Friday, November 6, 2009

Tricks-Treats and a whole lot of FUN

It happened, the weekend came and it went and with it was a whirlwind full of FUN. The “little rascals” arrived on Thursday night, which happens to be bowling league night for Huhoney and me. Owen was VERY upset that we were not at home when they got there. He fell asleep 20 minutes before we got home. Lauren was all chatter though and would not go to bed until I tucked her in. (I love it!) All was well…..Nov 09 026

I had to work on Friday but the family came and kidnapped me at the office at 11 am. hehehe, it worked out well! We spent the day on Friday just hanging out, went to the Mall and did a little shopping for Ryan. Each one of the rascals got something though. Papa heated up the pool because it still is in the 70’s here, but they didn’t bring their suits and maybe that was a good thing…a cold this time of year is not a good thing.

Nov 09 034 Papa looks a little grumpy in this picture doesn’t he? I just noticed that LOL, but he actually wasn’t grumpy, he was having a great time making the rascals and the rest of us yummy French Toast for breakfast, which was gobbled up….

Nov 09 030 Ryan

Nov 09 032

OwenNov 09 036 LaurenNov 09 040

Silly boys you can’t get them to pose they always want to make goofy faces…

Then it was off to "’Staleighs Farm’. This is a place where the kids love to go. It is a working farm and each year they turn it into a playground for the kids. A petting zoo, and rides and even a corn maze which we didn’t venture into this year. We spent a couple of hours there just letting the rascals get good and dirty.

Koltyn loved the animals and loved washing his hands too!

Owen has his very own calf so right in with the goats and sheep and other animals was not a big deal to him. Everyone loved it!

Nov 09 067 Even the big kid had to get into the picture and thought it was funny letting the (dumb) turkey’s peck at his finger….I want you all to remember this photo ok….

going down the barrel slide was a lot of fun. I thought about it, and probably should have gone done it…my cellulite would have gotten a good beating LOL.

at the bottom of the slide was a nice soft pile of corn to land into. Lauren even went down the slide…no problem, face first into the corn. It was pretty funny! (you had to have been there).

round and round on the tire horses, with Mike being the one to make it turn round and round…Owen also helped at one point and when he wasn’t helping was giving out ‘high fives’…

Nov 09 101 Nov 09 099

Yeah, you are thinking WHAT ARE THEY THINKING…this baby thinks he is much older than 18 months and will climb anything and everything….

Nov 09 107

Papa was really enjoying the kids and watching them have a great time, I just wanted to squeeze him…Nov 09 108 here is the adorable mom and dad of the adorable “little rascals”Nov 09 111 and here is ma and pa who were having a wonderful day. The weather could not have been more perfect.

Lauren was ready to have her wrist band removed, one last sit on the teeter-totter, and then Koltyn was ready in his daddy’s arms ready to go home and take a nap. I think that daddy was ready to go home and take a nap too!

Nov 09 137

Anyway, Papa found his spot right away when returning to the homestead…..remember the picture of Papa letting the dumb turkeys peck his finger and thought it was funny…..well ya don’t do it in front of a ‘rascal’ that thinks you are his hero…because it just results in this……and it wasn’t pretty…..he was devastated…Owens’ finger was a little too tasty….Nov 09 134

I think that is the last time that Papa and Owen will stick their fingers in a pen of really dumb turkeys……


NEXT: was the gutting of the PUMPKINS to make


Oma prepared the faces….and the rascals pulled the slimy insides out, Papa helped the rascals put gloves on, they didn’t like the feel of all the was pretty funny. The seeds were separated and Mike cleaned, salted and baked the pumpkin seeds for a crunchy snack later.

Nov 09 139 Nov 09 140

Nov 09 138

Of course I had to let little lollipop Lauren play in the “make” (make-up). She will sit for 30 minutes dolling herself up.

Nov 09 151 It was hard to get all the rascals together and sit still for a second, they were too excited to get going and collect the goods…so this is a snap shot of a quick pic before the ‘great escape’ into sugarland!

2 chickens

1 skeleton

1 puppy

and a fairy princess


The finished JACK-O-LANTERNS turned out pretty good!

This is what was left of the “chicken-man’s” feet

the material of course wore completely out in just a few blocks

Nov 09 172

And of course good-byes are always hard…Nov 09 182 here Oma, you can have some of my MEMMUMMEMS (M&m’s)

I am sure that the ride home was a total sugar high for mom and dad and the “little rascals”

Nov 09 184 Nov 09 185

Goodbye “little rascals” until next visit!

Nov 09 189and last but not least of all my 2 darlings in NC had a great time Trick-or-treating too!


only these I had to COPY from FACE BOOK!

image brook face paint halloween madi2 madi4



Wanda said...

You are not exaggerating one bit Linda, your grandkids are beautiful. They will never forget the fun they had down on the farm, even the turkey incident will be something to laugh at someday!
You certainly look very good and happy Linda for having had an operation recently. Grandkids and a good husband helps doesn't it!
Enjoyed your post.

Luv and Smiles,

Eileen said...

Your grandchildren are all so beautiful, Linda! And it really looks like you all had such a wonderful time together!
I can see how much they are loved and how much they love you too!
What a great weekend!

I really enjoyed all your pictures, thanks for sharing this special time with us. Wonderful photos at the farm, great costumes too, and the jack-o-lanterns, but most of all I loved the breakfast pictures and the make-up! Adorable!
And you look great! And so happy!
Love to you!, Eileen

Scriptor Senex said...

A great post Linda. I love the children sliding down the barrel slide.

Teacher's Pet said...

Oh Linda....I'm soooo disappointed I can't see your photos (dial up here in North Carolina...and they won't load....well, they probably would....but it would be hours!)
I will pull them up when I get home....can't wait to see them....especially after reading the great comments.
Love to you from Jackie

Diana said...

Gosh Linda Lu you sure do have cute grandkids! What a day! You were so lucky to have all that fun with them Linda. I can't wait until Thanksgiving so I can have some fun with mine. We've been too germy to go near them! But hopefully soon.
I love these precious photos Linda.
Love Di

Barb said...

Well,they're adorable Linda! You sure kept them busy - did you wear yourself out? I love the finished Jack O Lanterns. Luckily, you could send them home with most of the "loot!"

Teacher's Pet said...

OOooohh....I finally get to see the photos! Yes! You have beautiful beautiful grandchildren....but why not? They have great genes, right?
Much love,

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

What a good Oma, you are. At least you had your camera for Halloween. I forgot mine, AGAIN. Looks like you have a super weekend with the family.

Love ya

imac said...

Really interesting post and great photos. All seems to have had a super time.