Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am very blessed

I am not sure what to say or where to begin.  I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Yes, I am bragging…I have every right to.

I am pretty sure that a lot of my generation didn’t “hang” in there.

But we did….

Huh-Huney said something to me the other night while we were watching “reality” tv (hehehe) or maybe it was my other favorite shows “Pickers” where two guys go around the country and find other peoples junk that ends up being their treasures…

besides the point…he said I said 25 years ago…in a letter to him…(I can’t believe he remembered this…he has a really good memory lol) but anyway he told me I said:

“If ever you find yourself at the end of your rope…just tie a knot, it is much easier to hang on”.

Well we have hung on…for 41 years and it has been a crazy fun, exciting, roller coaster, scary at times but totally worth the RIDE.

The knot seems to be working…..even if your hanging by a thread sometimes…

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” Thomas Jefferson

I swear I did not copy Thomas Jefferson 25 years ago.  I didn’t even have the internet 25 years ago… and I certainly was not versed in what the famous Tomas Jefferson said.

It is just ironic that  I wrote that in a letter to my husband during some difficult times in our young married life.

Remember last year when I wrote:  “He sends me Roses”

Well he still does….and probably will for another 41 years, if I am that blessed….



I love roses.  There are a lot of beautiful flowers with fancy names and vibrant colors…but a red rose…ahhhh there is just something about it….

41 years…that’s a really long time…wedding crop linda


I was just a baby….he looks like he is going to burst into an “Elvis” song or something…LOL I love this guy.

linda's eyes sorry honey I know this  pic is a couple of years ago…but it was a fun day….bike riding in the rain…I know, your eyes aren’t even all the way open…but I couldn’t find a recent picture..we need to take one tonight..hehehe

Happy Anniversary to us…


imac said...

1st class post my friend - love your marriage photo, looks like the golden touch of love.

Kerry said...

Sweet! You look perfect together! Love your header photo.

Ed and Reub and I all say thanks for dropping by, and of course we don't mind being followed, not a bit.

Diana said...

Oh Sweet Happy Anniversary to you both! And I do remember you posting about the roses. It's a crazy life Linda, but it's ours isn't it? We're all just hangin' on!! Good for you both, luv ya! Love Di ♥

joolzmac said...

Forty one years married is pretty cool in this day and age but I think you must be on the right track - you have a guy who buys you red roses and you are a gal that loves star gazing - so romantic! Congratulations on your anniversary!

Cheers - Joolz

Librarian said...

Happy anniversary to you! It was my parents' 46th only about 3 weeks ago, and when I look at them, I see what, in my opinion, marriage should be.
Your wedding photo is sweet - you look incredibly tiny, like a doll!

Barb said...

Awww - a sweet couple even after 41 years (or maybe I should say - in spite of 41 years)! Love your celebration bouquet. Bob and I are coming up on 45 years on Aug 14. This year we're just going to Denver and spending a few days in the city. Happy Anniversary Linda and Bob!!!!!!

Jerelene said...

You are a lucky woman...I love that...tie a knot and hang on...I'll have to remember that:)
Your wedding photo is precious...you were a lovely and beautiful bride..
Hope everything is going well with you...
Happy Belated Anniversary..
Love and Hugs, Jerelene

Cynthia L. H. said...

OHHHH! Happy Happy 41st!!!! You two are just adorable. ;^) SO sweet.

Me said...


Teacher's Pet said...

Congratulations, Linda...to you and your Huh-Huney. You are both very blessed....and I'm glad that he still gives you roses.
This was a beautiful post.

Pat said...

What a sweet love story. That knot we tie in that rope is sure a good thing, isn't it?!
What a beautiful bride, I love that photo!
May your marriage continued to be blessed for many more years!

stardust said...

Happy anniversary to you, Linda, belated but from the bottom of my heart! While reading your narrative, I was remembering 36 and a half years of our marriage. Tied to the same track, there was a time when I watched our love hang by a thread, but that could happen in the long run. The bouquet of roses are beautiful, and so are you. Your husband is charming as well. Wish you two grow old together happy and in good health.


Jientje said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you! We've been together for 29 years and it seems like only yesterday!

imac said...

Love that wedding photo of you both, its great, also great post just hear that love lives forever.

shabby girl said...

OH MY GOSH! 41 years??? You guys are my heros! What a wonderful photo of your wedding day!
For some reason I can't see the recent photo, but I really enjoyed your post!
Congratulations you two! Gotta love a man that does something for 41 years because it means something to you! :)

Barb said...

HALLLOOOOOO! Are you there? Guess I'm going to have to E-mail you.

Eileen said...

Congratulations to you both! I know I'm very LATE! But wishing you both all the best anyway!
I've been catching up here and I've really enjoyed all your beautiful family times and photos, and your beautiful scenery here always captured me!

There's a post title on my sidebar under your blog but when I clicked on it, the message said the page doesn't exist, so I guess I'm still having trouble with my blog. But I'm glad I was able to read some of your posts anyway.

'Hope you had a wonderful summer!