Thursday, September 3, 2009


Before I show you a couple of clips of the exercise class that is the newest RAGE (ZUMBA) I thought I would share a pic of the moon last night! It was amazing! So bright…and there were clouds all around it…YES the weather man forecasted rain and way, way, way, far away in the distant dessert over the Grand Canyon probably, we saw bolts of lightening and flashes through the clouds. It was a great light show that I could not capture because well I am not that good of a photographer and I don’t have the right camera, but I know Santa personally and he said he would get me a new one if I was a good girl this year….hehehe this first pic is with the flash, click to enlarge and you can see the tiny star trying to peek out of the cloud on the right….

Sept 09-1 001 the second pic is the same shot but without the flash….click to enlarge and see the tiny star on the right in the clouds….this was about 9:30 pmSept 09-1 002

To insert this post I am using something new for me…it is I downloaded it and it takes so much less time to download pictures than using my BlogSpot post thingy. I am sooo not a computer person…everything happens here by accident! No matter what I read or try it is all by trial and accident ladies! hehehe. SO, I told you all about this ZUMBA I am committed to do…or maybe be committed I should say, anyway it gets the ole heart pumping and I am showing only the instructor(s) doing it. (they sometimes grab someone from the floor to do it on the stage…shows different levels of where people are at)…On the platform there are 2 ladies who are my neighbors, they are Polynesian, absolutely beautiful, the mother, and she has 2 daughters, you will be able to pick them out of the others on the platform that teach this class. Beside this class they teach Polynesian dancing and perform all over. Behind the scene in the gym there are over 100 people doing this….HONESTLY it is a riot! no one cares, I repeat, NO ONE CARES, how you look doing this because they are so into themselves. LOLOLOLOL I laughed my fanny off the first time because I felt to FOOLISH, but now, I am just one of the crowd! SO MUCH FUN…let you hair down and all your inhibitions GO!

the girl in the center is not an instructor, they just pulled her out of the crowd... she is like me..level 1, the girl up front is 13, and her sister on the back end is 17, these girls can move!

Have a great weekend everyone and if you are driving somewhere, please drive safely!


Jackie said...

Linda...I'm soooo jealous. I went out to get a shot of the moon...and I couldn't get anything close to the shots you got. I saw the planet to the right of the moon....lovely!!! You are a great photographer. isn't the's the one behind it...and you did a beautiful job.
Thank you for the link about inserting photos. I'm going to check that out.
Smiles from Jackie

Wanda said...

I love your moon photos! But Linda, we need to see a video with YOU doing the Zumba.

Jerelene said...

Linda...I love your moon pictures...
The Zumba classes look fun! They would probably have to call an ambulance to come and get me though! Those girls can sure move...I wish I could do that...It really does look fun though..I bet you are having a blast!!
You have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend too!
Love and hugs....Jerelene

emily said... this a local Utah thing? I would love to see something like that hit the Pacific Northwest here! How fun would that be? Love it.

Jientje said...

Ooooh, I would SO love to do that!! I saw it on TV a couple of months back and I thought " THAT would be FUN!" I so love to dance!!!

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

I wanna see YOU movin and a shakin! It does look like fun though. Sure wish we lived closer. I think I would join you in this one!

Barb said...

Linda, I LOVED the Zumba videos! So uninhibited - are there prescribed dance moves in each set? I can see how you would get your heart rate up in no time! The moon shots are so interesting. In the first, it looks as though the moon is an orb rolling off a cloud spoon.