Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sept 09-misc-5 006

This first one is for you our sweet village mother Marcy!  You probably didn’t realize that the villagers have titled you that because of your sweet caring of everyone and Di is titled our ERMA Bombeck , SEE DUCK TAPE is great for A LOT of things even nice Town Cars like mine.  Good thing DUCK TAPE is a perdy gray color an all….cause it does the job real good!  I have gotten a few snickers (not candy bars) over this red-neck tape job but if ya don’t have $600 deductible for a new bumper . . . DUCT TAPE works just fine.

We went on another bike ride last night, we try and go 2 or 3 times a week, when I am not going to ZUMBA, last night Huhoney figured we went about 12 miles.  It took us an hour and 40 minutes with several stops.

 Sept 09-misc-2 027

Talk about building your house upon a rock!  These BLOCKS of rock hold this yard together!

Sept 09-misc-2 026

And to look at this house up close….they were very creative in how they landscaped their back yard….NO BACK YARD, but  3 decks and a hot tub!

Sept 09-misc-2 004


We crossed several bridges and under freeway’s we were very careful to watch for men with shovels….too!Sept 09-misc-2 005

  Pointing to the BOULDER above me…..I know now why the men with shovel signs…..brooms could just sweep them out of the road don’t you think????

Sept 09-misc-2 020 Sept 09-misc-2 016Sept 09-misc-2 021Sept 09-misc-2 015

We were very careful to obey all the rules of the bike trails…even when we didn’t see any other bikers….and also not to disturb the natural wildlife in the desert…. 

Sept 09-misc-2 024Sept 09-misc-2 025

 Sept 09-misc-2 028

There are stop signs everywhere!  see the 2 up by huhoney….good thing there are no traffic lights on the trails… We were also very careful when we crossed this bridge…..TROLLS lurking beneath ya know!

Sept 09-misc-2 029

Sept 09-misc-2 006

Good thing we had this map to let us know where we were.  At one of our stops mid way through our ride I was amazed to see…Sept 09-misc-2 008

Instructions on how to use this equipment!

Sept 09-misc-2 014 

Sorry, just doesn’t look like something I would want to lay down on!  OUCH like a torture bench! to do sit-ups on

Sept 09-misc-2 012 

And these bars to do push-ups on and chin-ups on….NO THANKS

Sept 09-misc-2 011

I am sure there are not many SENIORS muscle manning this equipment

 Sept 09-misc-2 009

Off we are againSept 09-misc-2 021

Sept 09-misc-2 031 over another bridge…careful……not to disturb the TROLLS

and the gaggle of geese flying just above the lake at the golf course..there were about 20 or so of them…you will need to click and enlarge to see the geese.Sept 09-misc-2 030 

Sept 09-misc-2 033 one more bridge to cross

Sept 09-misc-2 039 

Sept 09-misc-2 037

Then home for a delicious smoothie PEACH and APPLE smoothie in my Jack LaLane Power Juicer!

OK so now I am going to let you all in on what is happening…as you can see I have avoided this talk for a little while…but I need a little encouragement and prayers and what better place to get it from, family and friends and I consider you VILLAGERS such…

about 38 years ago, I had a benign tumor removed from beneath my left ear.  It was called a “perotid tumor” it was the size of a steely marble.  Luckily it was benign.  Well, over the course of the years many smaller ones have grown back.   Unnoticed until recently.  I noticed some mysterious lumps (many many months ago) but thought, hmm that’s weird that my scar tissue is popping out….but then I noticed that my gland was enlarged.  Well several months later. (I know, I know I shouldn’t have waited) I asked the doc about it. I go for a CT scan, then off I go to a specialist to examine it and take a biopsy of the area, (needles poked into the gland, in the docs office) it really didn’t hurt.  They numbed me.  So off to the lab, which the lymph node results came back “inconclusive” so yesterday, off to get an MRI which took about 45 minutes, in the tube, with the ear plugs and all like you are being surrounded by lots of jack hammering…I haven’t heard from the doctor about the MRI  but I am scheduled for surgery next Friday.  Kind of a delicate area to be cutting into, because of the nerves to the face and neck and mouth, and eye and if the lymph node has to be removed because it is infected (with cancer) that will cause a void in my neck and tissue to the face…well, what the HELL I say.  Go for it….get that nasty ole foreign bad guy OUT OF ME!  Yeah I am a little scared…but I know I am going to be just fine.  I have a lot of faith and my spirit is whispering…..I will be just fine.

So there you have it my village friends.  In a nut shell.  I will keep you all updated.  I might get a little freaked out the closer it gets to the “C” day (cutting day), but I so love reading your posts!

Love to you all!xxx


Eileen said...

I'm glad you shared that with us, Linda. I think it's so important to have a group dedicated to uplifting your intention in prayer, and you know your friends here will be petitioning God to surround you in His protective care.

