Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been played a "fool", been a "fool" been "fooled" and "fooled" around! (with Bob of course)! but...found out lot's of interesting information about this day in history.

DID YOU KNOW: Aphrilophobia is the fear of April Fool's Day. Many of the phobias associated with this day are termed social phobias because they pertain to being embarrassed in public or worse.

Katagelophobia - Fear of Ridicule or Embarrassment
Neophobia - Fear of something new
Scopophobia - Fear of being stared at
Ereuthophobia - Fear of blushing
Mythophobia - Fear of making a false statement
Traumatophobia - Fear of being emotionally wounded or injured

and because I am a little Dutch girl (born in Rotterdam Holland) I thought this was also very interesting:

Here's a funny story why the Dutch celebrate April Fool's. Spain's King Philip II ruled the Netherlands back in 1572. Rebels opposed to his rule were called "Geuzen" after the a French word (Guex) that meant beggars. Den Briel (a small town on the coast) was seized by the Geuzens on April 1, 1572, beginning a civilian uprising against Spanish rule that spread throughout the Netherlands. Commander of the Spanish army was the Duke of Alba, and was powerless to stop the Geuzens. The Dutch word for glasses is "bril." And, apparently during this uprising, the Duke of Alba lost his glasses. Because the Dutch enjoy this silly mishap, they use it to commemorate April Fool's day.

hmm pretty deep huh! I looked up "April Fools" and found all kind of interesting things...I then read an e-pals post (Marcy) about her fool's jokes and found it all to be fun and made me giggle. A co-worker and I thought it would be a great laugh for all call in sick or something today....but who would be the fool in that case?
The boss would probably have called in too or better yet given us a pink slip...but HA he is being fooled at this very moment with his own pink slip! Yep I printed off an official looking parking ticket and filled it out with all sorts of FOOL-a-rottery and placed it on his windshield after he came back from lunch today. I am the one who will probably be a "fool" for doing so....but it brought some laughter to the office, which is soooo important on a Wednesday, don't you think?

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Scott and Shelly said...

What a fun blog!! It such a great way to stay in touch and see what's new in your life. I'll be sure to check it often.
I travel throught Erda last night on my way to Wendover and thought of you. :o)