Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I guess I have been overwhelmed with not knowing what to blog. Yes I know, I started the Alaskan adventure thing
and then I did a couple of posts and wondered...hmmm this is silly, no one wants to see your vacation. How dumb to continually put a post together about YOUR vacation. Well, maybe I am feeling down or something...I don't know, I am not an everyday poster but I am an everyday poster reader! Maybe I am feeling sorry for myself about...something...what?? hmmm maybe after I post this I will feel better. I need to practice what I preach to my children...
YEAH, I WILL FEEL BETTER... after is a beautiful day...the sun is shining, it is going to be a warm (hot) 103 degrees today in beautiful St. George and the 4th of July is almost here!
YEAAAAA a 3 day weekend to do whatever I want! Actually I do know what is bothering me...normally this time every year, I have all of my children together. My sweet daughter and her two beautiful girls always visit for 3 weeks and then my son Mike and his family come down from up North, Brad comes over with his family we have a NOISY BUSY BUSTLING HOUSE FULL OF LAUGHTER, SCREAMS, FIGHTING, CRYING, SWIMMING IN THE POOL, PARTY, CRAZY weekend! But...the daughter is not here...Mike is staying up North and doing his OWN family thing, which they so totally need to do, their home is always so busy with guests and people in and out all the time, I am honestly glad that they are taking time for themselves...and Brad...well I probably will see him and his family before his wife and children are gone to Lake Powell with her family for a week. Oh my gosh, I haven't mentioned this...Tera (son Brad's wife) is expecting baby in February. Koltyn just turned 1 in May and has only been walking for 6 weeks or so....let's hope he is out of diapers before the baby arrives! They are excited for their new arrival and we are also very excited to have our 8th grandbaby! Huhoney and I are thinking of going fishing. Yes we should do that. Just get out of Dodge and go fishing. Soak up the sun. OH! I was tagged. I have never been tagged before but I was. I was tagged to tell you 7 random things about myself by Jerelene. goes

1. I am a people pleaser, that is not always a good thing. Huhoney thinks it sometimes gets me into spots because I always want to please and unfortunately some people like to take advantage of people pleasers.

2. I have 5 brothers and a sister. My three older brothers and I were born in Holland . These are 4 of my 5 brothers. and my parents immigrated to the states when I was 6 months old. I never knew my grandparents although I did meet my mothers parents when we went back for a summer trip when I was 8 yrs. I think that is why I want to be the dotting grandmother I never had. I have tons of relatives (in Holland and Canada) that I don't even know! But my oldest brother keeps in touch with most of them so that is good.

3. I love to crochet. When I make something (usually a baby something or other) I love to give it away. Usually it is to someone I don't even know, hoping that one of my "Huggables" will bring a smile to their face and they might remember to do something kind for someone else.

4. I don't like to cook. Never have. Probably never will. Although I can cook and I do make delicious dishes, I just never ENJOYED it.

5. I love a good book. Someone usually needs to tell me about a book before I pick it up to read it. I love books in series because it excites me to think that the story hasn't ended and then I can't wait to buy the others! (silly)
6. I adore my children. HA. I adore my grand babies. HA. No one would ever guess that of me. lol

7. I consider myself a faithful and spiritual person. I love my Savior and Father in Heaven. I am not ashamed to admit that ever. I would be nothing without them. I feel blessed every day that I am surrounded by good people and friendships that share that same love.

8. Huhoney soul mate. We met when I was 15 and he was in the Marine Corps. with my older brother, ready to be shipped out to Vietnam. I didn't know it then, but he said the minute he laid eyes on me he knew I was the one. Of course I was only 15 and...I was writing many Marines letters (because my brother had them write me)during this Era. 3 years later...we were married.

9. I was a ballet dancer. I always thought growing up that I would dance the rest of my life. I was fortunate to be taught by a soloist with the Utah ballet group called "Ballet West" (John Hiatt) if you look up Ballet West John Hiatt you will find lots of very cool stuff about him. My instructor for 8 years as well as family friend. I danced for many years, and loved it. But my soul mates love won over my dancing career. I was a talented dancer. I cry when I watch a beautiful ballet performance even to this day. There is so much expression in dancing. I think that is why I love it so much. I am addicted to "Dancing with the Stars". I wish it were me....

10. I write poetry. It is an expression of my deepest thoughts. I love to read poetry. I see so much of a person through their poetry. Huhoney has told me over and over again that poetry or writing should be my career. I have considerd my journal as my book and my my poetry. (you writers and journalists out don't you laugh!)....

11. I love junk food. I would rather eat junk food than a healthy meal. Right now I am eating a KIT KAT. lol and will probably polish off more licorice before the day is over!

12. After my children were in their teens, I applied to become a flight attendant for 2 major airlines. In both cases I got to the final stages of the interviews....only to have my dreams (at that time) shattered and not hired.
It broke my heart. In one incident I was at the airport in Los Angeles after the final interview and a young girl who was maybe 19 or 20 was told immediately that she was hired and what the next procedure was. I sat back and listened to her crying on the phone to someone that she didn't want the job...she didn't know what to do....and I was so angry! I wanted the job, I would have been perfect for the job. After all I am a people person and pleaser, how could she take that opening away from ME! I wanted to fly and go places and be able to take my family places. My family was even willing to be relocated to another state. But...God had other plans for me and thank goodness he knew what was best. He always does.

Well that is 12 things about me!

