Friday, September 11, 2009


I was all ready for the big fishing trip.  I had planned on catching the “big” one once again.  Out smarting those fish and also sticking to my plan to catch the “first” and “BIGGEST” fish of the day.

But…when I got home from work…I walked through the house and noticed that huhoney was in the back yard, spiffing up the pool area, had the lawn mowed, and was doing some trimming.  I said “whatcha doing honey, didn’t you just do all this a few days ago? “Yes” was his reply, “but I thought I would get things ready so we could just relax this weekend and maybe swim and just hang out”  Hm, well isn’t that nice of huhoney to think of that, we will just be playing all weekend.  3 glorious days of doing absolutely nothing, if we don’t want to.  OK…so I sat beside him on the lawn, pulled a few weeds, we talked, just talked, about nothing, a little time passed, we talked about going to get something to eat…then…huhoney looks up and smiles…he says, “who’s that”?   (he knew all along) well I poked my head around and looked at the back door, couldn’t see anything, thought it was maybe my youngest son and his family (they live close by) and I couldn’t really see the baby anywhere then “SURPRISE!”, THE LITTLE RASCLES WERE STANDING THERE!  I was so excited I almost cried!  Owen was so excited about surprising me he just stood there frozen and just smiling…then leaped into my arms and squeezed my neck soooo tight!  These little rascals are so dang cute I could just scream!  My oldest son, wife and 3 little rascals decided to surprise me and drive down from up north.    I was then bomb barded with 3 of them in my arms and squeals of delight that they had “surprised” Oma!  Usually it is huhoney and I that take the 4 hour ride to see them but…they led me to believe they would be out of town this weekend with the out-laws.  HA, they planned on coming the whole time and needless to say I was a little sad when I didn’t think I would see them over the long weekend.  So I set my mind to FISHING.  (which of course didn’t happen)  Within 10 minutes they were striped down and had their floaties on and were in the pool!  We had a great time together.  We swam,  Sept 09-  labor day 234

these children are like fish, they attached themselves to their daddy’s back then he takes a dive under the water and swims the length of the pool which isn’t very far…but 27 feet is a good test of how long they hold their breath! Sept 09-  labor day 009

woke up Sat morning and swam again (my hair must have gotten washed 10 times over the weekend) played at the park,

Sept 09-  labor day 102

Sept 09-  labor day 119 Sept 09-  labor day 129 Sept 09-  labor day 132 Sept 09-  labor day 101

swam some more, went to Pirates Pizza, swam some more, played tea party, colored,

Sept 09-  labor day 073

swam some more, took a quick trip to Zions National Park, (outside the park area actually)(about 45 min away) had lunch in the touristy town,Sept 09-  labor day 166

Sept 09-  labor day 168

lets not forget a stop at the local candy store to pick up some sweets for the drive back home…

Sept 09-  labor day 176

fed some big elk,  Sept 09-  labor day 161

Sept 09-  labor day 148

came home and swam some more….Sept 09-  labor day 220

fed ducks at the golf course pond,Sept 09-  labor day 195 Sept 09-  labor day 205 Sept 09-  labor day 215

swam some more

left their sweet mark on the garage wall for posterity…

Sept 09-  labor day 089 Sept 09-  labor day 090

Sept 09-  labor day 093

and said our goodbyes after 3 fun filled crazy busy days with the 3  little rascals!  It is my daughter-in-laws BD this Sunday, (Happy Birthday Camille!) Laurens next weekend and then Owens a couple weeks later, so with this visit, I decided to give “lollipop” her BD present.  

Sept 09-  labor day 051

Sept 09-  labor day 054 Sept 09-  labor day 052 Even Owen and Daddy thought her new special princess bath towel with her name specially embroidered on it was kinda neat!

A few things are coming up that will prevent us from making a trip up north until Owens BD in Oct. so this visit worked to MY ADVANTAGE!

I LOVE YOU….MY LITTLE RASCALS! thanks for the wonderful SURPRISE!


Wanda said...

That was a surprise of the best kind Linda...I have charted growth all up and down a wall too and I love the purple dress-up clothes especially the hat!


Diana said...

What a sweet surprise Linda! I wondered if you were a little suspicious when your hubby was doing all that clean up. You have adorable grandkids and it sounds like you all had fun! My DIL's birthday is Sunday too (13th). They are going out of town but we will celebrate it the week after. I have marks on my garage wall too of Katie!
Glad that you had such a nice surprise Linda!
Love Di

Barb said...

Linda - These pictures and your obvious joy have lifted my spirits! What adorable Grands you have. Looks as though not a minute was wasted. Smiles to you.

Pat said...

Oh Linda, this was a Labor Day weekend to remember! The best possible of all surprises too!
I do think kids would swim 24/7 if you'd let them...little tadpoles that they are!
I loved all the pictures, thanks for taking and sharing them, they are precious!

Blessings each day said...

That was perfect! I can even 'hear' the happiness as you wrote this post, such a great feeling and I was so happy for you!

These grandkids of yours are so blessed to have a grandmother who so dearly loves and enjoys them, so it's a two way blessing.

blessings with hugs,


Anonymous said...

What a great surprise! Adorable bunch of wee ones.

Eileen said...

Nothing better than time spent with the grandkids!
It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and created wonderful memories for yourself and your family to cherish always!
I love days/weekends like this!

I loved all the pictures too! Thanks for sharing your family with us! I enjoyed the whole weekend!
Invite us again!
Love, Eileen

Anonymous said...

The sparkle in your voice comes through loud and clear in your post.
What a grand surprise for you!!
I'm sure that you loaded up on grandchildren a few extra hugs and kisses to spare...and I'm glad that you had a GREAT long weekend.
Love to you from Jackie

emily said...

Awww. Don't you love surprises? How fun. And I bet you didn't love any of it, hmmmm?

imac said...

Wonderful, A family gettogether.
Enjoy the weekend.

Thanks for your visits and most kind comments, my friend.

Scriptor Senex said...

What a super time.

Loved the candy store shot. We don't get sweets in jars very often nowadays - that looked really appetising.

Jerelene said...

What a wonderful, happy surprise!!
You have such a great pool...It looks pretty relaxing to me about now :) Your grandbabies are just adorable..beautiful!!! You must have had such a wonderful weekend with them...
Thank you so, so much for your last comment on my page. It was so sweet and heartwarming it almost made me tear up!! I am so grateful to have made such great friends here too...including you!!
I don't worry too much..because just everyday life you run into such horrid people...but I've not ever once..even had a bad thought or feeling...nothing but kindness and love being sent my way. It's been a really good thing!!
Thanks for being such a sweet, kind and good friend.
Love and Hugs..........Jerelene

Jientje said...

Awwww, what a WONDERFUL surprise this was Linda!! ( I'm only now catching up with my reading, please forgive me)

Lollipop looks so CUTE!!, Well, they all do of course! And swim a full lenght under water? Phew!!! Are you sure they're kids? Not fish? ROFL!!

Lisa said...

Gotta love that! These are the best times, aren't they? What wonderful memories they made for you. &:o)