Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sit back and enjoy a blast from the past!


Diana said...

Well Linda I can't wait to watch this and I will as soon as my husband will be leaving tomorrow.
Right now he is playing video games as I type this and I can't hear a damn thing over the stupid game! So I will try again tomorrow.
Love Di

Eileen said...

Linda, this was great!
And I think I've seen all but one of those movies! I'm always sitting here watching the old black & whites! I drive Ray nuts, he just can't understand my love for them!

I'll have to go back and watch some more, I see they have a part II! But right now Grey's Anatomy is starting! 'gotta run!

Great post! Thanks!
Love to you!, Eileen

Diana said...

Well I finally got to watch it!! It made me want to watch some old movie's. Several of my faves were in there. I kept waiting to see something from "It's A Wonderful Life " and then there it was. This was fun Linda , Thanks!
Love Di

joolzmac said...

Thanks Linda! Wow, there are some fantastic movies in that collection and it's amazing how you can remember the famous lines. I wrote a few down that I know my girls would like to watch. They love old movies.

Cheers - Joolz

Jerelene said...

Hi Linda!
I will watch it this evening...I have to run and pick up Sam from the library...
I've been thinking about you!!
Hope you are doing well...
Big hugs from me to you :)
Love you...Jerelene

Jerelene said...

Hi was worth watching...I enjoyed it a lot!!
Thanks for sharing...I saw they had a part 2 also...I think I might watch it too!
Love you...Jerelene

Teacher's Pet said...

Linda Lu...
How are you? I've been thinking of you...and wondering how you've been doing.

Jientje said...

The video is private it says. Aaah well, love you anyway!!