Thursday, November 11, 2010

Red Rock Sunday

We live in a very beautiful part of the country.  Southern Utah has so much to offer with it’s beautiful canyons and National Parks.  Right here under our very own nose, it never ceases to amaze me how pretty the red rocks are.  It is just a different kind of beauty.  Now mind you…..we moved here from the totally different Wasatch Front where Huh-Honey and I grew up with all the snow, huge gigantor mountains and cold, cold winters, 7 1/2 years ago and never once have we been to this wonderful little area although driven by it probably hundreds of times!  Just never stopped to take in the total beauty and actually get our fanny out of the car and hike around!  So…on a lazy Sunday afternoon and beautiful cool finally FALL weather, we did just that!

November2011 A 047

I said “Hmm, let’s take the walk”…you see at the top of this rock, yes I said at the top VERY TOP you can actually climb up the rock and stand on top to view the city… so we did…

November2011 A 012


First we had to climb up to this bridge…




November2011 A 013


after walking on these sorts of fun trails before I actually stood under…



November2011 A 014



THIS…. this climb onto the actual rock took a little effort on my part, I didn’t realize how much strength you need in your legs…which I don’t have anymore but I am working on getting back by walking and biking, ahh I forgot to take a pic of the rock stairs which were steep…


Climbing the rock stairs, we stood at the top and turned around to see THIS

November2011 A 015

November2011 A 016

And THIS parking lot below us and then in front of us…..I looked to see what I was going to cross over…



November2011 A 019

It was a little intimidating….but I just had to do it.  I am a scaredy-cat.  Spell check does not like this word but I promise you it is a word I use often when close to the edge of ANY height!  I mean, I can start to panic….but I always try and conquer this fear…even if I panic or cry like a baby…I just do….

November2011 A 020

Ah the beautiful valley below.  We finally made it to the top!



November2011 A 027

LOL I made him, well he actually volunteered to carry the tri-pod, even my camera bag..LOL what a guy!  CRAZY me because we didn’t use the pod until we were almost back to the car!


November2011 A 028

It really is a pretty view from the top.  This is such a nice town, clean and pretty and…growing.  St. George was ranked one of the top 10 places to retire to in the country.


November2011 A 017

Young and old(er) people are populating this beautiful part of our nation because of the warmth and scenery.  It is what drew us here.



November2011 A 026


see this crack…see the road below at the top of the picture…well should we have a really big quake here in St. George…which could possible happen since we live in “quake” land this big rock….boulder…will be coming down.  I do NOT want to be on the road when that happens!



November2011 A 030

there were MANY COOL holes in the rocks, too many to snap photos of, but I gave it a good try anyway…



November2011 A 044


of course Huh-Honey said, “this is the way back to the car” of course I didn’t think so, I didn’t remember walking past…..these..


November2011 A 033






November2011 A 031


or through this tiny little gulley….

HA HA, I was right when we came to the edge of a steep drop off at the end of this little trail….hehehehe, I am so glad I had my camera Huh-Honey was a good sport…I think he did it on purpose though just to see my reaction…


November2011 A 039


Ah Ha! we finally made it almost to the bottom again…this is what he carried the tri-pod for LOL just so I could take our picture….


November2011 A 042

November2011 A 041

I think I got some amazing photos don’t you?

November2011 A 044

November2011 A 043

November2011 A 046





I love the contrast of the red rock and the green…fern.  The pavilion is so beautiful, ready for a great family party with a fire pit and B B Q grates in place.

November2011 A 048

The “D” stands for Dixie State College and of course St. George is know as Dixie.  The first settlers (Pioneers) came here and grew cotton believe it or not! go to this site for some great history on this beautiful city,

November2011 A 029

This is a beautiful city and even though it is getting a little crowded…by my standards, I have to welcome the growth, because almost 8 years ago I was one of them (the outsider moving in).  I don’t think I will be moving up North into the COLD anytime soon.  I live somewhere in the middle top of this picture.  About 7 or 8 miles from where I was standing.  You would love visiting here, there is lots to see!  I can’t believe I waited this long to visit this park at the top of St. George!

Hugs and smiles across the many miles my friends!


Judy Nebeker said...

Great pictures Linda! It really is a fun place to hike around. I wouldn't want to be on that road if there was an earthquake either! Nice to see you enjoying your day.

Barb said...

What a great hike, Linda! Sometimes the very best places are right outside our own doors. I love the red rock, too. That bridge over the chasm reminds me a little of climbing Everest! (I wouldn't be looking DOWN!) Thank goodness you didn't make Huhoney carry that tripod for nothing - you two are looking great!

Tyler and Sheena said...

I wouldn't mind living in St. George. It is very beautiful. I love that it is so green unlike brown Vegas.

My third great grandfather had a lot to do with building St. George, especially the temple. Have you ever driven down Main and seen the fairly new statue in the round about by the tabernacle. That is Robert Gardner Jr., my third great grandpa. If you wanted to know.

Eileen said...

Oh, Linda, you know how much I love your scenery and I can't get enough of it! Thanks so much for posting this! I love the red rock!

I can commiserate with your fear because I am the exact same way. When we go hiking upstate there are times I actually have a full-blown panic attack, and many times I just freeze in fear. It's a horrible feeling and I feel like such a wimpy failure! Very hard to conquer such fear. Poor Ray has to talk me through every step I take!

I am the opposite of you with body strength though as I have NO UPPER BODY strength, it is all in my legs. In fact yesterday when I was switching furniture around in the living room, I pushed everything around with my legs. I even moved a piano once by myself like that, sat on the floor, put my feet flat on the side of the piano and pushed! And I moved Jayden's full sandbox like that a few times too! Now I couldn't do a chin up if my life depended on it, my arms are just like wet noodles.

Love you! Thanks for the beautiful photos!, Eileen