Monday, June 1, 2009


We can be dragged kicking and screaming into a future we did not choose, or we can live the change that gives our life passion. The place is here. The time is now. THE SKY'S THE LIMIT

My son Micheal, finally gave into what I think he feared. I remember for many many many years he would tell his dad and I that he always wanted to skydive, so a year ago....yes a year ago on his 35th birthday, we presented him with a gift certificate to go and do a tandem jump. Where he lives (close by there is a little airport) and it is there, he finally decided to DO IT (a year later) on his 36th! Before the gift certificate expired!
Thought he had better since it cost us a penny or two! He said that he wasn't at all afraid, until he was seated in the plane, then the young man (his partner he was strapped to (24 years young) who has been doing this for 4 years, usually 2 or 3 times a day, let him know....they were ready! He said he was fine until that point....then it hit him...his heart started racing and he knew he was in for the time of his life....or his life for a time!
BRAVE Mikie! and his sweet wife and 3 children watched on the ground as hubby and daddy FELL from 13,000 feet! What a go Mikie! Looks like you had a great time, wish I could have been there to witness, but I will see you this week and you can tell us all about it AGAIN! Do you notice that the instructor had a helmet and gloves on? Maybe Mike wanted to feel the wind through his hair lol. He said that at 13,000 feet they would hit pockets of warm and cold air. What an exciting experience. It was all over within just a few minutes but will last him a lifetime! Glad you had an awesome time! Hey....and if my other 2 children think I am playing favorites..well you had better get me some pics so I can also brag about you! LOL, ya know I love you all my awesome, beautiful, funny, "special" other children LOLOLOLOL

Now how are you going to top this one off next year???


Diana said...

Wow Linda that was cool! Something I always wanted to do! Did Micheal say he was hooked and was going to do it again?

Wanda said...

Oh my gosh!!! Would you ever do that Linda? Mom and son together next time maybe! :)

Blessings each day said...

My late hubby, Mario, LOVED skydiving and logged in hundreds of free fall jumps...but I'm a watcher, not a doer!

What a thrilling thing for you to do for him! Are you sure you weren't the one taking the pictures, Linda?



Granny on the Web said...

A rare present, one he can have memories of for all his life. Brave of you to get it for him, and so brave of him to do it. Hope he doesn't think all future presents are rather tame in comparison... pair of socks just won't have the same impact. lol

Love Granny

Linda Higgins said...

You are so right Granny, a pair of socks will never surpass this one! Good thing this kid never expects much more. OH by the way, he is taking huhoney and me and his little family to ALASKA this week for a cruise! I am so excited. Something we have always long to do and he has known of this dream forever, making it a reality for us now! what a kid!