Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where have I been?

Right here…I haven’t gone anywhere!  To work, home, walking, maybe a bike ride, then in front of the tv….I am a “reality” show junkie!  I love those darn “reality” shows.  Thank goodness that “Dancing With the Stars” is over!  Was I happy with the ending….YEAH, but I wanted all 3 to win.  I loved them all in each one’s special way.  “AHHH and “American Idol”  what can I say?  If you are not a “reality” junkie like me then you probably don’t care who wins.  Now…just because it is sooo stupid and I am hooked when I watch the first STUPID episode of the STUPID “Bachelorette” (I honestly can’t believe I watch that DUMB show, I am hooked, only because I sit and laugh and shake my head during the whole thing and throw my arms in the air and talk out loud (Bob listens of course to my rantings and shakes his head) and sits with me through the whole DUMB STUPID episodes.  I have several shows I watch, I won’t even tell you what they all are or you would think I was TOTALLY WEIRD.

So here is a list…hehehehe

Nay I won’t bore  you.  Only because I want you all to think that I am a total outdoors nut and full of energy and that I am so totally in shape.

When in reality….like most reality shows….I am not.

So there you have it…did I burst anyone’s bubble of me?

I hope not…LOL anyway, I can’t wait for summer’s show of that really silly, dumb, crazy show….where a bunch of people of all ages are held hostage in a house….and have to go through all kinds of ridicule from one another and get booted out….you know the reality show…”Big Brother” (begins on July 7th) I know you all wanted to know that…hehehe

Gosh what have I been doing for the past 4 weeks of not posting…well ONE THING I HAVE BEEN DOING IS READING EVERYONE ELSES POST, and commenting and trying to keep in touch.  I just haven’t felt like I had much to say that would be…..well…important enough for anyone to read about.

I copied these pics off of my son Mike’s FB…Lauren was having an “electric” trampoline jump, Owen was all dressed up for his graduation from pre-school (he will be going into kindergarten in the Fall…

lauren static owen graduation


april2011d 063

april2011d 031


april2011d 070

I was able to take some random fun shot of the grandies at an Easter egg hunt.  There were a lot to choose from, you know me and the grandies, they all tell a story….





Kinlee is really a daddy’s girl and always wants to be held, she gets her way too.april2011d 044 april2011d 048





Kyler is never around for me to get all 3 of the siblings in a picture at one time..this was just before Kinlee bolted…I got lucky.

april2011d 161


april2011d 164

When Owen and Ryan came to visit of course we went and fed the ducks and geese at the golf course pond.

So those are just a few of the happenings in the past couple of months that I happened to forget about posting about. 

It totally is awful to get so tired and pre-occupied doing a little bit of everything and  neglecting posting….for memory sake….and sharing with you all.  I will try and be better.

OH DEAR! MY GIRLS WILL BE HERE IN 13 DAYS from North Carolina!  I will be busy….it has been a whole year since we have seen each other…there will be LOTS of PICTURES and lots of memories to be made…I am really looking forward to it!

Did I just say I would try and be better at posting…..?


Librarian said...

Don't worry, Linda, even if you do not post for a while, we won't forget about you - and to see you popping up on my dashboard is an even better surprise now :-)

He he since you have confessed your addiction with "reality" shows, how's about this one: I simply HAD TO watch ALL episodes of MTV's dreadful "The Girls from Hedsor Hall" something like 2 years ago... and when I missed one because of work, I found it on the website and watched it there... yes, yes, that's me!

But since then, I have not been watching anything on a regular basis, and these days, I hardly ever switch the telly on, what with my new boyfriend, learning to dance, having started a new job and training for my hometown's City Run...

imac said...

Britains got talent
Now X factor is out and showing.

So come on over to UK and have a ball,lol.

Love the family shots, real cute.

Bernie said...

I'm right there with you, except for the Bachelor, never liked that one. Am now hooked on The Voice, loving it.
Gorgeous grandchildren, enjoy each and every day my friend especially when life is this good....:-)Hugs

Barb said...

Linda Lu! You HAVE burst my bubble! (Would you believe I don't watch much of anything?) That Kinlee! Did you happen to make the headband? That sweater is also so gorgeous. The Grandboys are handsome but little Grandgirls - oh my! Have fun with the NC contingent.

Wanda..... said...

Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife are are about all I watch and they are off for the summer...except reruns I guess. Like the others, I'll be here whenever you are, Linda! Loved the photos of little Kinlee looking up, very sweet!

Penny said...

You make me laugh so hard Linda- who wants to do anything after working all day??? Miss you!

aka Penelope said...

You captured some great action shots of the kids, Linda. They are all so cute. I’m not a reality show watcher but I know many folks find them fascinating. There can be no bubble bursting, of course, as you are a free spirit entitled to relax in whatever way you choose. I’m guessing you will be very busy outdoors, however, when your visitors arrive. I look forward to hearing all about it once they leave. :)

Pat said...

I watch reality shows too. My favorite is Amazing Race...I hate it when it ends! In the true confessions catagory..I'm hooked on the Real Housewifes of NY and New Jersey. Talk about drama..LOL!
Your pictures are so sweet...can't get enough of those grands!
I'll be thinking of you when I'm on my couch watching TV!!!

Eileen said...

'Loved catching up with you here! And I loved the family photos, especially Kinlee climbing up her Daddy's leg! So cute!

Our daughter Katie decided on a name for her baby boy, he will be Eoghan (pronounced Owen) Harrison! I love the name Eoghan/Owen! So I was happy with her choice.

I like a lot of reality shows too, but this season we only watched American Idol (I haven't watched The Bachelor for awhile now, and I missed this season of Dancing except for a few shows). Ray has a ton of other shows he likes to watch and our TV in the bedroom is too small for me to watch, so I gave up a lot of my favorites.

Enjoy your girls!
Love to you,

Diana said...

Wow I can't believe how alike we are! Really! Especially when it comes to the Bachelorette! Every year I say that I'm not going to watch this stupid show again and than I catch the first episode and I'm sucked right into it!!!
I was really hoping Kirstie Alley would win and felt bad when they let Ralph Machio go but they all did so good.
Love the photos of your little ones Linda and hope that your visit with the girls is filled with fun memories! Love Di ♥

stardust said...

Wow, this blog got rearranged into summer version. I’m guessing you must be a bright and cheerful lady like a sunflower from contents and tone of your writing.

You took nice shots of your grandchildren. Kinlee’s hairband is so lovely that I’d like to buy one like that to my 6-month-old granddaughter. Posting must be important next to families who keep us busy around and make us feel happy and fulfilled. Have fun with your girls to your heart’s content, Linda. I'll return you when you post a new one. Am I putting pressures on you?

Jenny Woolf said...

What cute pictures! Enjoy your visitors. I am sure you will be able to watch the reality shows together :)