Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I thought it an honor to receive this prestigious award from a very lovely lady. The Duchess has a lot of followers. I am always impressed and delighted when she comes for a visit to my silly little blog world. Thank you Duchess for your friendship and comments. If you haven’t done so, give the Duchess a visit, http://roseteacottage.blogspot.com/you will be pleasantly surprised as how pretty and sweet her blog is. I always leave feeling like a princess! Thank you Duchess!


A PIECE OF CAKE? Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments of encouragement and warm fuzzy feelings. I got them all and felt them all! image I googled a "piece of cake" and I couldn’t believe all of the different web sites to go to! There are a lot of bakeries by this name too. One of which offered this as their cake of the month. And as it is, this is a favorite of mine! Looks yummy doesn’t it! I also googled "cake walk" and to my GREAT SURPRISE

image image image

when you look up “cake walk” it has a whole other meaning than what I thought. TOO LONG to go into, so you will have to look it up yourself! LOL. But don’t these cakes look delicious! What I really was trying to say in the very beginning was…Thank you EVERYONE for all of your well wishes and concern in my behalf! You are ALL the best sweetest (like cake) village friends and yesterday was a piece of cake. Sweet. Nothing to it. Like having an x-ray done. I made much more out of it in my mind than I should have. The UN-KNOWN (adjective )1.not known; not within the range of one's knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar. is always a BEAST image and you have to be careful not to let it get to you. I have conquered the BEAST and it no longer scares me. RADA my friend will now help me along. I have decided to not dwell on what is going on and if something should change, I will let you all know. HUGS and SMILES!


Diana said...

You are so SWEET Linda just like that Orange Layer Cake which would be my cake of choice! I am happy that relief has reached you today. This can be sometimes hard to find yes? If anyone deserves an award today it's you! Congratulations!
Love Di

Barb said...

Goody, Linda, let's have a tea party to celebrate. I'll have a slice of that chocolate with chocolate, please. I was thinking of you all day - glad you took time to post. Will continue to send all healing wishes your way.

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda...sending sweeeet wishes to you...and thinking of you. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. I care...we all do!
Smiles and hugs,

Wanda said...

I will have a slice of the German Chocolate Cake, Linda, with plain tea, no cream or sugar, please. Glad it was a piece of cake for you Monday!

Jerelene said...

You definately deserve this award...you are so SWEET! I love cake!!
I loved your previous post too...with the beautiful orange sand...gorgeous!
Linda, you are in my thoughts and prayers...please know that :)
Love and hugs to you XXOO

Cynthia L. H. said...

SO glad to hear your good news!
(I will have to have a "Sampler" plate with little slices of ALL the cake flavors....)
;^) ;^0 ;^)

Mandy said...

Auntie have a huge piece of German Chocolate Cake. I love you!!! Hugs and kisses from Kylie and Ashely too. So glad to see that things were a piece of cake for you.

Jientje said...

I'm glad you're doing fine. You're in my thoughts, and I'm sending you good vibes! Congratulations on the award!

Eileen said...

Oh, Linda, you don't know how happy this post made me!
I'm so glad your treatment went well! And YOU are the sweet one!

Thanks so much for sharing this! Big smile!
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I love the Duchess too! Her picture posts are always so bright and beautiful!

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda...I came over to let you know that I am thinking of you today...

emily said...

Good to know the BEAST has been conquered. Yay you! The unknown is always terrifying, but you seem to have handled it well. So glad to know you and Rada are friends. And I agree. You are royalty and should be treated as such. Have yourself a giant piece of cake and make no apologies! Mmmmmmm.

Pat said...

You are sweeter then any cake, although I do love cake...any kind any where!
I love your attitude and the way you share your feelings. You are such a breath of fresh air and such an encouragement.
Sending hugs and cakes crumbs you way...sorry I ate the rest of the cake!

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda...Please, tell me about yourself (e-mail me if you'd rather)...but do know that I'm thinking of you and hope that you are doing OK. Take gooood care of you, my friend.

Blessings each day said...

Congratulations, Linda, you deserve all kinds of awards!

Love all of those cakes...wonder if I can click on them and get the recipes?

My friend who had radiation has the face formed mask she had to wear and it sure was interesting to look at.

Glad your treatment went well and I pray that you are feeling so much better. How many treatments will you have to get?

blessings, prayers and hugs,


Jerelene said...

Hi Linda :)
Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers...
Hope everything is happy and well with you...
Love and hugs too....Jerelene

Barb said...

Hi Linda,
I was so glad to hear from you! This sounds weird, but I woke this morning wondering how you're feeling. I hope all is going well. You're on many minds...