Friday, July 29, 2011

Star gazing and fish tales…

July 24th in Utah is a holiday.   It is a big deal.  As a little girl I looked forward to the huge parade down Main Street downtown SLC and you either had to camp out to get a good spot, or your dad worked for someone that had a stand and seats set up for there employees and family (which my dad did) anyway…it is a big deal with Days of 47 Parade and Rodeo’s happening and events galore.  But since I have moved to Southern Utah, I only get the benefit of getting an extra day off of work because it is a state holiday! yipee!  You can go to this web site to read up on it if you  like:

Pioneer Day

Anyway…the point is…I had an extra day off on Monday the 25th.  We decided to make a weekend of just goofing off since huh-honey had worked his fanny off during the week pouring footings for my son in his yard so he can build a brick wall.

Well Bob and I decided to go to the desert on Saturday after a relaxing day, seeing a movie, (Harry Potter) thank goodness they are done…hehehe

july 2011 005

We got out into the desert around 9:30ish, I missed the sunset but did find some color in the red sand.



july 2011 006 we were alone…and surprised there was not more activity and cars and off road bikes buzzing by…

july 2011 014


we wanted to be as far away from city lights as possible to get a good show of the stars…



july 2011 013

I even put a Native Trilogy flute CD in for special effects….hehehe




july 2011 018

we got comfortable…even had some binoculars so  we could see satellites zooming by in the pitch black sky.  It was amazing…we only saw 2 shooting stars, but lots of satellites and millions of stars!

It was so quiet and peaceful.  The desert night air even cooled off.  You never know what may appear out there in the middle of the desert so you have to be on your guard at all times…


actually the “Desert Bush Man” is very harmless, he is friends with “Big Foot”

As you can see….we had fun being silly…0723112210

scary right???? LOL

It is amazing what can entertain you when you are in the desert…at night….around 11 pm!


so…on Monday…(Utah State Holiday) I know your all confused right? anyway we took the day and went fishin’

I was so excited…the weather was perfect…most everyone had packed up and was heading out…as we were heading “in”.

july 2011 079

The reservoir was so full!  There was a gentle breeze and it was picture perfect

july 2011 077 

july 2011 080 july 2011 081





I had fun playing with my camera….

july 2011 099

july 2011 107






got myself all comfy with my pole in the water…watched a family of ducks swim by…just kickin back and enjoying the beautiful day.  The sun was shinning down on my bare shoulders and legs…

july 2011 105

I got the good fishin ‘ chair, Huh-huney got the old padded chair cushions we take along just for days like today…

Actually he was very comfy…



july 2011 088



july 2011 110


july 2011 111


july 2011 091

No matter what we did to pinch his tail….and stretch the truth…HE came in at 21”.  Yep….had to toss him back….well we didn’t toss him…he was a little stressed….KIND OF LIKE ME!  It just wasn’t worth trying to fudge….for an inch and take the chance of having fish and game come around and check….possibly get fined and loose our fishing license.

Hey……………IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  I was ready to put the ole spawnner (I know not a real word) back into the cold waters and try and hook his “BIGGER” brother.

 july 2011 097

july 2011 096











july 2011 109

I know there are a lot of people out there that will think we were crazy to toss these crawdad’s back…truth is…they are plentiful and love to tease your line….making you think you have the “Big Daddy” when you don’t!  Just not as mouth watering on the BBQ to me, and not worth all the work involved.  I would need 50 of these to wet my appetite!

Well all was not lost…even though we did not take home any fish, the day was beautiful…..peaceful, relaxing and so much fun.  Lot’s of laughs and even sweet silence just taking in the beauty around us.  I feel so blessed to live in such spectacular surroundings.july 2011 115  july 2011 118

IT IS JUST A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN IN MY BOOK!  Until next week…….be safe my friends.


joolzmac said...

What fun you had! I have never thought about heading out and just looking at the stars - how romantic!
Fishing is fun (if they are biting) and we hope to do a bit when we head off in Ruby for adventures.

Your country is beautiful and I hope to visit one day - the colours look similar to Australia but I think the terrain and plant life is way different. Lovely photos, thanks!


Barb said...

WOW! What a weekend - stargazing with that special someone and (almost) catching a legal limit trout for dinner. That boy was BIG! I bet your adrenalin was pumping. Loved the photos and the story of your weekend. My 4 and 5 year old Grands are coming this weekend to "camp" in the back yard. (We'll see how long they last...) Their Daddy will have to handle them - Bob and I are opting for our bedroom!

shabby girl said...

Linda! I LOVE the coziness of your truck bed! Awesome!
What a wonderful weekend for you two! Hubby had to throw back a 50-60 lb halibut last week (out of season) but so fun for him.
Crawdads are A LOT of work for such a little bit of meat! I think I'm over it. :)
Great post!

Wanda..... said...

Love your adventurous nature, Linda, being in the desert after dark making friends with "Big Foot"...we have sat in the field after dark watching the stars, but only have raccoons to fear.

What's the reason behind releasing all trout between 15 and 22 inches?

imac said...

Its ages since I saw the stars in total darkness.
What a wonderful way to relax and have fun.

Diana said...

Oh Linda you are blessed. The scenery there is just beautiful! And I imagine you don't have 90% humidity either! That must be heaven.
What a great weekend but how do you manage to stay up past 11:00p.m.?
I just don't think I could do that, LOL!!!
I'm sure it's worth it though. Don't you get scared out there at night?!
Love Di ♥

Librarian said...

You stargazing adventure sounds very romantic, and very much fun at the same time. Beautiful pictures of the desert!

Pat said...

I loved this adventure, and the pictures are just the icing on the cake!
Love the pic of your feet, a girl must have fancy polish on toes before fishing!
I think the idea of relaxing in the back of the truck is awesome. I would need to step on a crate to get up to hubbys truck, but it would be worth it to look at the stars!
So glad you enjoyed your holiday!

Jientje said...

What a fun filled romantic trip you two had,you're right it IS a piece of heaven! Ooooh and what a big fish you caught there. Too bad you had to throw him back!