Friday, March 6, 2009

North Carolina Snow

I am so lucky to live in a beautiful place on this planet where if it melts the same day or next day...and although it is cold it certainely doesn't chill you to the bone like the Carolina snows do.
With that humidity and all it can get very cold. Natalie is use to snow. She was raised in snow so when they get "snow" it is a big deal to everyone except Nat! She laughs because they shut the schools down for 2 days...then rips her hair out because they shut the schools down for 2 days! lol.
She can drive in snow, she can drive in many feet of snow and it doesn't bother her, but people panic and run to the store and buy everything out because they are paralyzed by 3 or 4 inches lol. Too funny...for those of us who know what REAL SNOW is like.
Bozley (the dog) even entered the picture, hope he didn't yellow the snowman lol UMM Spring has sprung in St. George, and to prove are some beautiful buds that are coming into their elements! These are the pansies that were planted last summer and are still blooming and reblooming from the same plants...
I love the Spring in St. George. My yard looks so good already, thanks to my husband who has a green thumb and a knack for making our home look beautiful! I said, and please don't get me wrong...
Spring has SPRUNG!


Blessings each day said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have a very nice blog site and I love the shamrocks (I am Irish on my mother's side). since my kids were little, no, even before kids, we have always celebrated St Paddy's day with green mashed potatoes, green milk (my kids loved to be chosen to put the food coloring in everything), green beans and green dessert etc.

Hope your celebration is fun,


emily said...

At the mere mention of the word snow, everyone around here shudders! I laugh, just like Nat does when they all freak out over 4 inches of it. And they close school, too! Crazy.