Oh by the way....good daughter called and told me....YES she is coming after all! I am so excited to see my girls. (Now see, if I had been working for the airlines...getting them here would not be an issue!) (But then again my journey would not have placed me here at this moment in time which I would not replace for anything!) It has been 6 months already. Where has the time gone. She will be here on the 22nd of June and get to stay until Aug. 12th. I still have to come to work each day, but....they will be there when I come home. It will be so fun! Madi is now 13, (14) in Sept. Brook just turned 6 in April...Natalie her 30's lololol. OH that makes me .... in my 50's! lol


joolzmac said...

Hi Linda

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I do like to cook and so does my husband. He usually cooks and creates on Saturday and Sunday night, I do the rest of the week. We have way too many books but they are nice to have on hand.

I think you would surprise yourself if you just give cooking a go. Start off with simple things then build up from there. My hubby amazes me sometimes.

Hey, and for someone who doesn't know what to blog about...I don't think you have a problem there!

And vacation posts are always interesting, I think. I love looking at scenery from other countries.

I look forward to backtracking over your blog for a good read.

Cheers - Joolz - Australia

Wanda said...

Hi Linda...that was a long interesting post for nothing to say...I don't post everyday either but do read you...I met my husband when 15...he was even in the Air Force 4 years...I'm also a people pleaser who loves a good daughter works at our local library and that comes in very handy...also I have a large collection of poems I've we have lots in common...and if you do post more vacation photos I will be here.
Take care!

Eileen said...

Well, this was an exceptionally nice post!
First, I think you were feeling low because of the empty house, when you are used to the happy noise of family at this time of year! (So glad that situation has turned for the better by the end of your post!).

And you should join the fun on "Wordful Wednesday" that Marcy has started (actually, I think I am all poemed out), (I know poemed is a made-up word, I do that a lot!). I find it hard to write poetry so I really appreciate others that do it, especially the kind that whether it rhymes or doesn't rhyme it just speaks to your heart.
I actually find many of the heartfelt stories I read on blogs to be poetic even though they are not meant to be.

Amazing the ballet story! And the airline stewardess dream. And I so agree that you are where you were meant to be!

And I share a lot of your feelings about husband/children/family.
I enjoyed reading a little of your life and look forward to getting to know you better.

Oh, and some of us do Friday Favorites (just random things we favor) if you want to join in!

Great post! Great life story! Great pictures!
All the best,
PS ~ I hate cooking and baking, but I LOVE to watch shows about cooking and baking! And if I read that someone has posted a recipe I feel the need to try it! Go figure!

Diana said...

You don't like to cook? I love you!
I get tired of getting nasty looks when I tell people that I hate to cook. Sure I'm a good cook, I'm great at cleaning toilets too. I knew that was one of the reasons that I love you Linda!!!!!
And we both like crocheting and reading books and eating junk food and well see how much we have in common. I do understand how you feel about seeing your daughter. I only get to see mine once or twice a year. And man does that time that she's here fly by!
You should start posting a poem on Wednesdays. We all muddle through, and I think we all do pretty well!

Linda Higgins said...

oh my gosh! all of my wonderful blog buddies, I love you sooo much, you made my day when I read the comments. LOL yes, I am a bla-ber-er. I have a lot of nothing to say. Funny because hubby and I do is just the girl thing that makes me want to run at the mouth!...or at the thanks everyone!!!!

Barb said...

Hi Linda,
Lovely heartfelt post - those make the very best ones, don't you think? I was 15 when my husband and I started "going steady." Sometimes, that seems like yesterday, but it's actually 50 years ago! We'll be married 43 years this Aug. Keep on reading, writing poetry, and blogging, Linda. Have a fun 4th with your family.

Terrie said...

I wish I had your talent...and yes, I know you wish you had mine but that's what makes us such great sisters, right? Love you!

Jerelene said...

What you wrote about how you feel when you watch ballet now..that's exactly how I feel when I'm watching an orchestra play..I miss the way it sounds to be sitting on the stage with all the sounds coming together..there is nothing in the world like it! (I kind of know how YOU feel :)That is so cool that you were a ballerina..I would have loved to have taken ballet..ballerinas are just so beautiful and graceful..and you are definately both!
I love your story of meeting your hubby and how you wrote to him ....
It was very sweet!
How interesting that you wanted to be a stewardess!
I am so glad you shared all of these wonderful stories with us!!
Love, Jerelene

joolzmac said...

Hi Linda

Glad you are attempting my potatoes. You go girl! And I want a picture of the finished product and comments from Huhoney.

Cheers - Joolz

Eileen said...

I have been reading back in some of your past posts.
Really very touching, and I'm enjoying getting to know you better.
I don't know how much I'll be on this weekend, lots of plans and my husband is home, maybe in the morning I'll get to visit a little depends on how early I get up in the morning, but enjoy the Holiday Weekend! Happy 4th!

Scriptor Senex said...

Glad to see that you - like me - are no good at maths and couldn't stop at 7! Enjoy your weekend.

Rebecca said...

I don't enjoy cooking either! I DO it (like you) but don't find a lot of enjoyment in it.

I've been married 38 years and have 8 grandchldren - so we are "close" in those statistics :)

When you write about YOU and what excites you and occupies your life, you will always find interested people out here - like me! It was interesting to read about your life and family this afternoon.

Eileen said...

Linda, I have something for you, go to my post today.
All the best,

Bernie said...

Hello I have followed my friends, Wanda, Eileen, Diana and Marcy over to your blog. Am so glad I did and I don't know why I took so long. I really enjoyed your wonderful post, and am looking forward to coming back. Have a wonderful weekend....:-) Hugs

Jientje said...

A ballet dancer eh? You made me jealous. I loved ballet as a teenager, always dreamed of becoming one, but thazt never happened. My mother would not let me take lessons. I still love to dance though.