Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You’ve got a friend

This artist is amazing, thought you all would enjoy a little peaceful ray of sunshine from a friend!  More of SandFantasy on youtube if you would like to see the works of the amazing artist.  I am still here and haven’t downloaded any pics of Christmas yet! ARGH!  A friend sent me this video and I just had to pass it along.


LceeL said...

This is the comment I left of Jientje's new blog - intended for you:

@Linda Higgins - no, you are not doomed. It's just learning how to use the tool. Jientje takes incredible pictures - she has a wonderful eye - and to expect to take pictures the way she does is unrealistic. That said, you CAN learn how to take "macro" photos - anyone can - provided, of course, the tool you have at your disposal is capable of close up work. Not all cameras are, as we know. So yes, camera shopping may be part of hte answer.

Jientje said...

Yes, I've got a friend in you. I always look forward to your posts and your comments. It's amazing the friends we can find on the world wide net.
I see my friend Lou has tracked you down eh? He's a good friend to me too.
About the camera. You've only just got it! Try working through the manual. Try picking it up every single day. Don't get discouraged. Not every picture is a good picture. You'll have to make twenty or thirty to get one good one. Try visiting lots of photo sites, see what they do. Try doing photo memes like Ruby Tuesday or Blue Monday or whatever just to challenge yourself. You WILL learn. You've got great taste, you'll make it!

Wanda said...

I so enjoyed the sand art...I almost forgot to comment and tell you Linda, I just watched one after the other, forgot where I was for a moment. What kind of camera did you get Linda? Looking forward to your photos!

Diana said...

I have seen the sand artist before. It really is amazing and beautiful.
Now go play with your camera!
Love Di

Bernie said...

Love the sand art, amazing really.

Take time and get to know your camera, you will love it when you get use to it.

Hope you had a great day..:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Wow, Linda - I wish my Grandchildren were still here so I could show them this - they'd be amazed. People are so creative! Thank you for sharing. Hope you're loving your camera - it takes time - I'm still learning mine!

Eileen said...

Amazing is right! Thanks for sharing this.

I'm with you on the camera! It's so hard to take a really good photo! Once in a blue moon I get lucky, I know nothing about lighting or camera angles, I'm hopeless.
One thing I learned from Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch (she does beautiful Tablescapes) is that you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a flash indoors, and she was right! My dishes always looked better without the flash. But it's not true all the time when taking photos of people!
Play around with it, Linda, have fun!
I felt better after I read that a professional photographer took more than sixty shots just to get one good photograph of a banister in a Manhattan brownstone! Now that's dedication, I usually quit after two or three tries!

What's embarrassing for me is the fact that my four-year-old grandson can take better pictures than me!

Enjoy your new toy!
Love to you,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I've seen this before, Linda...absolutely fabulous!!!! I never get tired of this!!! Thanks for posting it!!! What a delight!!! Your blog is looking so fresh and beautiful!!! Just love it!!! ~Janine XO

Duchess of Tea said...

So lovely darling, thanks for sharing my friend. Sweetie, I do hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and that 2010 turns out to be the best year of your life, followed by many more. Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments; you are a dear friend...a treasure.

Love & Hugs