Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Kite flying is an art.  Believe me when I say this because, not just anyone can fly a kite.  It takes a certain wind current…and you have to know when the right current is currenting……(not a word I know) LOL.april 2010 # 201

At the end of this pole in the air 1250 feet up is a kite.  A $6 kite from Wal-Mart.  The best cheapest investment EVER!


april 2010 # 213



the white line is the 250 feet that came with the kite….


april 2010 # 217

after the 250 ft. comes the secret….1000 ft of fishing line…which is part of a FISHING POLE! Not included in the purchase of the kite of course…


april 2010 # 194


and when there is NO MORE LINE….. there is just blue sky, and some where up there a kite..



april 2010 # 199

click on this pic to see the yellow fishing line and then at the end of it a teeny tiny kite…..

april 2010 # 197


this baby will quickly disappear before your very eyes…

Kite flying is an art….


april 2010 # 214

and watching Huhoney fly one makes me smile…





april 2010 # 211

Even when it comes to an end…




so is growing beautiful roses…. and Mr. Green Jeans AKA “Huhoney” can do that too….

april 2010 # 127


Batch # 1




april 2010 # 072

Playing with my camera… shooting inside at night… oh did I tell you that I had to buy a book..to learn how to use my camera…it is called “How to use your Nikon D3000 for Dummies”…. really lol.

april 2010 # 237


Batch # 2 of roses…oh these are my favorite I think…



april 2010 # 240



look at this perfect rose



april 2010 # 160


2nd bounty of radishes from the garden…

sooo delicious…



april 2010 # 101


the morning sun streaming into the house on a quiet Saturday morning…


april 2010 # 100


making me smile when I look at my beautiful roses…



april 2010 # 093

april 2010 # 094


and capture different shadows through-out the house…



april 2010 # 095even my fake basket of fruit looked pretty cool…

april 2010 # 106and a crisp quiet beautiful shadowy back yard made me take in a deep breath to start a beautiful day…

I have lots more to share…from just last week…but I will save it for another day…Huhoney is busy helping oldest son with projects…wait until you see the project he started for me…it is awesome!  and oh by the way….yes that perfect beautiful rose on my header picture……yep….I took that picture with my handy dandy very complicated camera that I had to read the book for dummies on….LOL, I am still reading…… 


Pat said...

Looks like you book for dummies worked...your pictures are beautiful! I really need to read the book that came with my Nikon, I have a feeling I missing a whole lot of good pictures!
Those roses must fill your room with beautiful fragrance, I love the smell of roses!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Spectacular photos, Linda!! Wow! Those roses are incredible! And now you have them forever...I think you should print and frame these photos...what lovely art they are! ~Janine XO

Diana said...

Hey I learned how to sew, cruise, buy a house and blog with dummy guides!!!

I had to laugh when I saw your roses Linda. They are very beautiful and your husband seems to have a wonderful knack.

I on the other hand I have three rose bushes and just today as I was cutting all of the dead wood out, kept thinking how much I hated them.
I love roses but I do not like caring for them!!

I never would have thought of using a fishing pole to fly a kite, very, very cleaver!

You are doing a wonderful job with your photos Linda. They are really beautiful. I'd keep reading that book! Your header photo is perfect for Mother's Day.
Love Di ♥

Eileen said...

All your photos are wonderful, Linda!
And I love the idea of using a fishing rod to fly the kite! I'll have to tell Ray that one.
I can't believe you have radishes and roses already! Our rose bush is just little baby buds right now, and Ray and Jayden planted tomatoes, but nothing at all yet!

Your roses are all so beautiful, the colors are brilliant, and your header picture is amazing!
'Love your photos from around the house too! You're doing great!
Love to you,
PS ~ Great idea to read that camera book! I need one as I was cursing under my breath at Mia's dance recital! I kept pressing the button to take a perfect picture and NOTHING happened until she turned away from the camera and then it would snap the pic! Ugh!
I think they need to invent a 'Grandma camera', one that is easy to use and takes the shot when you press the button! These cameras may be good for still-life pictures but they are horrible for trying to get good photos of busy grandchildren!

Dani said...

Wow! That's a LONG kite string! Awesome! What a fun time!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Beautiful post!!! SO fun with the kite-flying! And your roses are perfect!
;^) ;^) ;^)

Diana said...

Oh that Eileen is so cleaver! A grandma camera, that's what we need! We could make millions! Whose on this?
Love Di ♥

Valerie said...

hehe Don't worry, I'll be famous for you some day, so you can claim you know me. Right now I'm working on my very first knit pattern. It's going to be fabulous! (If I can figure out how to make it and all the different sizing and stuff.) Then I plan on selling it on Ravelry, making lots of money, making more patterns, and then someday, publishing a book! When I'm 50.

Barb said...

Linda, You new Header is wonderful - what a rose! My favorite pic of the roses is the one with the black windows as backdrop. Believe me, keep your book handy - I'm always checking mine. Huhoney has such a big kite-flying smile on his face! Enjoy your spring - so green at your house!

emily said...

Yay for books on things for dummies. Too bad they can't just come in and do it for us. I wonder if they have one on house cleaning and mothering the very independent 3 year old? Hmmmm...

Wanda said...

Your blog and header are stunning, Linda. The roses are really beautiful and certainly fresh! That is one high kite...has it ever fallen down suddenly 1250 feet away or over someone's house? That's what would happen to me!

Krista said...

Your roses are beautiful. I love them when someone else has to take care of them. I had about 40 at my home in NC and i hated every one of them.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

I don't think it's the camera...I think it's the photographer. You've always had some awesome photos, regardless of the camera. Just another talent that I missed out on. Love you!