Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forever Rainbows!

Are you always looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Do you find when you get closer to the rainbow it just keeps getting farther away?

Well stop looking….it is probably right in your own back yard and has been this whole time!

My header pic was taken a year ago while on our way to see the “Little Rascals”.  Traveling down I-15 highway there is plenty of open space and some beautiful farm country.  I actually got this shot with my cell phone and these pics also with my cell phone.  Wow can you imagine what they would have looked like if I had my new camera!

phone oics 056

phone oics 058

Hope you are all having a wonderful March….2 of my grandsons were born on St. Patrick’s Day, both are 6 going on 7! 

Although I am not Irish…..I still like being kissed!  I really don’t know why that has always been a saying but hey, I am game…kiss me anyway! LOL

Huhoney has always told our children that he is a Leprechaunimage and he has from midnight every March 17th until dawn to find his pot of gold.  We never actually see him  because he sprinkles gold sleepy dust on us so we sleep through the night so he can look without being found out.  If he doesn’t find it he stays human….if he finds it he can return to his Leprechaun land and be with others like him.

Needless to say…..he has never found his pot of gold….image

And when the grandchildren hear him tell his tale, they really think about it.  They don’t want him to find it either.

Our oldest granddaughter Madi actually got in trouble in school when at the tender age of 5 she announced to the class that her Poppy was a Leprechaun.  The teacher then told her there were no such things.  She was very upset and when she got home she cried and cried to her mother (my daughter) about Poppy not being a real Leprechaun.  My daughter immediately got on the phone and called us.  She told Huhoney to tell Madi the TRUTH.  Tell her he was always just telling a story and that he really wasn’t.  So Huhoney said, “give Madi the phone”.

Guess what he told her…….LOL your right…..he told her that her teacher didn’t know what she was talking about because she NEVER had met a real live Leprechaun.  He was a REAL LIVE LEPRECHAUN and if she wanted to talk to him she could call him and he would straighten it out.

Needless to say, my daughter WAS NOT HAPPY WITH HIM but she did not dispute his claim.

The teacher never called.

To sure the deal, he sent her a gold coin.  A real gold coin.

Now tell me…………….Huhoney really is a Leprechaun right?

Hey I believe him!


Diana said...

Linda, I believe him. And I think that teacher should have kept her mouth shut!
And I am amazed at how good the cell phone photos are anymore. Ginny's I phone takes great photos, I really can't tell the difference.
That is so neat that you have two grandsons born on St. Patrick's day and the same year no less. I think thats awesome!
I like your new background and header photo Linda, very nice!
Love Di ♥

Wanda said...

A Leprechaun for a husband, I guess that explains the luck of having two grandsons born on St. Patrick's Day. I once sprayed some small pebbles gold, sprinkled them in a corner with a miniature pail and pickaxe, it kept the g/kids busy looking for the little guy!

Nice post with a beautiful rainbow photo, Linda!

Bernie said...

I also believe he is a leprechaun, and I think you are so lucky to have him....I love how he entertains your grandchildren as only a leprechaun can...they are blessed.
Loved this post my friend, and yes our rainbows are right in our own back yards......:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Leprechaun or not - Huhoney is my kind of guy! If he ever does find that pot of gold, tell him not share any with Madi's teacher. Your Header and the post photos of the rainbow are special, Linda. Hope you're feeling well - are your taste buds functioning again?

Teacher's Pet said...

I'm going to focus on the rainbows...and the header....and say FABULOUS!! Absolutely fabulous photos.... These are works of art!

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

That is just too funny. YOur grandkids are so lucky to have these stories to hear. Again, neither Brent or I are creative enough to make a child's imagination grow stronger. Too bad because I think that would be so much fun. And, before cell phones and digital cameras (or even before people started bringing their camera's everywhere with them), Brent and I were on the freeway and we actually drove through a rainbow. It wsa the neatest thing ever. all around us was rainbow. Awesome.

Love ya tons

Jientje said...

I believe him too! I loved the story, up until now I knew about pots of gold and leprechauns, but I had never heard the complete story before! That rainbow looks awesome. We don't have such huge open spaces here in Belgium, I'm sure you Americans would probably get claustrophobic living in Belgium!

Duchess of Tea said...

Linda darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness.

Love & Hugs

janet said...

I love it...and I believe him ;-) Thanks for visiting my little blog and have a wonderful weekend.

Eileen said...

I do believe he really is a Leprechaun!
Sweet story, Linda, and I'm so glad your husband stuck with it!

I love your blog dress, it's really sweet! I'm Irish on my Mom's side and I love all things Irish!

Your rainbow pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them.

I wrote you an email to let you know that I got your package and we were all thrilled, Linda! I'm working on a post right now about it.
Really lovely talent you have there, Linda, along with such a generous heart.
Thanks for being such a sweetheart!
I was really touched.
Love to you,

Nan said...

I love this story! And I think that teacher was awful to say that to a little girl.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Linda...what a wonderful story!!!! Your husband MUST be a leprechaun for he is a mischievous character!!! You are so much fun, and I think your family sounds wonderful!!! You are extremely talented, too, btw...spotted your beautiful work on Eileen's blog!!!! Simply amazing!!! Love, Janine XO

imac said...

A touch of the Irish Gold in this wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Linda, but that's the norm for you. You're a sweetheart. Thanks for coming by my place.

Rebecca said...

I was a teacher of little ones once and I don't know why some feel the need to burst the bubble of childhood imagination. Do they forget what childhood is?

The rainbow shots are gorgeous.

Duchess of Tea said...

Linda darling, I like your husband's approach, good for him. Darling, thanks for the suggestion, now there is a post for me hence the reason I love comments. I will definitely share the cake recipe and would love to have your recipe as well, any cake that has grapes, cream cheese, and brown sugar is on my favourite list. Hope you are feeling much better, I did the little Sunday prayer for you this past Sunday. Take care.

Love & Hugs

shabby girl said...

What a cute story! I'm glad he told her what he did!
Your photos are awesome! I love how the light changes in them.

Lara said...

That is one gorgeous picture...and you must have a great cell phone camera! I don't think mine could have done so well.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog! They made me happy!

I'll be back!