Friday, February 25, 2011

10 things I know for sure…..

1.  That another year has passed by so quickly I am afraid to blink or I will miss something.

2.  I have green eyes, and I mean green eyes, not sort of green orDSCN7682a hazel or blueish or brown but very green eyes….all the time.  

3.  I am a chameleon.  I change my hair and looks like I change my clothes.  Here are a few examples how I morphed over the year.




4.  I am another year older and so is everyone else around me.  Kinlee’s BD is the day before mine, thank goodness for that, so I won’t ever forget it! feb 2011a 004

5.  It has been a cold winter for me and I have hated every single minute of it, other than the smell of rain which I love.  This I know for sure.

6.  I managed to get through last year!  It was a test, probably the toughest one I have ever taken, but I managed and I passed!  I passed the year mark of that radiation treatment.  That seems like yesterday…..but it was a whole year ago this month.

7.  Taking a pill for this and a pill for that really sucks.  I mean, it really does, and this I know for sure, I will never get use to it.

8.  Having a bladder infection is not fun, especially if you have had it for over a month and antibiotics are rough on the stomach (TMI???) sorry.

9.  I am not usually lost for words.  But lately, I have been…what’s up with that?

10.  I love my family.  I think…..that they think (shouldn’t think for others but I do) that I ramble too much, but if they haven’t figured out that that will probably never change…then “that’s too bad”, because I will always ramble, always talk to much, always smooch too much and always, always love too much.  Nah, you just can’t love too much…..

11.   I am a procrastinator and that will probably never change. I cheated and put down 11 things because some day's are like that and you just have to add a little.

So there you have it.  I am not going to promise that I will post in 3 days, or next week.  Hopefully I won’t procrastinate again and just do it.  Post I mean.  I don’t want to be  a liar, so that is why.

And this I know for sure…………….I am so glad I got this post done! LOL have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Thanks for the kick in the pants sweet Lucinda!

Hugs and smiles across the miles!

PHEW! that’s a whole lot of meme’s for not having much to say!

PS (for those of you who are kissin and huggin and smoochin on your grandies and cooking up a storm of food (you know who you are…..)this weekend, I am jealous.  I better go visit Kinlee, Kolytn and Kyler….


Barb said...

Well...FINALLY! (That was Lucinda, Barb would NEVER be that blunt...) Glad you stopped procrastinating and posted. Sorry Lucinda has been bugging you. Your eyes are beautiful. My Bob's are Hazel and sometimes look green depending on what he wears. All of us have morphed - I think we are older but definitely BETTER. Hugs to you and Huhoney, Linda. Have a great weekend. I'll be doing the Peace and Quiet Dance Sunday evening.

Barb said...

PS Be careful you don't get a yeast infection on top of the bladder infection. That can happen on long courses of antibiotics. Take probiotics or eat yogurt.

imac said...

You are a wonderful person, honest and truthful,and thats what I love about you.

Librarian said...

Congratulations on having passed the one-year-test!!! That's superb news.
And as far as the posting is concerned - you simply post when you feel like it, there is (and should be) NO pressure.
It's always good to read from you, but there is no obligation to keep a certain rate of posts per week or month or year.

imac said...

Love your little raving rant post my dear friend,lol.
It does one good, in health,heart and spirit.

Keep taking the pills to -
Just love your pics of you, a change is as good as a rest they say.


Diana said...

Well you know me Linda, I hate to cook but alas, we have to eat! So I will be spending a good portion of my weekend in the kitchen!
I love green eyes, wish mine were green, you are lucky. And I love all of your hair styles. I'm so lazy with my hair! And I hate those infections because one usually leads to the other, BLAH!!!
I just passed the two year mark since I had my second stroke. They say the first five years are crucial. So I know all about taking all kinds of pills. I have to take 7 a day! BLAH, YUCK! Congrats on the one year mark, each year will be a victory! Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

This winter seems to have affected the posting of a lot of us bloggers. I always fear mine is the same, same, same and keep waiting for something special to happen. Not really :) but I do find longer periods between posts lately...maybe we are just busy with life, Linda. Like today, I had unexpected, but welcomed, visits 3 separate times, with people I love. Posting would have had to wait.

Glad Lucinda got on you though, :) it's nice to hear from you, Linda.

Bernie said...

That Lucinda is one smart bunny glad you are doing well and Barb is right you do have beautiful eyes.
We are having another snow storm, so I am tired of winter and looking forward to Spring but it will come when it's time.
Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs

Eileen said...

I enjoyed this list so much, and I can relate to it all.

And, I've felt so weird lately, not like anything I've ever felt before. I feel like pulling back from everyone and everything. I'm not sad, I'm not even a little bit unhappy, yet I feel like shutting the world away at times. Turn everything off because I want to shut down for a little while. Weird.

Take care of yourself, Linda. It was good to read here.
Love to you,

Cynthia L. H. said...

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your recent posts!
Love your hair...
AND your photo at the top--'just the two of us'...
SOOOOOOOOO glad you've passed that year mark.
You can ramble as much as you want. I love to "listen" to you...wish it could be in person.

Pat said...

Ok sister girlfriend, here we go:
1.The years go quicker the older you get. sad but true.
2. I also have green eyes, but not nearly as green and pretty as yours.
3. Every look is a winner.
4.I'm a year older too, drat.
5.Winter and me are not friends.
6. Praise the Lord!
7.I agree about the pill thing, but it beats the alternative.
8.Oh yuck. Been there done that.

9. Maybe your mind wants a vacation.
1O. I love people who ramble, smooch and love alot...there are the best.
11. You procrastinate and I over think...we make the world go round!