Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The cost??

3 little rascals sitting in their seats

Sept 09-misc-7 007

watching with excitement, not even saying a peep

One large bucket of popcorn and 2 drinks to share $20

Sept 09-misc-7 002

One bag of sweet cotton candy $10 WHO CARES!?

Spending a Saturday afternoon at

Ringling Bros And Barnum Bailey Circus

Sept 09-misc-7 001


Lollipop’s BD, even though these pics are a week old! The tutu is Camille’s (her mommy’s) creation. She wore it ALL day! IMG_0759IMG_0722

This is a new thing that Lauren is into. Barbies! So her aunt made her a Barbie cake! Cute huh! Turning 3 is a very big deal!

We also were able to watch Owen play in his soccer game. That was a lot of fun. He is a going little machine, short but fast legs! He is actually the only boy on an all girls team, but he doesn’t care. A lot of the girls are his little neighbor friends anyway. It was crazy hair day and he did not want to participate, but that’s ok, this little rascal has crazy “normal” Alfalfa hair anyway! He is more like Spanky. These three “little rascals” love the movie and can recite it word for word…too funny! Owen was very patient and waited his turn to play….

Sept 09-misc-6 003 Sept 09-misc-7 010

Sept 09-misc-6 008

Papa and Lauren also settled in and watched the game although Lauren wanted to just snuggle with Papa.Sept 09-misc-7 012

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have my sister Terrie let Di know how I am doing on Friday…. and she can fill you all in. Much love to all the villagers….one last smiley face, (see if it changes??) LindaluSept 09-misc-8 001 cute hat huh!


Diana said...

I love the hat Linda, I am a hat girl myself! If you ask me Owen seems to have it going on if ya know what I mean! He's no fool!

You brought back fond memories for me of when I took Frank and Ginny to Ringling Bros. years ago. Here's the really cool thing, I used to work in an office of a machine tool co. that was situated right off of the railroad tracks that the circus used to travel on every year! We would stand outside and watch as the beautifully painted cars would roll by. It was awesome!
Gorgeous tutu by the way! Wish I had one.
I will be anxiously awaiting news from Terrie Linda and I will be praying for you! Love you!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, it was an adorable post!
Your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful!
It's funny that you said you thought your grandchildren would be dark-haired and they are all blond. I thought mine would take after their Swedish roots on my husband's side and I pictured them blond and they are so dark!

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing it with us!
And THANKS SO MUCH for having your sister keep us up to date on how you'll be doing!
Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.
Wishing you all the best.
Love and Prayers,

Wanda said...

A circus, a birthday party and a soccer game...You guys have really been busy with your rascals!

I will be thinking of you too Linda and waiting to hear from Di.
I wish you a quick recovery and all good things.

tricia said...

Great post. Three is a big deal! My best to you Linda. You will be in my thoughts. (Love the hat)

Realtor Penny said...


WHO is gonna let me know? Im' family? I'm important....HEY- what about me? it's all about me don't you know?



Pat said...

Love the pictures...adorable! Oh how I would love to had the tutu when I was three or 4 or 5!
Your sweet face looks so good in that hat...your in my prayers!

Scriptor Senex said...

Thinking of you. All the best.

emily said...

You''ll be in my thoughts and my heart this weekend. (Choose a bright colored lipstick and work it!)

Lisa said...

LOve all the pics -- but esp the one of you at the end! *many of us bloggers are awfully camera-shy ourselves, tho we sure snap away at the other people around us. It's a special treat to get to see you! &:o) Sending up a word for you; hope all will be well!

Granny on the Web said...

Hi there Linda
Firstly, thank you for your many comments to my blog.
This post about your beautiful grandchildren is so wonderful, they all look so happy and adorable... and Papa looks in his element!
That handsome man you asked about it my post 'Love', is my youngest son James. His marriage has just ended in divorce, and he went through an emotional period where he was writing a lot of poetry. His ex is German, and they have 2 children, he is now back in the UK and the family stayed in Germany. He really misses the regular contact with his son and daughter, he drives over to see them whenever he can, they are10 and 7.
I have 'missed' why you will be missing, and someone else is posting on Friday , I hope it isn't too traumatic an experience.
You look great in your hat, you have such a lovely smile and friendly eyes.
My best wishes to you Linda.

Love Granny

Blessings each day said...

First, just know that I will be sedning up special prayers for you Lindalu and today is my prayer group day also so they will be praying for you also.

Loved all your pictures and it's so neat when you do your clever rhyming!!

blessings and prayerful hugs,


faye said...

Jackie asked me to relay a message.
She is currently taking care of her mom ( H1N1 flu ) and doesn't have internet access while at her
parents'.... she will be back blogging and commenting as soon
as possible.
A slight improvement in her mom's

Barb said...

Linda - I am back in CO and thinking of you. Good Luck on your surgery! You have all your friends and beautiful family pulling for you. Keep us posted.

Jerelene said...

Linda...LOVE the hat!!!
I will be praying for you my sweet friend...Big Prayers :)
Big Hugs!!!!
Love You....Jerelene

Eileen said...

Linda, thinking of you and hoping all is going well.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

'Waiting on pins and needles to hear something.
Love to you and many Prayers,

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda...It's Saturday afternoon.
Prayers for you..I am thinking of you...and have been all day.

Wanda said...

Just thinking of you Linda and wanting you to know I'm one of the many friends that care!


Jientje said...

Thinking of you Linda. hang in there!

Big Belgian Hug xxx

Eileen said...

Hi, Linda ~
Just want you to know that I'm thinking of you.
Feel good!
So glad to hear that things went well.
Speedy recovery!
Love and Prayers,

bibl774 said...

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
I've been thinking of you and am praying that you are feeling better and healing quickly! I will be happy when you come back to blogland! I hope that you are getting spoiled right now, Love you Linda. Take care.
Love Di

Rebecca said...

Fun times...I love your rhyme. My nephew lives in Ogden Utah, but is moving in a week to the Alps...lucky boy. I was hoping to visit Utah before he moved but I will definitely visit the Alps before he leaves there too.

Barb said...

Hi Linda,
It was great hearing from you! I'm still thinking of you. Hope you're recuperating quickly and enjoying a beautiful fall there in UT.

Eileen said...

Linda, just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Feel good, Sweetie!
Love to you, Eileen

Teacher's Pet said...

I'm soooo glad that you are feeling better. Take good care of you....
You look great...and I continue to pray for a speedy speedy recovery.
Smiles to you, my friend.

Barb said...

Snowing here in CO today, Linda. I hope it's nicer in St George! I picture you sitting in the autumn sunshine, getting stronger every day. Thinking of you.

Lakeland Jo said...

love the pictures

Teacher's Pet said...

Yooo hoo...Linda Lu!
(How'd you like that li'l poem?)
Hi Linda...
I'm thinking about your recovery, my friend...and hoping that you have had a fabulous weekend.
Wanted to send my love...
Consider it sent! :))

Jientje said...

Hey there my friend? I came to look in on you. Are you okay? I hope to see you again real soon. Big hug xxx