Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There is an end to everything...

Well I had my fun, the days are done, the girls are gone.  It seemed like they were here for such a short time when in fact they were here for 3 weeks! The girls swam and swam until they were totally tired of getting in the pool!  I had to work of course so I wasn't able to spend all the time I wanted with my beautiful daughter, but we did have fun together the time that we did share.  I got her hooked on a little reality tv I am afraid to say.  WELL, when it is real hot outside and you don't feel like taking a walk in the evening or bike ride (which she did) you watch tv in the coolness of the family room!  Yes "Big Brother" and a little "Great American Road Trip" is now on the agenda to tivo when she gets home LOLOL.  Just a few pics to share of the last couple of weeks.

summer visit 026

Brooklyn loves animals so on a walk in the evenings we made sure we had apples and carrots for the horses along the route.

summer visit 030

Brooklyn was a little skidish at first to hold her hand out but it didn’t take her long to get over her fear…summer visit 032

there were many horses of different size and color and she made sure that each one got a treat!

summer visit 046

This is a photo I snapped of her with an attitude!  She wasn’t opposed to my taking the picture, I think she just wanted me to get it over with…lol

summer visit 070

This just happened to be a beautiful sunset shot on one of our many walks in the evenings…

summer visit 092

on a walk through the golf course one evening Papa and Brookie hunted the brush for golf balls…

summer visit 100

sure enough Papa found one lodged in a tree!  It has split  in half and was stuck there waiting for someone to spot it and give it to a surprised little girl!

summer visit 112 on a visit to see cousins up North, I tried and tried to get everyone together for a photo…I managed to get these little rascals on the trampoline, Brooklyn (top) Ryan (bottom left) Lauren (bottom center) Kyler (right).

summer visit 113

The oldest of the grandchildren (Madison) loved giving the younger ones rides on the 4-wheeler around the back yard.

summer visit 153

We visited a place called “Heritage Park” across from the Salt Lake zoo.  It is a great place for kids to run around, ride ponies, a train, pet animals and just have fun…

summer visit 154

summer visit 130

Don’t the kids look like they are having fun?

summer visit 117

Another photo op was hurried…..6 out of 7 grandkids all together isn’t too bad!

summer visit 206

Yes! there is still a drive-in!  Right down the road from Mikes there is a drive-in theater!  Camille popped pop corn and fixed treats for everyone.  We had a great time!

summer visit 208

summer visit 211

Papa and I parked right next to the little ones so that they could go back and forth in our car and then on the seats and then in our car and on our laps then back to mom and dad in the van…it was a great night!

summer visit 214

with luggage in tow and packed into the car…

summer visit 218

it was time to say goodbye until next time….

summer visit 219

Papa sped them off to the Las Vegas airport while I cried myself to work…..

Good bye girls….until next time….love and hugs

Mom, Grammy, Mema…


tricia said...

What wonderful pictures! Very cute grandchildren. 3 weeks-- what a treat. By the end of your post I was a little teary myself. Thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

I felt your sorrow Linda at the end of your post. All of a sudden it's just so quite. Everytime Ginny comes home (About 1 or 2 times a year) I feel so sad and cry too. But I will say that you have gorgeous grandchildren! What great memories you've made for them and they for you! Hopefully they will hold you over for awhile.
Love Di

Granny on the Web said...

Love all the photo's, the youngsters are so beautiful... all that lovely blonde hair! You must be so proud of them all.
Yes, it is sad at the end of a visit, but then the memories start up and you can re-live the fun and happy moments.
I am looking forward to my family in The USA visiting here next year. They won't have been back for 4 years, We went out across the pond to see them last year. My granddaughters had shot up, and now, going by some recent photo's, they are doing the same again. I am sad to miss their growing years, but they are doing a grand job over there.
Happy 39 years to you and your guy.
Love Granny

Jientje said...

Saying goodbye is the worst part, I can imagine! But you had a great time, the pictures say it all!

Eileen said...

Such nice memories you've built for yourself and your family, and wonderful to savor. Good-bye's are the WORST! I really feel for you.
Three weeks sounds like a nice long visit at the beginning of the visit, but then the days just seem to fly by. I understand your sadness.

Your grandchildren are so cute, such a beautiful family you have.
Where did Brooklyn get her name from? Is someone from my neck of the woods? Is it a place that was loved or just a name that was loved?

Thanks for sharing the visit and all the wonderful pictures!
All the best,

Blessings each day said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and all you wrote about! You have horses along a walk around your home? Wow!

Even your backyard looked like a fun place for kids with that little fort and a four wheeler!

It was all so cute and so much fun and then I got teary eyed at the end.

You sure showed them a great time.

blessings and hugs,


Barb said...

Adorable Grandchildren photos, Linda! Glad you had a good visit. Can't believe you still have a drive-in movie - I bet the kids loved that! Could you even imagine when you were young that someday you'd be sharing that experience with Grandchildren?

Wanda said...

I imagine the three weeks went by fast Linda, but you seemed to have packed in a lot of fun and memories for your great looking grandkids...they were cute in their pajamas at the drive-in...I get serious looking poses from mine too time to time.