I loved taking the ride with you, and boy do you travel! I think that's wonderful! And Jack LaLane smoothies! I'm impressed!
Really beautiful pictures! Very beautiful country you live in! And I had to laugh at all the exercise equipment and instructions along the way, we have that too on the boardwalks at the beaches, at all the mile markers there's a place to exercise. And I agree the equipment looks like torture devices!

I'm going to leave you with a few words by Amy Carmichael that help me find peace when I'm faced with a situation I'd rather not be faced with ~
"God delights to meet the Faith of one who looks up to Him and says, 'Lord, You know that I cannot do this, but I believe that You can!"

Love and Prayers,

Jerelene said...

Isn't Eileen an angel? I just love her!!
Linda...I just sent my daughter out to the post office with your has been raining cats and dogs here so I hope it doesn't smear..I wish I'd known about this before I sent the card. Linda...I will be keeping you in my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having to go through this..I really am. But, know that all your village friends will be praying for you!!
I loved all your pictures...those are some really BIG rocks!!
It's nice that you guys take bike rides together! Very Sweet :)
I love what you did with the duct tape...I am a huge duct tape fan..I really am. It's amazing what you can fix with duct tape. Maybe Marcy should do a post on it if she hasn't already :)
Big Hugs...and I'm praying!!
Love You!! Jerelene

Blessings each day said...

You did such a great job with that duct tape that I almost couldn't tell and really had to look. Maybe you could open up a new business and start duct taping cars in accidents and save people alot of money that way plus make big bucks yourself!! Kelly could have used LOTS of duct tape!

When you guys go bike riding you do some serious bike riding!! Sure reminds me of some areas in AZ.

Surgery is no fun no matter what so I will be praying for you on my trip tomorrow and on the way back as I will have LOTS of time. May the Good Lord guide your surgeon and bless your body with healing.

blessings and hugs,


Wanda said...

I do hope the MRI results will be good ones prayers, thoughts, and wishes will be with you. I know you have a wonderful husband and family to see you through this, but the village will be here for you too.

Keep whispering (even shouting) I will be fine.


Teacher's Pet said...

Linda...I'm thankful that you shared the news with us about your upcoming procedure. We will all be praying for you. You have a very sweet spirit and a great outlook ....and you uplift me with your positive attitude.
I love all of your photographs...especially the ones with those boulders. They do look like they are hanging there waiting to tumble over the edge!
You are special....have such a sparkle to your posts....and I am glad that I met you. You are on my prayer list, my friend. Keep smiling. It does look good on you!
Love from Jackie

Diana said...

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the way you think Linda! You are one hard ass chick! You are reminiscent of someone else I know, Mmmm who could it be?
I think that everything will be fine. Tough girls make it through everything,yes we do.
We have to or else what would our families do? So just remember that we girls stick together. With our faith, whats a few health issues?
I've been in that noisy machine four times and I am claustrophobic! If you can survive that everything will be good. Just remember to have a good fantasy when you get in there.
O.K. now the bike ride. There were some pretty scary looking boulders there Linda. But the scenery was gorgeous! I want to get a bike myself. I have one picked out already.
I will be waiting to hear how the test results come out and will include you in my prayers!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

I love the duck tape! You live in such a beautiful part of our country. You have such a great attitude and that's half the battle. Keep it up girl. xo

Jientje said...

Hey Linda, keep up the healthy life style and that very strong positive attitude of yours. It will see you through this. Sending you good vibes, that no harm will come to you. Hang in there, okay? ((( this is a real big Belgian hug, extra extra EXTRA strong )))

need_a_latte_mom said...

Good Morning Linda,
You do good duct tape. REALLY had to look hard at the photo.

Stay positive, lean on your friends and family, don't dwell on what might be. Give it to God, he is in control.


need_a_latte_mom said...

and yup...I cut it all off. I feel so "perky".

I am going to the ocean tonight so I can see the sunrise tomorrow morning.

It may be raining, but that is OK.

I will sit on the beach with my feet in the sand enjoying my cup of coffee.

i will be thinking of YOU, saying a prayer.


Pat said...

That's some serious bike riding! Good for both of you!
Please know that I too will be keeping you in prayer..I have great faith in the Great Physician, and I pray that He imparts wisdom on the doctors and nurses that will be caring for you. Rest in Gods arms...keep a sweet song in your heart, and think on that beautiful family of yours who loves you so much!

Terrie said...

You know I love you. I wish I lived closer so I could come take care of you. And yes, I will be praying for you before, during and after. I know it's all going to be OK!
Love ya always

emily said...

Wow. You have a lot of amazing friends. How lucky you are to be so loved. I know. How could they not love you, eh?
You're in my prayers, too, Auntie. Love you.

Teacher's Pet said...

I'm baaaaaaaaack (I tend to do that!!) I wanted you to know that I care about you......have been thinking about you....and am thinking of you right now. Wanted to let you know.

Tyler and Sheena said...

We'll keep you in our prayers.