Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Memories

I am so grateful for the fact that I know how to type.  If I were to actually write words on paper with a pen or pencil I am afraid that years down the road it would be illegible.  Maybe days down the road illegible!  I usually start out all pretty and  then my brain starts thinking faster than my hand can write, so..I am just grateful that my fingers over the key board can keep up!  This is the way I journal.  I am grateful that I have a camera that can capture some of my journaling.  Did I say some?  Yes, I know I am pretty much over the top when it comes to taking pictures and 99.9% will probably be trash.  But that .1% will make memories come to life…..

I read a post by Claudia from Dipity Road  I loved her post about being grateful.    You can go to her beautiful blog, at this address:   (http://www.dipityroad.com/) she said something that I think is so perfect and I would like to share it with you because it actually reflects my thoughts as well.

“I simply reply that my goal is to live in the moment. Find the joy, the passion and contentment in my life this moment and enjoy my Happiness. I am a firm believer that no matter our circumstance there is always something to be grateful for.”

How perfect is that!  We spent most of the day last Saturday taking down all the Christmas “stuff”



It took a little extra to get this huge tree in the box and taped back up, I am so grateful for my little elf….he made my life pretty easy putting everything away…



I wasn’t sure it would ever get back to normal…whatever normal really is….this doesn’t even look bad!  But it was a big mess…




My youngest son Brad had a birthday on Dec. 28th.  Bob and I watched the kids while he and his wife went out to dinner.  They were gone a whole 2 hours….they don’t get out much…??????they should….we don’t even charge to watch the grand kids!DSCN7518

I really need to do a little something about Brad.  He really has been through a lot in his life.  That’s a whole other post…

Kinlee was such a sweet baby, it was fun to have her all to ourselves for those 2 hours…


dec 2010d 005


It snowed yesterday here in the desert….

My yard was covered in snow…now don’t laugh all my Eastern friends and ski friends….this happens only once every other year here and then it melts the very next day…snowmen don’t have a chance…

dec 2010d 008







dec 2010d 010

I even left my footprints in the snow, and it was cold…I had my high heel boots on..I could have hurt myself…I don’t like snow…it is only pretty to look at…(my friend Barb is laughing right now)

If you knew of my first experience skiing when I was 18 you would have a stomach ach laughing….it is a comic book story…I won’t bore you… I am sure people are still talking about it…so I don’t ski, even though I lived where the Winter Olympics were held.

DSCN7527 DSCN7526

I am glad that 2010 is behind us…and I can put a silly wreath on my face and look forward to 2011.  I have a lot of memories.  Some really great ones and some really bad ones.  I am glad I can be silly….and Huh-honey is around and be silly with me…

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, I look forward to posting more often….LOL ok, ok. maybe shorter post more often LOL

hugs and smiles across the miles


Heather T. said...

Look at the two of you. Loved the pictures, Linda - so adorable :)

shabby girl said...

Maybe that's the trick! Shorter, but more often? Ha!
Best wishes to you and your family!

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda... I LOVE your header! How beautiful.
May I also add that Mr. Elf on the box is wonderful!! Thank goodness that you have such a loving and wonderful 'elf'....
What beautiful photos of the snow, too....sigh. I wish that you could share some of it with me way down here in the South.
Happy happy!!! to you, my friend!
Love and hugs,

Librarian said...

Here in Germany, people traditionally take the Christmas decoration down on the 6th, and I will do that, too... Actually, I'm looking forward to having my living room restored to its mostly shiny, empty, neat surfaces and clear lines.
As for the snow - I was sick and tired of it after about one week, you're right, it's only nice to look at, but not if you have to be out there on your way to work every day, although I must say it has improved since I got my wellies :-)
If I had to write everything by hand, I wouldn't write any more than the odd shopping list, I guess. It is so exhausting, and my handwriting is terrible.

Eileen said...

Your blog looks so happy, and festive, and loving! Very sweet banner picture!

That's a wonderful sentiment about living in the moment, I have a tendency to 'wish my life away', yearning for weekends when the family will be together, looking forward to special occasions and celebrations, and suddenly weeks have slipped by. And when I think about it, it is the everyday little things that mean the most. So thanks for this reminder.

I am going to have to do shorter posts too, I have some 'busy time' in the upcoming weeks/months, and maybe a trip with my sister, so I don't know how often I'll be posting either.

Your snow pictures were very pretty, but I'm with you, I think if we moved down south I would not be missing, cold, ice, and/or snow at all! It's pretty for an hour and then a pain until it's gone! I'm so tired of climbing over snow mounds and carefully trekking over ice slicks while walking Jayden to and from school each day! Our sanitation department stinks! They were so slow to plow and salt this year, and they haven't picked up the garbage since BEFORE Christmas! The neighborhood looks a MESS! Yuck!

May Blessings abound for you this year!
LOVED all your photos! You two are so cute!
We have the task of taking everything down this weekend. Anxious to get it done, but sad to see it gone too.
Love to you,

Diana said...

Oh I loved your photos Linda, I haven't been in the photo taking mood lately! I suppose I should take some!
We haven't had any snow since Christmas! That's fine with me!
I hope we all have a better new year and I love your new background and header photo! Love Di ♥

imac said...

Grand post and great photos.

Barb said...

What a great new Header and Blog look - you've been busy! Now, Linda, I'd never laugh at you about the snow - but I am chuckling a little about the high heeled boots... Send that desert snow our way - we know what to do with it. Love that last photo of you and Huhoney "wreathed" in smiles.

Wanda..... said...

Your header caught my eye Linda...very nice.

Snowmen may not last long there, but I do see a nice one in your window. Our tree is down and the snow has melted, but I still have a few snowmen hanging around inside!

Wishing you a good year Linda.

Pat said...

I don't like the snow either, and I live in the North! We don't have any right now but we're supposed to get a couple of inches before the week is done.
I wonder if your ski story would match mine. I went too when I was 18..haven't been back since. I couldn't even get up the hill let alone down LOL!
Love your pictures and the header is beautiful!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! Happy New Year! Reading your posts and comments makes my heart smile! You are a joy for sure! The face in the wreath is priceless!

Love your snow pics, but can really enjoy the photos! I am quite content to NOT have snow and ice and all that comes with it!! True blue Florida sunshine gal, I guess!!

Have a delightful week!! It's great to pop in for a visit!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I loved the last two photos especially!!! What fun!!! And all that snow!! So pretty!!! Love your new header photo!!! It speaks to the heart!!! Just here to send you my love!!! Miss you!! ~Janine xoxo

Barb said...

Came to see if you had posted, and I had missed it. Where are you?????