Friday, October 29, 2010

“Big Boy” Erector Sets

I know that you know what I am talking about.   (hopefully) It was the rage when I was just a little girl, my brother’s just had to have them!  I just didn’t get it back then…..thought they were stupid….thought it was a waste of time….and knew it was just  a matter of time before pieces were all over the house and my mother would go crazy and throw them away, or they would get built and just sit on my brother’s shelves and look really dumb, never to be torn apart and erected into anything other than the first piece because there were SOOOO MANY PIECES.  UNTIL…..I became fascinated recently with the “big boys” version.  Like I am with fences popping out of NO WHERE and EVERYWHERE, miles and miles of them!  You will see what I mean….be patient with me for just a few minutes ok…..

To me….it is amazing to say the least….

the “old” ERECTOR SETS

erector set

My version as seen through my eyes


October 2010 066

October 2010 062 A

October 2010 072 B

needless to say, I was obsessed with this!   silly I know! but that is who I am…an obsessed woman who is amazed with how these get here…just think about it…have you ever seen one put into place or established?  NOPE I bet you haven’t.  They just pop up over night…by weird aliens…probably.  Huh-Honey said he has witnessed them being erected, by helicopter.  WHAT? NO way a helicopter can lift that….”OH YES THEY CAN” he says.  The WHOLE dang thing all at once..PHEW!  I would love to see that!

October 2010 079


even a telephone pole is exciting to me…

and I can’t tell you how a stupid fence makes me feel!  Just the lines are exciting….but I didn’t take pics of any fences this trip.




October 2010 080



even this drew me in…








October 2010 078

and the back road we travelled home on.  OH the wonderful things I saw and didn’t take pics of….hopefully next trip!

October 2010 077 C

I definitely need a new lens so that I can take closer pictures…I love the windmills they are like giant aliens from outer space.

halloweenn pies 

Have a wonderful fun filled Halloween, and in case you are wondering how pumpkin pies are made in restaurants…

Happy Ending..

Hugs and warm smiles across the many miles to you all!


Diana said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that I don't like pumpkin pie!! I'm glad you find fences and the like so exciting Linda! I wonder what you would think of my half falling down fence?!
My husband always tells me that he wanted an erector set and never got one :( how sad! Love Di ♥

Teacher's Pet said...

I am "with" you Linda Lu...on your fascination with the towers, etc. I found myself snapping photos of cell phone towers (???)....thought I was the only one that found things like this interesting!!!
Great shots you took!!!!

Bernie said...

Great pictures Linda and I guess I am the weird one as I never notice them unless someone points them out to me. Love your photos and let's tell Di to buy Jake an erector set for

Wanda..... said...

Those tall towers are mysterious!

We watched the building of a new water tower from our drive, it was fascinating to see the men working so high up.

Librarian said...

He is right, Linda - I've seen a documentary on how these towers are put into place here in Germany, and it is indeed done by helicopter. So I guess it is no different to the method they use over in your part of the planet.
When it comes to obsessions; well, I have a thing not for fences, but for doors and gates and openings. Maybe I should write about that and post some of my pictures with it.

imac said...

Ah, yes, Maccano sets.

Barb said...

I see a monster being created and it's called "The Photography Bug"... I like the compositions of your photos, Linda - Lines and angles always fascinate me, too. I'm a big fan of steps - I have hundreds of photos of steps. Maybe someday I'll do a step book. (You could do a tower book.)

Terrie said...

You weirdo!
Love you anyway!

Pat said...

Boy, I hope you've been to Hoover Dam because they have lots of facinating towers there! LOL!
I actually bought my nephew an erector set when he was a youngster. He probably thought I was nuts! I never heard that he "loved" it! LOL!
You are a real hoot my dear friend...hugs!
BYW - I've never seen one put up either, had no idea a helicopter was involved!

Eileen said...

Oh, this is the second blog I've visited today that had windmills!
And your telephone poles are much nicer than ones we have here. Yours look like American Indian artwork! Beautiful! Great photos!

And, no, I'm not turned off of pumpkin pie! I still love it!
Hope you enjoyed a Happy Halloween!
Love to you,
PS ~ I remember those Erector sets too, and I never had any interest in them. I did love Lincoln Logs though! And I got a set of them for my husband one Christmas!

Megan said...

For all I've heard of them, I've never actually seen an erector set! Though I am in love with that pumpkin chef!

Cynthia L. H. said...

What a very amazing perspective!!!
I just love to ways to think about things....
;^) ;^) ;^)
Oh, my goodness, about the pumpkin pie!!! TOO funny!
You're the best!

Teacher's Pet said...

Another "Hellooooo" to you from me, Linda Lu!!!
Sending a smile....checking back in to see how you are.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Linda!!! You have such a wit!!! I LOVED this!!! Only you!!! Simply a terrific perspective!!! And those pumpkins? Adorable!!! Just here to say, "hi!" Love you! Janine XO