Friday, April 24, 2009


I am a people watcher. I got this from my mother. It is a very interesting thing to do "people watch". You can find out a lot about a person and maybe how they APPROACH life in just the way they bowl. That's right. I said BOWL. I have been on a bowling league for several years. I am not by any means a "great" bowler, but I can hold my own once in a while. I thought it would be fun to document "the approach" and then . . . think about that person . . . and then put a twist on it and wonder if in life, they approach it as mentioned in their title.....see what you think . . .some of these folks are well into there 80th year of life. Then there are some that are youger than my own children! It was a lot of fun to do this post and even if it is "WAY OUT THERE", you just never know....there might be something to this!

"THE WALTZ" waltzing into life...

LAURA is 84 years young....I call this "EASY DOES IT" a very classy lady!

"SURE OF ONE SELF" young, good looking and....knows it!

"GOOFBALL JASON" everyone loves Jason, he loves having fun! avg. in the 200!

I took a dozen or more video's, some of which were hilarous. case someone is people watching, watch out how your APPROACH IS in life, they just may be analyzing you to add you to their blog!


allison said...

hi linda!
thanks for commenting on my blog. it was so funny to see there was a comment-- because i was building it as you commented. i honestly never thought anyone would see it-- i just made it so when my mind is gone i can still hop online to figure out what's for dinner. so great! now the pressure is on to impress. haha.
i'll have to spend more time looking at your blog. i saw you live in utah. i'm in arizona which is the new utah i think. i have a sister who lives in sandy. been to utah for conference and the temple lights. it's pretty there!
thanks again-- you really surprised me by commenting. hope you enjoy the recipes!

Diana said...

Your post finally showed up when I went to your blog today! It is so true with the bowling approaches. I used to bowl all the time and got the biggest kick out of watching everyone. I wish I could have done what Jason did but if I tried someone might have gotten hurt! I enjoyed your post!

emily said...

So true! Loved it. Thanks for putting things into a fun and new light. It makes me want to run into the middle of our street and do an Irish jig. Then when someone comes up to me and asks if I'm Irish, I'll say, "No, silly. I'm Dutch." And then slap them in the face with a tulip.

I wonder how they'll analyze me then?

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

I too am a people watcher and bowler and love to watch other's approach in bowling but I never thought to put it into this type of perspective. Good idea for next week. Another interesting thing to watch is what they do AFTER they throw the ball. If you're like me, you know what that ball will do the second it leaves your hand. I rarely face forward and watch unless I think it will be a strike!