFHOACA297WTGCAKLQ192CAA3IJH3CALE2SX4 Then it hit me, yeah I am a little slow but the bulb finally went on.  UHH, shouldn’t this water heater be under warranty?  I mean, don’t they usually have a 5 year warranty and we are just almost at 5 years!  You know, when you usually buy a new appliance and if you don’t buy the extended warranty, the appliance WILL somehow mysteriously go out on you JUST a week after the warranty is up!  It always happens!  So…Huh-honey found the paperwork, that was luckily taped to the heater.  YES!…called the place where the plumber bought it and SURE enough….it was still under warranty!  NOW, to get the water heater to Standard Plumbing was going to be a job in itself.kinlee and water heater 029


kinlee and water heater 027





It is a shame, I have a lot of shoes, and clothes, and I was forced to clean out my closet….let go of things, I just couldn’t let go of, you know, that t-shirt that you just know you will wear, to work out in the yard! UH, I don’t do yard work! oh yeah! well, those shoes that hurt but were so cute and look so cute on my feet, but haven’t worn in like…a couple of years, well, it has taken me a few weeks, but…I did it! cleaned it all out!  Funny thing  is, I still take up 80% of the closet LOL.  The clean up and replacement took Huh-honey 2 full days.  He likes to do things himself.  It saves a ton of money. Hey…how did we shower you ask? or flush the potty? hm, (just empty your tank into 5 gallon buckets for potty tank water.  Huh-honey always is thinking ahead, so that is why he stored clean tap water in containers and put it on the shelf in the garage.  It sure came in handy when we had our camp showers!  YEP just heat the water up on the stove, get a really big bucket and stand in the shower and WHA-LA!  works great!  We had plenty of water stored!  What a guy!  Plus eating out is ok too!  I didn’t want to WASTE our wash water on washing up dishes ya know!

kinlee and water heater 026

here is my closet with all the carpet torn up and drying out… and some bottled water…

kinlee and water heater 055


All of this was a good experience.  Well maybe.  But I did learn something.  The good Lord provides.  I was selfish in thinking WHY ME, but if we would have had to buy a new water heater, we certainly were blessed in our huge successful garage sale to buy one!  and that would have been ok.  But then were doubly blessed to not have to use the money for one after all.  It all worked out.  We tucked some profit away and took some with us on our trip to Salt Lake…

kinlee and water heater 028

kinlee and water heater 036








I am so blessed to have this guy in my life…I don’t think there isn’t a thing he can’t tackle.


kinlee and water heater 045

It really was a huge mess.  New plywood he just happened to have around, newly reinforced, water sealed all around and underneath, repainted and better than before!


kinlee and water heater 051

But when all was said and done, we learned a great lesson.  Start saving to replace this water heater in 5 years, because it was pro-rated and now has only 1 year of warranty!  Yeah can you believe it!  They will get you in the end, believe me.  (The water heater builder people).  We have had a busy month….took the “Little Rascals” while we visited up North to “Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus”,


It was all about the icee in very LARGE tiger shaped mugs that cost $12 each…

EXHAUSTED children at the end of the night…

A visit to a wonderful dinosaur museum at a place called Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah….and a packed picnic lunch for all, looks like Owen is doing the “gotta go pee pee” dance LOL which of course always happens when there are NO BATHROOMS IN THE PARKING LOT WHEN YOU ARE HAVING A PICNIC ON THE LAWN!  Thank goodness he is a boy!   Well I had tons, yeah millions of pictures but…will STOP before I totally burn you all out with the family grandkids stuff!  Much more to come though out y’all.

Hope you have a great weekend!  HUGS AND SMILE…ME


Sniffles and Smiles said...

WOW, Linda!!! What a time you've been having!!!! So glad your husband is so handy!!! That's terrific!!! And glad that it all worked out, but I would have been upset, too...all that with guests?? Yikes!!! The photos are wonderful!!! Always so great to see your family!!! And BTW, your header photo is such fun!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!! Love, Janine XO

Bernie said...

Gosh what a time you have had. So glad all is back to normal now. Love how you share your picture with us, the grandchildren are adorable....Happy Weekend...:-)Hugs

imac said...

Sounds as if you really had fun? then eh.

Hope all is now working and smiles

Librarian said...

Indeed, you don't know the meaning of the word "boredom" in your life, do you? :-D

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! So good to catch up with what has been happening with you! What a mess with the water heater! But how wonderful that your hubby does the work himself and saves you money! My hubby does a lot of that too! God sure did bless you with being able to keep your windfall garage sale profits? What are you going to spend it on? Something good? ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday..and a restful one! You have been busy gal!

Love and hugs,

Diana said...

You made me tired Linda! Really tired! What a great success with the garage sale. And it is wonderful that you didn't need to use the money for a new water heater. At least you had the extra cash to eat out with!
I can relate with the shoes. I finally got rid of the ones that I could no longer wear. Well, all but one pair! Silly to hold onto something we'll never wear again. I now need to do the closet thing with the clothes. It's just not at the top of the list!
I have been thinking lately about when the kids were small and we went to the Ringling Bros. Circus. It was so fun, glad your grands got to experience that too!
Love you, Di ♥

Pat said...

One of the reasons I love reading your blog? You manage to make lemonade out of lemons! LOL!
I'm glad all's well that ended well, and a big thumbs up to handy husbands!
I have to admit...I'm envious of your big closet!
Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

Hi Linda, How did I miss this? It must have been while I was away or else it didn't show on my dashboard. Anyway - what an "adventure"! Thank goodness it all ended well. We had the same thing happen with our water heater, and it also was under warranty. However, the wet rug in the downstairs family room was a mess! (It dried - but slowly...) See - if it had happened BEFORE the garage sale, you would have a few more $$$ from all the clothes you cleaned out! That Huhoney IS a gem - you should keep him. Pics of your trip look like you had lots of fun. Hope all is well - have a great weekend.

Jientje said...

I'm so glad everything worked out all right in the end! You're blessed with a husband who can fix it all! Looking forward to see more pictures! Hugs, xxx

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the successful garage sale -- and then the successful fix on the water heater! :) Thank goodness it was still under warranty! (Like, how often does that happen?) You are, indeed, blessed -- to have your beautiful grandchildren and to get to spend such fun times with them, to have such a great fix-it husband -- and to have such an awesome walk-in closet! (I'm jealous!)

Cynthia L. H. said...

Busy Busy!!! SO glad your garage sale was a big success...sooooooooo sorry for the water heater trouble afterwards!!!