Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just a little snippet of our youngest...Koltyn just turned a year last Saturday May 9th. He is such a doll. His daddy just loves this boy to pieces. Just getting to the point where he is thinking about walking, but gets around faster on all fours. Just wanted to share some cuteness today! Babies are absolutely the best aren't they! Koltyn wasn't feeling all that well on his special day at the park. Teething and all. But of course Papa couldn't let the day go by without letting Koltyn smear his little hands into the frosting and all over his mouth and face. For some reason my short clip of Koltyn taking his first few steps will not download. Only us Grandmothers and mothers like watching these anyway....(sigh) lol. Gotta love it!


imac said...

Hi Linda, your blog is full of love and devotion to your family, interesting reading.

Welcome and many thanks for your visit and kind comments to my lil ol blog.Please drop by any time, you are most welcome.

Tyler and Sheena said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I really am getting super excited. The new adventure is going to be exciting and it it going to be good for our little family. And, hey, we will be a lot closer to you. Maybe we could come up for a day visit when we need a family fix.

Wanda said...

One year olds are wonderful to watch and he looks so sweet!

Granny on the Web said...

He does look a special Doll. Being a granny I would just love to see the video, but if computer no play download today, then we have to make do with the snaps!
My baby is 40 today! Maybe you will look back in 40 years time at this blog of yours, and wonder as I do, where did the years go?
Love Granny

Diana said...

I love the photo of Koltyn with the frosting on his face! Too sweet.My grandbaby Jack will be a year old next month and he too is trying to start walking. It's so fun to watch!

Blessings each day said...

Well, I'm back from my 'adventure", so I can finally leave a comment.

The pictures are so cute and it looks like everyone had a good time...amazing how fast the time flies, isn't it?